The First Time Seeing Rob

I know I know. There are SO many new interviews. SO many new videos SO MUCH NEW CRAP TO TALK ABOUT (Moon saw Rob this weekend, TOO- Go read LTT) But I haven’t had ANY time to read or watch any of it. Isn’t there a place that recaps all that crap for me? Oh right.. that’s what LTR is for. I’m the recapper. Crap. Anyway, here is a story from an LTT/LTR friend in Sweden that reminded me of MY first time seeing Rob, 2 years ago this Fall!

Dear Letters To Rob:

Confession time. This is the True Story of my big night with Ashley and Rob.

Once upon a time there was news on the Internet that Rob and Ashley were coming to Sweden for the first time, on their Breaking Dawn European tour, to participate in a Fan event four weeks from now. Breathless and dazzled I realised that this was my Great Chance of being in the same room (okay, make that sports arena) with Robert Pattinson!

On the appointed day, I got up at 5.30 to be first in line for the queue to the place where they were handing out free tickets in my home town. I knew there wasn’t a chance in hell I would get a VIP ticket, since they were only handed out in Stockholm, and there people had been lining up three days in advance. Unlike some I DO have a full time job, and a family. *huffing*

Clutching the tickets in my sweaty little hands, I danced home, until it struck me a couple of days later “Hey, I actually write for a teenage magazine!” Shouldn’t I be able to get some kind of press credentials for this event?? So after talking to my editor and getting her go ahead, I chased the powers-that-be and on the morning of the event I finally got the go-ahead. Yay! I quickly gave away my tickets to a couple of deserving teenage girls, wrangling a promise that they would let me interview them later, and took off for Stockholm dressed in my cool black leather jacket and boots, on the off chance that Rob and Ashley would notice me in a crowd of 9000. (Hope springs eternal..)

After sitting in on an interview with a group of teenage girls, being conducted by some university researchers who were writing a book about Twilight (yeah, sure, I saw the gleam in her eyes when she gushed about visiting Forks and living in the “real Cullen house” in Portland: university or no university, that researcher is a closet fan too..) I headed over to the arena, and stood around in the cool October wind stomping my feet and watching the girls who had been hanging around since Wednesday with pity, as we waited for the event manager to remember to come and collect the press gang.

FYI: The bad stereotypical Swedish jokes + Rob are the creation of UC and NOT the Swedish writer.

Then we were all ticked off one by one by a guy with a slick-back and a red tie (ewww), given cool press badges and conducted onto the red carpet where we would get the chance to interview all the artists and the Swedish celebrities invited to this event. No, no, Rob and Ashley would do a red carpet entrance later in the arena for the VIP ticket holders, no one else. *sigh*

So then I spent 3 hours standing around, chatting to some girls from a local TV station who were Twi fans too, interviewing arriving celebrities like the prime minister’s wife about her thoughts on Twilight (funny, all the celebrities stuttered and stared and mumbled something about “well, it’s really my kids who talked me into coming..” Cowards!) and then asking the fans why they liked Twilight so much. (“The guys are SO handsome!” Yeah, right, I got that part.)

FINALLY we were let into the arena, and I quickly staked out a place close to the stage where I reckoned Rob and Ashley would be sitting and planted my feet in between two short thirteen-year-olds and right behind two TALL teenagers with squishy pony tails that tended to strike me in the face whenever they bounced. Oh well. I was kind of appalled to notice that hundreds of seats remained un-occupied throughout the event, since I knew that there were girls all over Scandinavia pining for a ticket. Not fair. Well, if they’d known what they were really in for, maybe they would have been less keen..?

And then we were in for a LONG wait, comprising “entertainment” by one hit wonders chosen for their appeal to teenage girls, and lame jokes by the morning radio hosts elected to host this event for unclear reasons, asking us at least ten times if we were looking forward to “actually being in the actual same room as Robert Pattinson?”. Duh, dude. Next question. By this time my back was hurting like crazy, and I was seriously regretting skipping lunch AND dinner. It would be kind of humiliating to be carried out fainting even before Rob had even entered the building, no?

We watched a ten-minute reel of clips from BD – twice, since Rob and Ashley apparently took longer to get from their hotel than expected. (Couldn’t you just hang out in the arena before time, or did grooming actually take you like, hours, guys?) – and finally had to endure the humiliation of collective singing and listening to one of the radio hosts improvising a song with his guitar just to fill out the time. (Rob, where are you when we need you?)

Will she see them? Find out more.. After the Jump(ing Rob)


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Rob Buys Furniture – Is now officially an adult

Dear Rob,

OMG You went out and did something quasi interesting and got caught doing it so now I have something to sorta write about! Congrats. To me. What is it you did exactly? Well, (drum roll please) you went out and bought some furniture! Ok, more so home accessories but we’ll take what we can get and we will LIKE it.

So you went to this place called T.I.N.I. aka This Is Not Ikea. LOLZ AND Furniture, go you! So anyway this places is essentially a store made up of stuff you could come get out of my garage for free.

Case in point this lamp you bought:

This lamp is 85 bucks. I’m pretty sure I would pay YOU in free beer to come take this out of my garage or you could find it out back in the dumpster that’s clogging up the alley way next to the homeless guy who will make you an amazing deal on “vintage” clothing. Aka his shirt and pants. Cause you’re into that look.

The store also contains weird shit you’d see on Regretsy, like this lamp. Cause you wouldn’t want a decapitated giraffe as your light source? Only 115 dollars and you too could curl up next to a headless giraffe and read that tattered copy of National Geographic from 1972 you picked up near the T.I.N.I register. Buuuut you didn’t go with the Giraffe lamp you went with this gem…

Yup, this elbow bar from Home Depot and left over light from the set of Harry Potter is now yours for 385 and placed next to this stool from Heidi’s milk maid barn it’s a real steal at 60 clams…

Ok, so I totally dogged on everything you bought because where’s the fun in being nice and saying good job on being an adult? That’s right, there is none. I would actually like to see how you’re putting this in your new home and how this is all gonna work out, cause it could look pretty cool if done right. So yea, invite me over. I’ll keep my silent judgments to myself, I swear. And I’ll bring you a lamp/coffee table/coat rack/broken desk chair from my garage as a house warming gift.

Adults forever,

PS T.I.N.I., I’m pretty sure this IS Ikea… just sayin. And I actually want to visit your store.

So what do we all REALLY think of Rob’s purchases? What’s your fave furniture store and/or look? Are we all super sad that Rob didn’t publicly buy plaid curtains and a plaid couch like the “Palatial Pad” has??? Sad Panda!

Source: EOnline

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