Breaking Dawn stills leaked! We recreate the madness!

*might sorta/maybe/not really contain spoilers*

Don't Look!!

Dear Rob,

If you were anywhere near Twitter yesterday day around 1130PST (and why would you have been you’re not ON twitter so just go with it) you would have noticed the sudden barrage of of tweets containing half words like ZOMG, DIED, UNF, ooommmmhhhggg!! or “holy mother of edward” (that was mine). No it wasn’t Cathi Hardi’s much ballyhooed audition tape. Someone who clearly does not fear the law or the wrath of a movie studio posted approx 10 photos from Breaking Dawn. And they weren’t just Edward and Bella in the meadow looking lovely dovey… these were HOLYCRAPARETHEYDOINGTHATAREHISHANDSONTHEHEADBOARD good!!! We’re talking Edward and Bella sex scenes from Isle Esme and Beller is a Vampire pics! It seems ironic now that last week was “virgin” week on Letters To Twilight and now we see the devirginization before our very eyes!

Of course about .3 seconds after the twitters exploded (along with everyone’s pants and brains) the powers that be cease and desisted that ish. So since lots of people missed out (as witnessed by the mountain of texts I received) and because we don’t want to get our arse’s sued we present you a dramatic reenactment of the images AND the Twitter commentary…

UC and I have a pathetic discussion on who is older Marlena or Jacob? Without access to our WFE books at work (not fans) we take to twitter to ask. After about 34857 tweets where we came to no consensus someone drops the bomb link

Moon: GO NOW!!!! before its gone!!
UC: the vid?
Moon: no! down!!! scroll down!!
UC: omg!OMGhahahsaving
UC: omg i did WHOA!!!!


holy mother of edward!!!

Just told Moon “Beller is a Vampire!”

This is my favorite day. This is the person who is responsible for the BD pics leaking’s WORST day.

you can hear them panting.

I’m pretty sure I look just as amazing when Mr. choice & I are getting it on. Just Sayin’. Except generally I’m in my Edward Cullen shirt..

The bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz heard around the globe 😉


#headboardismylifenow <~love this hash tag.

(it’s weird how close to the leaks the manips are, right?)

@letter2twilight i am late to this party, but. . . holy mary mother of god! i’ll be a mormon if it goes down like THAT.

Srsly tho… the fireplace? Really? It’s like a @letter2twilight post come true.

i also love the one where her hand is on his chest and his eyes are closed. #TheyDoThatInRealLife


(imagine this as a video and it moving up and down and flexing)

I want to unsee these pics. They are too much. But like any good porn, they are now SEARED into my brain.

im REALLY hoping a robstener somewhere is furiously cobbling together a sepia toned video of these pics set to endless love by lionel richie

*tears* RT @stephabelle77: @tinkrbe1l3 looks like he rips her shirt off? UNF!

@chrisweitz It’s nothing fans haven’t been photoshopping for two years anyway. #ZOMBGEdwardAndBellerDOIT

‘Hide yo’ hardrives hide yo’ emails,hide yo’ twitpic we gonna find u we gonna find u’ #summitlawyers ‘so dumb so dumb’

If you only have 2 seconds today to catch up on Rob or Twi news read this tweet:

@BrookeLockart rob’s all rawr, headboard, vampy my bella, careful, careful. Kristen’s like bitch. and. Face.

Dude even Ted C, E and some other “big” news sources linked to the pics, CLEARLY the beast needs to be fed (and unf-ed apparently) so hopefully someone was listening today!

*UPDATE* As of 8somethingPM PST some crazy started tweeted another butt load of leaked images from BD which I won’t even pretend to be able to recreate with fan manips. God save their soul from the depths of the firey pit they’re about to be in for leaking those images. BEYOND crazy.

So Rob… half of twitter has seen your bedroom moves and has said some super embarrassing not-printable-here stuff that I shant repeat… Hope you’re tucked away nice and safe like today in Vancouver because there are cougars and pumas and sabertooths on the loose looking for your ass.

Can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn!

*none of these are actual leaks. I sure hope you could tell that from my shotty photoshop jobs. These were made solely from fan manips from google images and my own mouse*


So did you see them? Did you see Twitter self destruct yesterday? Did you see ALL the images (and video!) or did you shield your eyes! Are you a purity ring wearing, no spoiler type of person?

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Best Robert Pattinson fan photo ever (next to the boobs one)

Dear Rob,

Since my original post about MTV’s #AskRob got eaten by the server faeries at Media Temple (UGH!) I shall post this instead…

The best Robert Pattinson fan photo to date (except that one where you’re looking at the girls boobs)

Dear Girl in the front,

You are my favorite… ever. I think we all know why.

