Rob is FINE!

Dear Rob,

SOME fans have gifs & transcripts & fan vids made within 30 minutes of a new interview of yours. I am not that kind of fan. You did this big MTV thing on Friday- but I was busy. And then you were on Leno. I forgot (in my defense, I would have rather been watching your vids than what I was actually doing. Believe me). But the good thing is, LTR is full of fans like me. Real, legit Rob fans who love you & “your work” (read: Your body & face) but don’t really have time to obsess over every little thing. And sometimes we’re late in catching “the news.” So I spent some time Sunday night and watched the THRITY-ONE videos MTV released (Thankfully, in one big long 36 min. video) and wrote down some of my favorite thoughts. Now, I highly suggest Rob fans carve out 36 minutes to watch the interview below- you wont be sorry- but until you have time, here are some of my favorite moments:

Rob jokes with Josh from MTV about his name in Water for Elephants. He says, “”I wanted to show I could do Jacob too….Next time I do my next movie I’ll be called “Taylor” in it.” Brill! The jokes! I love that we’re on the same page. Because the very first day I picked up WFE before Rob was 100% confirmed as the lead, I texted Moon that the fans were gonna make lots of jokes over the name “Jacob Jankowski.” Good to know Rob is joking too!

Sidenote: Did Rob lose his voice? He sounds raspy. And sexy. I like it.

They weren’t kidding, Rob really loved that elephant! He talks about her like she was his best friend. Even cracks a couple good one liners like: “She’s very famous in the elephant community”

We get some confirmation about his rumored new dog: “He’s called bear” Sidenote: I love that he says “Called” instead of “that’s his name.” or “I named him.” or “I called him.” I guess that’s a British thing? I’ve just never noticed Rob doing that in all his interviews before. It’s pretty endearing!

And then the twitter questions began: Question #1 was about working with Reese vs. the elephant. I think. It was boring. So I forget. But…do you get the impression that Reese doesn’t know him too well? Every interview seems like they did their scenes & that was that. Like… did they ever go out to dinner to get to know each other? Double date? Spend some alone, quality time with the elephant together?

And in what might be my favorite quote of the interview, Rob says (about his co-stars), “I like hot girls. I like being in movies with lots of hot girls.” And then goes on about the actresses, “They’re never, like, flimsy floozies!”

After the 2nd twitter question, Rob asked “I wonder why she’s called [there’s that word again] @robs_exception!” Oh Rob.. Oh Oh Rob… have you not seen the names of your fans online? @Robs_exception is nothing. I was talking to LTR friend @JodieO and she said, “I’d be mortified if I had some weird ILoveRobsNads name and he had to see it.”

Josh asked Rob if he had to learn Polish for Water for Elephants & he responded that he learned 5 words. They were all commands for the elephant. During international press day, Rob told someone the only words he can say are, “Kneel, Open your mouth, smile & Pray.” Dear Lord! Someone put that on a T-Shirt (That was a big sarcastic joke. Someone already has)

Side note: I think Josh is in love with Rob. I mean, I get it, but I had to point it out!

Question #3 was from someone named  @WFEbabe. It listed her “real” name as TWibabe. “You cant fool me” he exclaimed! I love that he knows people only love him because of Twilight. And he’s not surprised. And he jokes about it!

Around 15:50 MTV has this montage about Rob’s hair. And we have the explanation for FAT ROB!!!! The picture comes from the Harry Potter & Order of Phoenix premiere when he was unemployed, hungover, broke. He compares himself to a “homeless person” they pulled off the street. And he was bloated, sweaty & hot! And confused!!! So good to know we’re not the only ones who realized the amazingness of that red carpet moment for Rob:

Fun Fact: He’s never actually met Justin Bieber. So why Justin said they’ve met…. little liar!  “You want to see me in a Bieber?” he asks? Hahaha… ohh the jokes. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!

Josh asks him if back in 2008 he had any idea of what was to come for him & his career. Rob is so humble. Even now. He still doesn’t like having his picture taken. This interview was SO vintage Rob- reminded me why we love him & write him silly letters. That he’ll never read. Unless MTV decides to embarrass him one day.

