Rob Pattinson is Hump-Day Humpable

Dear Rob,

Have you ever wondered why Wednesday is referred to as “Hump Day?” I have. More than someone should wonder, actually. In junior high I used to think it was the day that boys would discuss the girls they thought were the hottest & therefore wanted to sleep with or “hump” the most. I was an idiot. (Actually, it was jr. high. Most likely that DID happen on Wednesdays (as well as Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri) so I’m actually brilliant). Anyway, eventually I was too embarrassed to ask what “Hump Day” meant (and I guess Google wasn’t reliable back then) since I had let so many hump days pass me by without ever asking. So as years went on, I just accepted that I’d never know the true meaning. Then one day, not so long ago (literally, like a year ago) it clicked. HUMP day= MID-Week= HALF-WAY through the week= OVER THE HUMP of the week. Wow, I really am an idiot.

But today we’re going to go with my junior high definition of Hump Day. I’m looking around the school err blog & finding the hottest boy to hump- THAT, my friend, is YOU.

In celebration of “I want to hump Rob Pattinson On this Hump Day,” press play on THIS:

Which is exactly what LTR friend Zephyersky was listening to when she was sent this:

Ay Carumba! After the jump, there is much, much more: Continue…

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