Oh and Rob, I can’t even be bothered by the weird face you’re making or the fact you JUST saw Red Riding Hood before this was taken, because clearly you read my glowing *ahem* review of the movie and really needed a laugh and clearly you know that these girls just created photography magic and made me laugh really hard.

Happy hump day to us all,

Feel free to share your caption in the comments!

Source: Thanks to where I saw this and you can read the rest over there

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Catching up on all I’ve missed about Rob Pattinson

Dear Rob,

With the prepping for the holidays, the actual holidays and then recovering from the holidays, I’ve barely had any time to check what you’re up to! And since I haven’t heard many rumors about you’re life, I just assumed you weren’t up to anything. I haven’t even read my go-to-for-the-best-Rob-news site Robsessed in like… WEEEKS. Are you still in Brazil jumping off stuff? Well, turns out I DID miss stuff. Not that any of it is that great. Actually most of it is QUITE a snore, but at least it’s something, right!? Since the LTR readers tend to follow in the footsteps of Moon & UC – not because we rule (we do) but because we’re all pretty similar and, well, Normal, I figured I wasn’t the only one who missed what you’ve been up to. So let’s get to it:

First up, here is a list of stuff I’m not really going to mention but was part of your life in the past month: Water for Elephants trailer was released; We were too busy to break it down; WFE release date got pushed back 1 week; You went home to London; You went to Iowa? (Confused about that one. And care TOO little to research it further); You probably washed your hair; Bel-ami is not going to be at Sundance Film Festival; You were in some rag mags with untrue stories about your love life; You won some meaningless awards given to you by sites & media desperate to use your name to gain readership.

And in slightly more interesting news:

TONIGHT, You will join Kristen & Taylor to make the trinity complete at the People’s Choice awards:

And let me tell you how this story ends: You, Kristen & Taylor (and Eclipse) win every category you are nominated in. Dear John stands no chance up against you. Tina Fey & Steve Carell might as well go to the nursing home- they’ll never beat youngsters like you 3. And because of this, if anything else is on at 9 pm tonight, I’ll skip the show & just look at pictures later. But let’s be honest… Nothing else will be on & I’ll probably end up sucked in, face pressed up to the TV glass waiting for any glimpse of your elbow in the side of the screen. Sigh….

You’re going to present at the Golden Globes

Which means that on Monday January 17th, we might actually have something INTERESTING to blog about. Or at the very least super hot (please!) pictures or at least a 2nd-hand embarrassing video where you spit or say a weird British phrase that means something opposite in American. Wee!!

You were named #4 on the GQ (UK) Best Dressed 2011 list! Which is great… Except… Remember how you were #1 on the list last year??? Because you wore outfits like this:

Rob Pattinson modeling Wal-mart’s finest

Wow. That sure is #1 right there. It’s no wonder you moved to #4 this past year. You really went down a notch wearing stuff like a sweater from the dumpster outside of Walmart! Can’t get much lower than that, Robbie-pie!

And then there is my personal favorite news tidbit from the past few weeks. THIS picture:

I’m climbing in your windows (I’m snatching your people up..)

First of all, I have NO idea when it appeared. Apparently last month. Although it’s from LAST Christmas. But I can’t get enough. Seriously. I printed it out & hung it on my fridge. We have everything right here!!!

There’s Dick who either just woke up or is super sick (GET BETTER DICK! FROM WHATEVER YOU HAD LAST YEAR!) And then there is a MYSTERY WOMAN. No… not the one holding your hand, although I’m not sure who that is either cuz it’s OBVIOUSLY NOT KRISTEN, but the woman that Dick is holding on to. Moon insists it’s Claire, but I’m not convinced. Would Claire really wear a leopard print hat like Snooki? And is Claire wearing a Bubble jacket? Am I spelling Claire right? So many questions.

And then KRISTEN- I just… just…. actually have nothing to say about her. She looks sleepy?

In fact, you all do- either this is before dawn, early am Christmas picture before going to Grandma Pattinson’s house. Or LATE at night- after mucho eggnog & dancing in front of the fire (Obviously a Dick Pattz favorite activity on Christmas Eve!)

Do I HAVE to point out that your shirt says OBEY? Um, okay. Whatever you wish, Mr. Pattinson. And where did you get your height? Either Grandpop Pattz is a giant or your adopted. I hate to break it to you- but did you ever actually see pictures of your mom in the hospital with you? And look at those curtains! Edward would approve!! And what is hanging on the Pattinson family Christmas tree? Apples? TWILIGHT APPLES? Gift from Stephenie, I’m sure.