Twitter question #4 was if  he would do anything differently if he could? His one big regret is showing up drunk to the Twilight premiere. In a suit that was too small!!

Rob tells the story of how in the hotel in New Orleans (actually at first he says “apartment” but then cuts himself off. We caught you Rob. You were in an apartment. I have no idea why we would care about that, but apparently we should) he was with some “Friends” (read: the Britpack & Kristen) and watched some movie. I’m sure I should’ve rewound to catch the movie title, but I didn’t care. And for some reason they ate orange chicken wings- which sounds weird to me- but what do I know? I’m a vegetarian- and acted like monkeys for 7 hours. Translate: They got high.

We got to hear a little about the Breaking Dawn. McKenzie (the girl playing Renesmee) has a SWEAR jar & Rob & Kristen are paying for her college education by their constant cursing. Sounds right, huh!?

Oh, and Rob plays piano in Breaking Dawn. It looks like this:

Then, because MTV advertised this as “Fans ask Rob questions via Twitter LIVE” and they only asked 4 questions, Josh throws some rapid-fire twitter questions at Rob:

  • He asks him about his own music: He’s playing the cello. He’s so random!!
  • What’s on his iPod? Wu-tang and other rap from 1993-1999.
  • Besides the Jitterbug phone, what phone is his favorite: He loves the iPhone BECAUSE HE LOVES WORDS WITH FRIENDS! Rob play with me!!! My screenname is “playswithRob”
  • His favorite city: He first chooses Houston. So random. Clearly he’s been to about 3 places in America. (no offense Houston) but THEN he mentions: PHILADELPHIA. I will make this my ring tone:


As much as I love it (note to newbies: I live in Philadelphia). This is quite random. Especially because I think Rob was only here once in 2008. “Why Philly?” I asked myself…. Until realizing. DUH- Cheesesteaks. Rob WOULD love that greasy meat on a roll. And he probably likes to smother his Hot Pockets with Philly cream cheese. And I bet he got a lot of compliments on his picture with the Rocky statue. Makes sense!

Rob, I thoroughly enjoyed watching all 36 minutes of this interview! It was so great because it reminded me that you don’t let this whole “thing” get to you. This interview was NOTHING like you’ve been portrayed in print interviews- especially the most recent Vanity Fair article.  You didn’t seem depressed. You didn’t even seem “over it.” You were happy. You were laughing. You were cracking jokes. You seemed fine!


Did you watch teh interview? What was your favorite part? Did Rob seem “Fine” to you? And no- I haven’t seen the Leno interview yet! Busy Rob-fan right here! That’s me!

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MTV asks us to AskRob and we’ve got some questions

(welcome to me trying to remember my original Wednesday post that got eaten by our server… here goes…)

Josh Horowitz says what?!

Dear Rob,

With Water for Elephants just around the corner all the press is starting to heat up MTV is going to be doing a lil segment with you called Ask Rob where they (duh) ask you questions submitted by fans via twitter to @MTVNews with the hashtag #AskRob. So of course we couldn’t leave Josh Horowitz up to his own fanboy devices so we’ve come up with some questions, if given the chance, we’d #AskRob… cause really we should be asked to interview you cause I can tell you we would NOT be asking about your hair or sparkling or abs. So with that in mind and our self imposed moratorium on questions pertaining to Le Stew and Twilight here is what we would…

Ask Rob

Hmmm how shall I answer this??

  • Why have you not returned any of my calls? #AskRob
  • Follow up question are you planning any bigger jumps in Vancouver or are you going to try a different approach say dancing or leaping maybe? #AskRob


  • If you could only choose one flavor to eat for the rest of your life would be be ham and broccoli or pepperoni and three cheese hot pockets? #AskRob
  • If you became too busy to do errands do you feel comfortable letting Tom Sturridge choose what underwpants you wear for the rest of your life? #AskRob
  • Does Reese make your list of Top 3 MILFS? #AskRob
  • Tell us the truth- did you ever fall asleep with Rosie in the elephant stall? #AskRob
  • Since you’re so close, if Rosie was ever out of a job and asked to crash on your couch would you let her? #AskRob
  • Did you ever slip up and call Christophe Waltz Capt Von Trapp? And moreover would you agree that Christophe is the Christopher Plummer of our generation? #AskRob


