Rob’s Hair: Don’t even pretend that “thing” looks good…

Dear Rob,

Call me a “fake fan” or whatever you wish, but I will NOT make excuses for this hair.

This half-hipster-Hilter-Youth, half brain-surgery-survivor-head look was NOT a pleasant surprise when you showed up to Comic Con yesterday:

I can’t tell whether you look more like a dinosaur:

Or like a model in an ad from the 80s encouraging people to visit USSR, re-used today encouraging people to visit Russia:

You even have me believing Robsten MUST be true love because I don’t know how else Kristen could stay with you while your hair is like this:

PSST Rob, I think you forgot to brush your hair or something this morning. People are laughing

It’s such a distraction, and not in a good way, that I could’t even laugh when, after Josh Horowitz asked how you prepared for the famed “Sex scene” you joked you just “Lubed up and jumped right into it.”

You’ll be glad to know Moon said it didn’t look as bad in person. So you better get over to Philly QUICK so I can see that mess in person before I shut down LTR.

Okay there really isn’t a threat of shutting down LTR because it’s just hair & it WILL grow back. But still. Until it does, go back into hiding so I can pretend you just look like this:

Love (yes, still, love),

Am I horrible (no, but his hair is) YES I know it’s for “That movie” but EW.. Dude.. hes worn a hat to Comic Con before… why wouldn’t he wear one AGAIN? Is he PROUD of that look? It’s bad. It’s really bad. You can be honest. This place is safe. Share how you REALLY feel

Missed the craziness? Robsessed has the best pics here:  And by Best, I mean all the pics of Rob’s hair that will make you cry

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