Am I a better person or a raving lunatic because of you?

Wondering if Moon is back YET!? I just might tell you, but first read this wonderful letter from MariaCecila

Dear Rob,

I just came back from swanning around the south of France for two weeks’ vacation with friends, and I had to stop and reflect over the question of whether my obsession with you and Twilight has made me a better, more well-informed person than before, or if it has made me a monomaniac lunatic.

Wanna hook-up in the back of my car that kinda looks like a mini-van?

Item 1. When we arrive at the airport and go to the car rental company to check out our Ford, we are informed that we have this cool, black Volvo instead. I squeal, not because of the additional safety and space, but because, I tell my friends “That is just like the car Edward drove Bella in the movie Eclipse!!” Dumbfounded friends and unsure smiles, and I decide not to elaborate on how it should really have been silver, but I snap a discrete picture just the same.

Item 2. When we arrive at our rented house in the charming French village close to the Pyrenees, I find that above my bed is a – dreamcatcher! I squeal, not because of the big bed, the charming 18th century house or the amazing view of the mountains but because “That is so much like the dream catcher Jacob gave Bella in New Moon!” Crooked smile from husband coupled with an eye-roll tells me that this is not the time to elaborate on the plot of New Moon and the Jacob vs Edward issue. Since I am Switzerland I keep my mouth shut and go out to have a three course dinner with my friends in the warm summer night instead.

You drove to Spain to see me!?

Item 3. I insist that we drive across the border to nearby Spain to visit Salvador Dali’s hometown Figueres, and once we’ve seen the museum, I drag my friends around town to find the-artist-formerly-played-by-Rob’s birth house. It’s a quite ordinary house in an ordinary street, and my friends seem unable to understand why I feel I have to take a picture of it.

Item 4. I then insist that we drive out to the coast, to visit the small town where the-artist-formerly-played-by-Rob spent his summers and the place by the sea where he built his house, and on the road I squeal repeatedly when a) I tell my friends that this looks JUST like those hills where Rob, I mean Dali, biked around with his dear friend, the famous writer Gabriel Garcia Lorca, and b) this bay is JUST like the bay where Rob, I mean Dali, went moonlight skinny dipping with his friend Lorca. The rest of the party is seemingly unimpressed by my extensive knowledge of the life of Dali.

Item 5. When a local fiesta bring people in quaint costumes out milling around and dancing in the streets and square, I can’t help remarking to my friends how much this reminds me of the tradition of yearly celebrating the absence of vampires in the Italian medieval town of Volterra, which is really very much like the French town Carcassonne that we visited the other day. After some incredulous looks I hasten to add that while of course Volterra is a real town, I myself have never been there, so I wouldn’t know for sure about this celebration from personal experience, it was just in this movie I saw…

This spot of dock should be the 8th wonder of the world!

Item 6. I completely fail to persuade my friends that we should take a day’s drive to see Cannes, since my best argument seems to be that I want to see if I can “find that spot where Rob was photographed on the quay wearing that striped shirt”. Instead we go to the beach, and I can’t help pointing out to my husband how much a young guy who is wind surfing resembles Taylor Lautner. My husband just huffs and asks me to rub some sun lotion on his back.

Item 7. When we visit a market one evening in a charming seaside town, I am unable to leave and go home because, as I explain to my friends, there is this bracelet which I don’t know if I should buy or not, because it looks remarkably like Bella’s bracelet, but then again this is clearly not Navajo handicraft, so it is not really like Bella’s bracelet, only it is the one copy I’ve seen so far that is most like it, but of course, I am not quite sure that this is a genuine turquoise since the bracelet only costs 25 dollars, but 25 bucks is 25 bucks and…this is where my husband gently starts dragging me by my shoulders to the car.

So, I know a lot more now about car makes, Spanish artists and writers, Indian handicraft, medieval architecture and traditional religious celebrations, and I am well informed about a lot of places where I myself have never been. Does this make me a wiser, better informed person, or just an obsessed lunatic who references almost everything I see either to Twilight or to you, Rob? I really need to know.

P.S. I read a copy of In Touch – in Spanish – that I found on the plane, just because they had some pictures of you at the press conference at Comic Con. It was trash, but I couldn’t help myself. Just a lapse in judgement. Sorry. But at least now I know that Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t use Q-tips. Do you?


Maria, I don’t know about the rest of them, but the only thing I think about ALL of the above is That’s Normal!

Guess what?

Even the Sexy Sax man is excited Moon is back! (Picture courtesy of our dear friend, Kim!)

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