  • Tell the truth, is Martin the dog named after the guitar brand or are you just a huge Martin fan? #DaaaaamnGina #AskRob

Then since I’m equal opportunity and I like to be unbiased I asked a guy friend what he would ask Rob if he would. After assuring me he was straight and asking me not to reveal his identity (I’m sure you can guess) and me telling him to “be nicer” he gave me these questions to #AskRob

Don't mind that heavy breathing on the other end of the line, that's just me

  • Have you accepted your slow and unenviable decline into mediocrity and general luke perry-ness yet, or are you waiting until after rehab? #AskRob
  • When did you realize you were gay? #AskRob
  • Do you ever worry that your face is going to get stuck like that? #AskRob
  • How long do you think you can use being British as a cover for you being the weirdest dude alive? #AskRob
  • In the middle of the night, do you ever wake up in a cold sweat screaming DAMN YOU BEIBER!? #AskRob

So maybe not nicer but definitely made us laugh. Clearly we need to be put in a room with you for 15 minutes. We should also be allowed to interview you at some point, but that’s neither here nor there.

Happy Friday!

What would you ask Rob if given the chance? Should we take bets on how long Josh Horowitz waits to ask about Kristen or Breaking Dawn? Have a question but don’t have twitter or don’t want to sully the rep of your feed? Post it in the comments and we’ll ask the ones that make us laugh the most!

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Rob on Nightline: Puts on some tweed and gets all Rob/Twilosophical on us

Somewhere around 2:00 – The old crusty guy from MTV talks about the chaste Twilight saga and why it’s so alluring in this hyper-sexualized world we live in today and Rob answers with…

“…they just like that moment, the kind of tipping point before it all goes over. Everyone likes that, that’s the best part for a relationship…”

Dear Rob,

It’s so true… the more and more I read/watch/hear about you the more I know you just get it. I’ve said the phrase “get it” a lot lately and maybe that’s for a reason. We all like when someone else “gets us.” And you prove yourself again and again at age 24 talking about what’s so alluring about the relationship between Edward and Bella and why it’s not always the hardcore sex stuff we want to see (well, most of us) it’s really everything that leads up to it. It’s that tension, the give and take, the building of the emotion and relationship and all without, what old MTV dude grossly calls it: a “vampiric release.”

What are we talking about? The tipping point? Um, yesss.....

It’s like what Russell Hammond from the seminal rock group Stillwater says “It’s not about what you put it, it’s about what you leave out…” Sometimes it’s just better to not have everything spelled out, Stephenie Meyer can take us all the way to that edge with Bella and Edward and then leave us hanging because she doesn’t need to push us, she can let our imaginations take over. Anything we could imagine or think up would be far better than whatever scenario she could create. The imagination is a powerful tool that takes the story of Bella and Edward to levels no one could write about because it’s relying on feelings and events we’ve personally experienced or want to experience. And no one can replicate that with the written word, because we all have had a different experience. We all know what it feels like to be taken to that edge in a relationship to feel the tension and the unknown and the feeling of wanting to feel it all. I gotta agree that may just be the best part.

After you fall over the edge you come into a knowledge about that person and the relationship. Then things mature and change. Though there’s definitely nothing wrong with that and we all know a relationship can’t stay at the pre-edge stage forever(we’d all die of nervousness, malnutrition and euphoria overload!) I do think people spend lifetimes chasing after that feeling again. I also think that feeling is just one of the (BIG!) reasons why the Twilight saga is so popular, it’s because it gives us a taste of that first love, on the edge of the cliff feeling all over again. Isn’t that what we all want sometimes?

Now stop making me love you even more! It’s quite annoying.


Do you agree? Is the edge what everyone’s always chasing? Is that why the saga is so popular? Do you love Rob even more now? But srsly, watch this interview it’s GREAT!

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