It’s another LTR anniversary: Gather around the fireplace

Dear Rob & LTRers,

In celebration of our TWO YEAR LTR anniversary today, we want you to grab a blanket & cuddle up with Moon & I in front of an imaginary fireplace- we even bought a bear skin rug big enough to hold us all- and listen in as we remember Year 2 in the life of LTR.

Two years- what a ride it’s been! In some ways it feels like yesterday when Moon & I both sheepishly admitted to each other that we watched the ENTIRE “behind the scenes off some cell phone camera” of the Vanity Fair photo shoot, and in other ways it seems like forever ago. SO much has happened. SO much has changed. SO many goals have been accomplished & SO many moments have shaped us- both in good & bad ways.

While things on the LTR-side have been quieter (read: Clare Pattinson still hasn’t admitted in public that she’s a daily LTR reader) than over at LTT, this year has still been quite busy. We kicked the year off right with a  dramatic reading of poetry to Rob Pattinson (notice at this point we still wore a disguise- as to hide our “True selves” from all of you on the internet who want to kill us. As my full name & city have been posted online since, I think this past year we’ve grown over the fear of being murdered by Rob Pattinson fan!!!s)

Does this still give you a “continuous heartquake” as it does me?

And then there was the day after which the people of England never looked at Marks & Spencer the same (which is like never looking at a Target the same again- celebs shop at Target ALL.THE.TIME in the US- why we chose to think that Rob going to the British version of Target was a big deal is unknown to me. It was BIG TIMES fun though, that’s for sure)

Rob & TomStu buy underwear. I mean- can they GIVE us anything better? I don’t think so- what’s next for 2011- Rob & Tom tour a Hot Pocket factory? I don’t think it an get better than underwear shopping with your bff.

M.O.M.s wear jorts

Then we introduced our very first Rob’s M.O.M. (Match of the Month- a series I think we did for only TWO months! We rule)

Tiffanized was our first M.O.M. and convinced us why she would be the perfect match for Rob by these 3 statements:

  • I have hands on experience dressing my kids in the morning. Never again will Rob show up at a press event with a misbuttoned shirt or untied shoes.
  • With a closet full of bridesmaid dresses from weddings past, I’m red carpet ready.
  • I shop at thrift stores and have a Kohl’s credit card.
  • I have short dark hair, so from behind, I’ll totally look like TomStu.

THEN you starred in a film called Remember Me and I got to post my first LTR “Reality Index” like the NY Mag does weekly for Gossip girl:. There we learned things like this:

Tyler fell just trying to climb through the window. Plus 2 because Rob is clumsy as f*ck.

I got to hop up to NYC to meet a big group of LTR readers, most of whom I hadn’t met before, where I saw Rob on Jimmy Fallon, hopped over to the Remember Me premiere and saw Rob’s foot and then in an EPIC moment- one that follows me around the internet STILL to this day- I (and some friends) was cyber bulled

According to the bullies, apparently I’ve made death threats against Kristen, called Kristen a whore, and am a “mentally unstable old ignorant whale.” And that makes them upset. Just call me Shamu!!

THEN something happened in Budapest…. I forget what…. OH wait… NOW I remember- Rob, you hung out with John McCain!

Oh and then there was the time when Moon saw you on Ellen (yes again). If I remember correctly, she had much more fun the first time we saw you on Ellen together.

THEN just before you were seen in that 3rd movie where you play that vampire, the most epic thing of our 2nd year happened: Moon met DICK! and got THIS picture:

I mean….. has anything better ever happened? No. I think not! And also…. do YOU see a trend here? I keep saying “Moon did this.” “Moon went there” “Moon, Moon, Moon.” Come on Rob, I think 2011- Year 3 of LTR is for me and YOU!

But plus 1 for Team UC: Mr. Choice & I “broke down” Team Jacob vs. Team Edward back in July and Mr. Choice cracked us up with lines like

Mr. Choice: Fine…whatever…Ugh- Edward Pattleston will be a janitor in like two years

Then there was kinda a “Drought” where you disappeared, Moon went to Africa, I went to the beach and sat in a corner sulking until Moon got home, and we basically begged people to post letters for us for about 3 weeks straight. But then, I channeled that boredom into creativity and came up with a Trucker Profile for you on Trucker Passions in case you decide acting isn’t the career for you. The best part is I think that the fine people at Trucker Passions thought for 3 whole days that their site was REALLY taking off because of all the new visitors they were getting. That is, until they realized it was all due to a new profile created with a picture that looked a lot like that one guy from the Trucker-favorite flick “Ring of the Nieublings”

Click me. No seriously

And of course, you ended our 2nd year STRONG with Jumping Rob and the meme it’s become and all the beautiful situations in which he has been photoshopped. And I, of course, made Jumping Rob paper dolls & sent them off to my favorite girls in Belgium, Bella & Alice Not an Addikt. (And yes the lady at the post office PULLED them out of my unsealed box and looked at me strangely before I snatched them out of her hand and glared at her for putting her dirty paws all over you.)

