We can't say good-bye to the Oscars quite yet

Dear Rob,

I know you were gagging while complimenting Zac & Vanessa on their performance in HSM3 (good job pretending you’ve even heard of it- and props to the quick thinking on behalf of your manager, Nick, for giving you a heads up)

We all know you were really just wanting to wanting to tell Vanessa “Fabulous performance tonight, but you’re still no Leah…”

And instead of joking with Zac about your matching bow ties, we know you just wanted to give him some pointers on having sex with a co-star. “Dude, I just hit it and ran…why you hitting it and sticking around?”

'Hit it and run. That's how I roll'

'Hit it and run. That's how I roll'

Speaking of co-stars you’ve hit and run from, was it awkward seeing PapaStew (Kristen’s dad) at all? You guys seemed pretty casual.

JStew: "Then you're gonna say 'This is Hollywood, got it?" Rob: "Got it" JStew: "Now Rob, did you fool around with my daughter while shooting Twilight?" Rob: "Uh, what? I mean, ye- no, what did you hear? huh? did Michael say somet... did she like it? I mean, did she say something? Does she want a round 2? Wait, what's the question?" AND ACTION Rob: "This is Hollywood"


We keep thinking we’re retiring the Oscars. Then we remember how damn hot you looked and decide to bring it out of retirement.

In other news, happy 26th birthday to one of our first blog readers and UC’s in-real-life friend MushroomMexLover. In honor of your birthday, Mex, I am sharing with the world my favorite quotes you have ever said about Rob or Twilight.

At the end of an e-mail to me about a party we were attending. p.s.  please bring rob.  i’m planning on wearing my blue blouse that clings to my frame.

um so today i was telling the guy I started dating how i sometimes have a hard time reading him…. it went something like this:
“i’m usually very good at reading people…with just one exception.”

i met my future in-laws today.  still didn’t meet alice…i mean trish (his sister).  his father is so compassionate and his mother incredibly loving.  just like another couple i know….

he also has a brother that can alter the moods of others.

Love you MushroomMexlover. Happy Birthday!

We got a whole slew of Oscar-related letters sent to us after Sunday and decided to post the highlights after the jump.


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The British are coming!

well myello there

well myello there

Dear Rob-

So by now the cat’s outta the bag and everyone knows you’re going to be presenting at the Oscars. You’d think a major world event had happened with the text messages, emails, tweets and calls I was getting when the news leaked Monday night. I have to say I’m kinda more excited about this than should be allowed by any rational adult. But can you blame me? This is the first real thing you’ve done in months! It’s been too long, Robbie, and I can’t wait to see you! So upon hearing the news, I immediately text UC, who was out with her Hubster on a date night.* I know, I know! But this was NEWS!! News we had been debating all day and it was finally true! So, hun since this is a big night I have a list of demands you MUST follow (trust me, you will be rewarded):

01. Please shower and shave before you show up. Scratch that, I’ll come over myself and personally take care of this item. Don’t be alarmed if I show up with squeegees and grease cutter; it’s for your own good

02. Avoid Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet… stick it to him for saying you were boring, like that guy knows ANYTHING about personality, he tried to high-five a blind guy

this is our secret sign... lick you lip and it's on!

this is our secret sign... lick your lips and it's on!

03. If Kstew is presenting with you, make sure she lays off the green for the day, gets her hair professionally done and SMILES. I can’t take any sour puss fighting for screen time next to you

04. Once you show up in LA, proceed directly to my house, do not answer any texts from Nikki Reed asking you to help her with groceries or getting more packing boxes or whatever idea she comes up with. It’s a ploy!!

05. If Mickey Rourke starts looking angry, run the other way… that melty face could body slam you. Love you Mickey!

Good luck Rob! Oh, and if I’m unavailable, your date better be Clare or TomStu
Me (themoonisdown)

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