Hackers SUCK! And we love Rob

You spent your entire Sunday doing WHHHHAATTT???

Dear LTR-ers

In case you didn’t know, hackers SUCK balls. Yea, crude but true. Due to some loser in Russia/Eastern Europe/Indonesia/Nigeria/My neighbors basement, UC and I spent most of Sunday reinstalling Letters to Twilight completely. Not, your site Rob… you never give us trouble (besides the haggard beard and the Robsten thing and the frowny faces and and and….) So yea, it sucked (like the hackers). Give a big round of applause to UC for being a super trooper and getting us back to this state while I obscenely tweeted our server company Media Temple. Truly, they are good people and I even meant part of what I said in those tweets, but that’s the beside the point. All this to say we’re going to bed and NOT posting for Monday as you can understand. We’ll be back tomorrow.

So WHO do I need to punch?

As for the forum… that’s down till further notice. Hopefully, it will be up ASAP but we could only tackle one thing at a time. I’m sure you understand.

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PS UC, you rule. No really.

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

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Craziness at the Eclipse Premiere

Dear Rob,

That’s right- 2nd letter of the day. But only to tell you (and everyone) that over on LTT we have a post with the live streams for the Eclipse Premiere as well as an AWESOME live chat where we’re participating with VH1’s The Fab Life where YOU can participate too!

AND we have two special guests tweeting along with us tonight: LilCrazyCow (Moon’s cousin who is with her in LA) And THE FONT from the LTT Podcast! You’ll know them by their tweets: The Font’s ends with ^tf and LilCrazyCow will be ^lcc. And Moon will be AT THE PREMIERE– in the bleachers, but that’s closer than YOU are to Rob right now, right!?

So hang here, enjoy the live chat or hop on over to LTT.



UC & Moon

Oh, we DID write a letter today. Check it here

and as always…Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

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