So what’s next? What happens in year 3 of LTR? I mean, this question has an obvious answer right? There’s only really one thing left that we haven’t accomplished yet- that’s right- Year 3 of LTR is the year UC & Moon get invited to the Pattinson house for dinner & hob nobs. And then get called crazy hater squids by some more 15 year olds. Oh, and okay, we’ll throw it in there too, maybe, just maybe we can meet YOU and see how well we’ve done practicing for the past 2 years that we know nothing about you, have never heard of LTR and don’t understand the term “Robsessed.”

Here’s to an amazing 3rd year at LTR! XOXO,
UC for BOTH of us!

On a serious note: Last year I got really gushy on our 1st anniversary. If you are new and have never read it Take a second to read it now. I still mean all of that– you guys were lifesavers. Moon- you are more important to me now than you were a year ago- I’m so happy to see our friendship grow & deepen each day. We’ve had a year of transition in our lives personally & I’m so glad we’ve remained priorities to each other despite the craziness. Come visit soon. Or else. (Also invite me to your new house. Or else)

And to the rest of you- it amazes us that after all this time people are still finding Twilight and Rob. And as a result they are then finding us. And we are so glad. No matter when it is that you discover Twi & Rob, it’s important to know you’re not alone- there is a huge group of NORMAL people out there who have been obsessing, while a bit longer, just as hard as you, and not really understanding why…We’re in this thing TOGETHER! Always have been. Always will be. Here’s to an amazing 3rd year at LTR!! LOVE YOU ALL!

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The Four weeks of Twimas: Gifts that won’t embarrass you or anyone you love

Dear LTRers,

Each week leading up to Christmas, Hanukkah, the winter solstice & that K-holiday I won’t even attempt to spell, we’ve been sharing some Twi/LTR/Rob-related gifts that are sure to please your friends, family & that Unicorn at work you Rob-gossip with over lunch. Today we’re featuring one of our favorite LTR friends, Adrienne Trafford.

We first “met” Adrienne when we came across her print entitled “Deepest Loss.” We’ve used it on tons of tear-jerker LTT letters because it was inspired by Bella, left in the woods after Edward leaves (except Adrienne’s Bella is dressed way better than the real Bella!)

This holiday season, Adrienne is offering the Deepest Loss print for $10 in her Etsy Shop. What’s better than supporting an artist, giving a hand-made, not-mass produced gift (or keeping one for yourself) all while secretly supporting Twilight. That’s right, with Adrienne’s art hanging on your wall, everyone will admire the beautiful work without knowing at all that it’s an homage to Twilight! (Oh fine, this is LTR- secretly supporting Twilight and in essence supporting Rob!)

Check out another favorite Twi-inspired piece that we love: Bella Pale White

Happy shopping!

UC & Moon

PS: And through the end of the day, the Bite Me Edward notepads are still 50% off when you use the code BITEME50

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Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Rob,

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope by now you’ve learned how we do it in the US & have grown to love green bean casserole & despise that stale bread stuff the stick in the cavity of a turkey. Yuck (says the vegetarian)

UC & Moon

And Happy Thanksgiving to the rest of you in the US! Enjoy your time off. And to the rest of you, Happy regular Thursday!

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Do you remember, Rob?

Pardon me while we reminisce today

Oh, I remember....

Dear Rob,

Do you remember why Moon & I started LTR (almost) 2 years ago!? It was because we were obsessing- watching every video & interview you did & right click saving every picture of you on our harddrives. And also feeling very alone.. Because besides each other, Twilight fans seemed kinda, well, special. They were what you’d expect in a fandom- crazy dressing-up as a bruised bride, “Marry me Rob” sign-waving, screaming in your presence, teenager or lonely housewife. There was no one representing us. Where were the other normal, college-educated, working 20-somethings who couldn’t believe they had fallen hard for you? Was it really just Moon & I?

That’s when LTR was born. It was born from this idea that we had to do something. We had to exploit this feeling inside us. It wasn’t normal, was it? This wasn’t us…. So we took the craziest thing we could think of that the time and decided to write “Letters” to you, daily. This was inspired by the fan videos we watched of people pouring their hearts out to you. Or from the blog posts we read from the special fans who thought maybe, just maybe you’d read what they wrote, declare your love and run away with them. I mean, what’s crazier than sharing our deepest, darkest thoughts & hopes & dreams & desires with you, Rob Pattinson, who would never read whatever we wrote after “Dear Rob?” (Turns out a lot more is crazy, but that’s what we thought at the time!)

