Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure – Easter edition

Dear LTR gals (and husbands checking out the history of their wives browsers)-

Little Edward and I went home to Arizona to spend the Easter holiday with the Moon family and to shop too much and eat too much. My mini Edward even got to meet THE Pocket Edward and Lauren from Lauren’s Bite (more on this later). And what Easter weekend would be complete without dying eggs? So me and cousins Lilcrazycow and LondonCalling (a gentleman cousin) spent the afternoon getting art-sy with marble-ing and gold leafing eggs. Why yes we are artistic in all our endevors! Martha Stewart wishes she was from the Moon family and of course Lil E got in on the action…

don’t worry let me get that egg for you with my super human vampire strength…

well we all know about poor Lil E’s lack of strength so he was quite gracious and let LondonCalling help him out

TA-DA! Hey Arizona, how you likin’ da eggs girl? (yes, we’ve spent ALL weekend saying this line in every variation we can think of… and laughing hysterically. We rule!)

Happy Easter/Passover from us here at Letters to Rob and Letters to Twilight!

Where else has the Edward Action figure been?

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Where in the world is the Edward action figure? Seattle edition

Dear Edward,

It was so awesome that you could travel with me this week to Seattle, what with you being an expert in the area and all it was super nice to have you along for the trip… next time we’ll have to add in a few days to hit up Forks so you can introduce me to my future in-laws.

we flew virgin america… but it wasn’t named that for long ifyouknowwhatimsayin

once there we hit the ground running to squeeze in a little sightseeing since i would be busy most of the week. this is you on pine st

this was a little embarrassing, but you were a good sport about it.

then we hit pike’s market. you can tell by your face in this one, you were STOKED!

while i was getting coffee the next day, i saw a silver volvo circling multiple times. it’s so sweet that you worry while i’m out and you feel the need to check up on me, but really you should just come in next time… you’re quite the charmer and i’m sure the ladies would love to meet you.

walking by every bookstore we couldn’t help but notice all the twilight books. it’s a pretty big deal up there. you should be proud!

then it was time to go home because it was snowing and themoonisdown just doesnt do snow. we laughed when the flight attendant asked you to buckle your seat belt. if she only knew.

We’ll be back to see you soon Seattle!

See where else he’s been

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Where in the world is the Edward Cullen doll? Oh, just hanging out with some cute bunnies

Dear Rob,

My guess is that when you signed that part of your Twilight contract that said “will allow likeness to be made into small plastic doll with ‘ming reading‘ abilities” you didn’t actually believe your likeness would be made into a small plastic doll causing 2 blogger-friends to buy said small plastic doll, set-up photoshoots for this doll and post pictures that they and their blogger friends take for the world’s viewing pleasure. Hey, I never thought in a million years I’d walk into Hot Topic and now I have a filled frequent buyer card, so I get it.


"Hey, 'sup?"


"What? You think I'm gonna bite?"


"Don't you dare touch my peacoat"


Pictures & bunnies courtesy of Julie (yep- the same Julie with the best husband ever). PS: I want to kiss your bunnies and feed them carrots. 

Twi-alentine’s Day Contest. Do it. 

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Where in the world is the Edward cut out?

Dear Rob and Edward,

You know, it seems that the whole of North America (minus the western part, bastards) is covered in snow.

Thanks for helping Sass out with the snow shoveling.

You look so cute in that scarf.


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You, on my bed

eyes have been obscured to protect the innocent/slightly embarrassed

eyes have been obscured to protect the innocent/slightly embarrassed

Dear Rob-

You’ll never guess who I got mail from today… ALICE CULLEN. Seriously, I know, I was surprised too, who knew a fictional character could send mail to me and who knew said character was also miraculously living in the same town as ‘unintendedchoice!’ Crazy coincidences I know, but that is neither here nor there, what really matters is what precious jewel ‘alice’ sent me.

YES, it is a pillow with your face on it. and YES, it is totally creepy. AND YES I’ve already stuffed it with a pillow from my parents house and taken pictures with it. No, you should not be alarmed. Just mildly wigged out and freaked that your face has been licensed for use on home goods such as PILLOWS. You might want to re-read over that portion of your contract. Just FYI.

Can you imagine waking up to this thing? I mean you’re not going to be doing a ton of sleeping on this thing as it’s fabric is about the consistency of a stiff parachute. 180 thread count the packaging reads… uh not something to be proud of Twilight merch makers! It makes me feel a little weird… I can’t look at it in the eyes too long before I either get freaked out or start laughing uncontrollably. I am now the owner an Edward pillow and I am an adult.

Also this leads me to the introduction of a new reoccurring post here on ‘Letters to Rob’ which shall henceforth be named “Where in the world is the Edward pillow?” Sung, of course, to the tune of “Where in the world is Carmen San Diego.”

This week… PHOENIX, ARIZONA… where it all began (Twilight that is)!

XO and scratchy dreams!

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