Hump Day Rob Videos!

Dear Rob,

Sometimes it’s Wednesday and you think, what could make this hump day more bearable??? Yea, some Rob videos. I’m sure you watch weird videos of yourself while at work. We all do. So enjoy.

Dear Everyone Else,

And now it’s time for a Rob video interlude… you’re welcome.


the one that makes me want to watch Friends

this will ALWAYS be the best RobStu video ever. Clay Aiken KNOWS, people… he knows.

Your Wednesday crappy? Here’s 7 minutes to kill it with.

PLEASE make sure to check back here tomorrow… we will be interrupting our regular blogging schedule to celebrate a very special day… no, not the day Rob learned how to schedule his DVR from his phone so now he never misses an episode of Lady Hoggers.

No really, you watch Lady Hoggers right Rob?

Happy Hump Day!

See ya back here tomorrow!!

We’re always on the look out for good videos… drop them in the comments if you have one!

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