(and I’m trying not to mention it but I kinda have to mention it… this is obviously a super private photo so either a Pattinson cousin was on Santa’s naughty list in 2010 for sending that photo to the WRONG friend last year, or someone is hacking into either Rob or Kristen’s cell phone. I’m just saying)

So, it isn’t a ton- in fact it’s barely anything, but it’s a new year- and we’re kicking it off right TONIGHT at the People’s Choice awards. And then again in a few weeks at the Golden Globes. And since I’m just as behind on my Twilight news, I think you all should be headed to Vancouver pretty soon- if you’re not there already- and Vancouver-Rob is my favorite Rob! I think we might get some more interesting news yet! And if not, I can always get a chuckle (and feel super creeped out by the fact that I HAVE this picture) by looking at the Pattinson family Christmas photo from 2009 hanging on my fridge!


Did I miss anything else? PLEASE tell me something much more amazing happened so I can stop being SO bored with Rob lately!

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Rob hits up the Isle of Wight (again) for New Year’s Eve

Which way to the free tshirts?

Dear Rob,

So it turns out you were on the Isle of Wight for the New Year holiday AGAIN this year at the SAME pub. So of course it begs the question WHAT IS ON THE ISLE OF WIGHT that is so great?? Why are you there? Is that little (huge) pub so great? What is going on there that has you coming back year after year? I’ve come up with a quick list of things that I think could be on the Isle of Wight that keeps you (and Kristen) coming back…

  • They give out free black tshirts with every ferry ride over
  • All the food is fried and pizza flavored
  • Frowning, instead of smiling, is the expression that actually expresses happiness
  • For ever 2 guy friends you bring you get a free beer
  • It’s illegal to have an uncovered head
  • The island is cut off from all technology, internet, cell phones, Twitter, etc.
  • Norman’s Rare Guitars set up it’s 2nd store on the island
  • Only place to avoid Dean/Nick/Stephanie/Dick and Clare’s annual New Year’s Eve party without hurting their feelings
  • Sam had a gig on New Year’s Eve. This was the only way to avoid seeing the brit packs shows

New Year's Resolution? Less smug looks

Seeing as I’ve never been there and don’t really think the Isle of Wight chamber of commerce is exactly standing at the docks with open arms and free beers, I don’t get it. So maybe between pints and naps you can send off a lil email to me here and explain what’s going on over there and if I should book my ticket for 2012.

Happy New Year!

So really Brit friends what’s the deal over there on the Isle of Wight? The women easy? The food good? Spill!

THX Robsessed and the gal who took these!

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Rob’s making a list and checking it twice!

Heeeeeeyyy Guys, it's Santa Rob!! Who's been naughty and who's been nice?

Dear Rob,

Since I’ve been in a tizzy trying to buy the rest of the Christmas prezzies on my list I got to wondering about what’s on yours list to get your family and friends. So we know you don’t go to any shops besides Norman’s Rare Guitars and unless his mom wants a vintage Fender you might want to expand your shopping horizons especially since Christmas (and Boxing Day) is right around the corner! So what IS on your list?

Dick – Regift him a brand spanking new pullover from a SWAG bag you received last year. “Borrow” (for forever) the same pullover from him in 5 years.

Clare – Advanced copy of Country Strong since she has a thing for Garrett Hedlund after seeing Tron.

The sisters – Advanced copy of Country Strong. See above

Your Grandparents – matching Jitterbug cell phones since you’re their official spokesperson and all.

Tom Sturridge – Tshirt with “Bros before hoes” on the front and “no really, I mean it!” on the back

Sam Bradley – copy of “Robert Pattinson’s guide to not creeping girls out when I sing by eye f*cking them till it’s awkward” and a new blazer from Dick’s closet and ONE hoop earring from Clare’s jewelry box.

Bobby Long – a bedazzeled bangs comb and a promise of never to mention his name ever ever again.

Perfect for framing and fireplace hanging

Taylor Lautner – Framed 16×20 of this picture –>

Kristen Stewart – new bearskin rug.

Looks like you’ll be busy this next week Rob, trying to locate rugs and blowing up pictures and writing a book about non-creepy looks. So you better get started I guess and we’ll sit here and watch these 4 seconds of awesome from a Water for Elephants teaser…

I won’t share how many times I’ve watched it.

Happy last minute Xmas shopping!

Who did Rob leave off his list? What should he get for Stephanie Ritz? What about Stephenie Meyer? Lots of Stephe/anie’s!

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