And so we began. We began with a joke. We began from the beginning making fun of ourselves and this “Not Normal” obsession. We began in that very first week making fun of you. And then the next day we loved you. And then we questioned you. Then we got serious about you. And along the way, we found out we weren’t alone. No- there was a hugeeeeeeee group of people who did not fit the “Normal Twilight fan” mold. There were 20-somethings, teenagers, house-wives, hot older cougars, MILFS, 30-somethings, college grads, high-school drop-outs, employees at NASA (true): all who came to LTR for one thing: Laughter, swooning, discussing, friendly-banter, sometimes heated discussions all over YOU- Robert Thomas Pattinson. Which was the one thing, at the end of the day, we all agreed on.

This is Normal

And overtime, things changed. People changed. Some people’s feelings faded, some grew stronger. Some couldn’t get past your supposed relationship. We chose to make up what we thought it was or wasn’t in our heads & run with that. Because the truth isn’t funny- the truth is kinda boring. It’s funnier to tell you that last night in the throes of passion I yelled out “Rob” instead of Mr. Choice’s name instead of what we really did (fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 pm). Some people thought we had changed instead of choosing to remember that we’ve always been this way- pushing the envelope, saying the things that some people think but few dare to speak outloud. And those people left. And that was okay with us- because we have always been this way. And our philosophy isn’t going to jive with everyone out there. [Our philosophy, of course, being “That’s Normal:” The term coined for not so normal things done so often in this fandom that it has become the norm!]

At the end of the day we are,  have always been and always will be what we set out to be- a place for the outsider Twilight fan. And we don’t cater to anyone but ourselves.  And we take responsibility for everything we say. We know we offend. We know we won’t have 100% agreement (or even 10% agreement some days!!). But at the end of the day, we can all agree on this: We are Rob Pattinson fans. No matter how many people say, “Fans wouldn’t make fun of Rob the way you do,” that doesn’t change it. We are his fans. Even if they throw out the, “A fan of Rob wouldn’t HATE his girlfriend,” it doesn’t change a thing. (Mostly because we don’t hate his girlfriend but shhh don’t tell that to those who insist we do! We’re fine continuing to let them think that. Their burning hatred for us & the potential for aneurysms from the stress of LTT-hatred is quite entertaining.) WE ARE ROB’S FANS.

And we’re normal. Like last night I didn’t even think about him, once. Imagine that!? (Shall we say it together? That’s Normal)

You don't piss me off

So to those of you who have understood LTR & have been here since the beginning: we heart you. It’s nice not to be alone. And to those who found us along the way: We’re so glad you joined the crazy fun! And to those who continue to find us on a daily basis: Welcome- this is who we are. And to the lurkers who are even too “normal” to comment, you are loved. And we hope that the many of you who lurk (or comment) and don’t get it, continue to bring us much joy with the tweets you think we don’t see & aneurysms it really seems like you’re about to have with your shouty IN CAPS threats. But don’t think that’s going to change anything. This is who we are- it’s who we’ve always been. And we’re not going anywhere (well, until we’re ready to! Aka after Rob declares his love because he saw my Hot Pocket Tent at the Breaking Dawn premiere)

A wise (and very successful) blogger once told us, if you’re not pissing off 1/2 of your audience much of the time, then you’re not a good blogger!

Hoping to piss you off at least 2 weeks out of the month,


UC & Moon

Hop over to LTT if you’re not an every-day reader to check out our exciting news!!

Source for the pics: I have NO idea- they were in the comments yesterday and aren’t recent from Robsessed! Hmmmm…. they are from God. Clearly.

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Tuesday: Obsesssive Cullen Disorder

Dear LTRers,

With filming starting for Breaking Dawn, there’s definitely been a buzz in the fandom again (no, not enough to tempt us to post Letters daily again, sorry!) and we’ve had an influx of emails, news bits & fun things we want to share occasionally on our “off” days!

So to start, with the holidays coming up, we have many Rob & Twilight-themed ideas to bring you much holiday cheer- like today’s special deal. Remember our friend at Lobotome? She made that Edward Cullen notepad you keep stashed in your purse so you can doodle on Robward during traffic. Well, those notepads are 50% off through the end of the month.

They make PERFECT stocking stuffers for your friends, sisters, kids & kid’s teachers (you know they all like R0b. If not- find your kid a new teacher). Stock up today! Use the promo code BITEME50:

Get Shopping Now!!!

And as the holidays creep closer & closer, we’re looking for more shops to feature! Do you or someone you know have a shop or company you want to advertise? We have many options such as ads or contest & give-away sponsors, so contact us today if you or someone you know might be interested!!

UC & Moon

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