The one where we imagine what Rob is actually doing

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Dear Rob,

Moon & I got to talking about you today, as we often do, and the question was posed, as it always is, “Has Rob been doing anything recently?” All it took was one hop over to Robsessed, one check of our texts to see if they had blown up, or to see what was trending on Twitter to figure out that you’ve been doing… nothing. Well, at least nothing publically.

That got us talking about what you’re doing privately. Well, the PG rated stuff:

UC: What do YOU think Rob has been doing lately out of the spotlight?
Moon: I think Rob’s been taking a home brewing class and has been holed up trying to perfect his heinieken knock off recipe he’s called drunk off my heine

UC: Rob, tired from always hanging out with the same 3 guys (and 1 girl) decided to branch out in the friendship department and hang out with all those new vamps from breaking Dawn. No one knows who they are, so he just blends into obscurity with them… They’ve been EVERYWHERE: world series games, Hollywood clubs, but you’d never even know. He’s discovered that to fit in, all he has to do is hang out with a group of guys no one cares about

Moon: I bet he’s been having a marathon of walking dead to catch up since the 2nd season just started. he figured he’s played other dead/living things he might as well see what the zombie craze is about

UC: Or inspired by that one time Kristen made a pie, Rob has taken up baking & cooking & has been perfecting his cooking style for his new cooking show on the Food Network “Hobo Home Cookin'”


Moon: Or he hits the rails to learn what bein a hobo is really about. he gets off at the first stop after getting in a knife fight with a crotchedy old hobo named bones mcjones

UC: Thoroughly annoyed that Summit didn’t put him on the soundtrack, Rob’s been ferociously writing & recording songs for his album that drops November 8th, 2011 (the Same day as the BD Soundtrack)
Moon: called “my album is better than yours,” but when rob says it, it sounds my “mah bums get n yous”
UC: Also a title contender or “Let’s see which album gets to #1 first”
Moon: he then promises to make out when any one who will buy 50 of his albums to ensure it hits #1
Moon: it goes on to become the best selling album in the world. ever.
Moon: thanks to US
UC: Sorry Garth. And Tay Swift.

Moon: Or maybe Rob’s been working part time at norm’s rare vintage guitars. He likes the 10% discont

Hot Pocket FortUC: I bet Rob took the Hot Pocket fort to a whole new level and make a hot pocket castle. And fell into the moat (it’s made from cheese) and has had trouble getting out


Moon: inspired by the popularity of Emily Posts, Tuesday’s with Morey, Shit my Dad Says and Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes Rob creates a book out of all the emails Dick sends him. called “Stuff Dick Emails Me”

UC: so overjoyed and filled with love after his recent adoption of “Bear,” Rob decided to foster a dog. and then another and another and another. Pretty soon his house is starting to resemble 101 Dalmatians. So.. he buys a (Fake) Dalmatian coat and decides he’ll continuing fostering until he actually has 101 dogs (Dalmatians aren’t necessary)
Moon: the smell isn’t much different than when rob doesn’t do laundry for a week or 2 Plus he even researching male lactation to see if he can nurse the puppies to save a few bucks and foster bonding

So, Rob, are we right? Have you done ANY of the above?

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

What do you think Rob has been doing with his free time lately!?

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