Rob blocked on the Red Carpet!

Hey Rob, sit back today because I have a letter for a different guy…

How long can I stand here before she punches me?

Dear Mike Welch,

I’m commandeering Letters to Rob today because I have an important issue to address with you:


Everything was going swimmingly on the black carpet at the Breaking Dawn Premiere, Rob was inching his way down the line… you were ahead of him by a few press outlets answering questions about FacePunch or whatever it is people are asking you these days and then the perfect storm started brewing… you were talking just a tad too long about your bow tie to Lindsay from Team Twilight who, sadly, had to fall on the sword and take one for the team by talking to you quickly in hopes that we could get Rob next. It turns out, however, you were speaking just a little too long and Rob was moving quickly down the line of fan sites, Dean was giving me the eye and I knew what was about to happen… witness it happening in glorious moving image…

You can almost smell my desperation…

Was this your way of getting back at us for not making good on our promise to start a or the time we made you the poster boy for our fake “Respect” campaign because you are a good person who hates boob cancer? Or are you just mad that I didn’t ask you what Twilight tattoo you’d get if forced.

I mean God love ya Mike Welch but get the heck out of the way!!! You’re the guy who plays the golden retriever-esque character in Twilight you gotta understand I had to do everything within my power to get Rob to say anything to LTR… the girls here deserve it! I will gladly talk to you any day about anything in the world for however long you want to but not whilst Rob is an arms length from me. THAT’S JUST SCIENCE.

How did you become the ultimate cock blocker dude? I mean REALLY?!

Love ya Mike but ROB!!! ROOOOOBB!!!

Yes this happened and yes I don’t feel bad cause you know I had to try everything in my power to get you all some Rob! Would you have done the same? Should I have jumped the barricade and risked getting tackled by Dean??
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