Rob hits up the Isle of Wight (again) for New Year’s Eve

Which way to the free tshirts?

Dear Rob,

So it turns out you were on the Isle of Wight for the New Year holiday AGAIN this year at the SAME pub. So of course it begs the question WHAT IS ON THE ISLE OF WIGHT that is so great?? Why are you there? Is that little (huge) pub so great? What is going on there that has you coming back year after year? I’ve come up with a quick list of things that I think could be on the Isle of Wight that keeps you (and Kristen) coming back…

  • They give out free black tshirts with every ferry ride over
  • All the food is fried and pizza flavored
  • Frowning, instead of smiling, is the expression that actually expresses happiness
  • For ever 2 guy friends you bring you get a free beer
  • It’s illegal to have an uncovered head
  • The island is cut off from all technology, internet, cell phones, Twitter, etc.
  • Norman’s Rare Guitars set up it’s 2nd store on the island
  • Only place to avoid Dean/Nick/Stephanie/Dick and Clare’s annual New Year’s Eve party without hurting their feelings
  • Sam had a gig on New Year’s Eve. This was the only way to avoid seeing the brit packs shows

New Year's Resolution? Less smug looks

Seeing as I’ve never been there and don’t really think the Isle of Wight chamber of commerce is exactly standing at the docks with open arms and free beers, I don’t get it. So maybe between pints and naps you can send off a lil email to me here and explain what’s going on over there and if I should book my ticket for 2012.

Happy New Year!

So really Brit friends what’s the deal over there on the Isle of Wight? The women easy? The food good? Spill!

THX Robsessed and the gal who took these!

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Resolutions we promise to keep longer than a week

Dear New Year... XO, Rob

Dear New Year... XO, Rob

Hey Rob fans (we need to come up with a better name for us) and Twilighters-

We’ve posted our New Years Resolutions over at LetterstoTwilight and included our Rob-solutions (HA) in there as well. Hit that up and let us know your rob/twilight related resolutions! You KNOW we want to know!

Now we’re off to get our food/drink/and party on!

All the best to you guys in ’09! And here’s to hoping for more Rob news and new pictures soon,
Us, themoonisdown and unintendedchoice


PS Enjoy this video of Rob performing “I’ll be your lover too,” our little gift to you to help bring in a rad 2009!

“Oh, when day’s through
I will come to you
And take you on
your many charms
Yeah, then you’ll look at me
with eyes that see
And we’ll melt into
each others arms

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