UC and Moon's excellent adventure – Los Angeles

Dear Rob,

We feel like you need a lil’ background on us since we’ve been so intimate lately. We met in college during the fall of 2002 when we were at an off-campus program with 30 students. We were not friends. It’s a long story but basically UC was a bitch and Moon seemed like a rock star (moon note: and was a bitch too). And we forgot to introduce ourselves on the first day and so just decided it’d be easier to ignore each other all semester. Flash forward to 2004- UC has the worst job on planet earth & Moon is bored at home. We talk online, a lot.. and our friendship begins. We see each other for a day and 1/2 in 2008, so our visit together for five days a few weeks back was a big deal- our first extended time together in 6 and 1/2 years and our first time as friends! We were super excited to see each other, to say the least!

There’s so much to recap- we did so much! We ate so much food- we drank a lot of champagne! We watched a lot of Twilight and stayed up late every night writing kickin’ blog posts! We can’t possible tell you all we did (but come over tonight and we promise we’ll try…) So, we thought we’d recap our trip for you and the LTR girls in little snippets!

Hugs & LA-love,
UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Our breakdown of this momentous trip…


  • Moon live Tweets picking up UC and Hubs at the airport. Sample “Driving like edward in la. being as safe as possible while planning slumber party with ashley in head
  • then we zoom over to the Hot Topic DVD release party to meet up with our BFF, Ashley Greene. Live Tweet: “we are at the gates of hell! twihards screaming and tv cameras filming. no ash sighting” Instead we are tres embarrassed by the other fans who showed up… see this video:


*girl screams bloody murder* (at least like eleventy billion times that night. seriously)
UC: god
Moon: Wow, unnecessary!
UC: I’m videoing
Moon: 1st hand embarrassing!
UC: Oh, I’m gonna fall. Ok I’m gonna stop it… helloooo… how do I stop it…
*cuts camera*

See people this is what it’s like out with your ol pals UC and Moon… a laugh a minute. This is why we chose the WRITTEN word!

More Moon and UC shenanigans after the cut!

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The fakers are amazing

Stephanie Ritz- I made Rob Pattinson a US sensation.

Stephanie Ritz- I made Rob Pattinson a US sensation. (actually, I think we have Mr. & Mrs. Pattinson to thank for THIS sensation)

Dear Rob,

You’ve made it- you know why? There are fake versions of you on Twitter. And they’re hilarious. This whole little fake world has been built. There’s a fake you, your manager Nick, agent Stephanie, your sister, your dog, Stephenie Meyer, TomStu, Kristen, Nikki Reed, all the girls you’ve rumored to have been with or impregnated, Paris Hilton… the list goes on and on! Best yet- they’re really good at pretending to do or say or “tweet” what you might actually do/so/tweet in real life. I’ve taken the liberty of jotting down my favorite tweets or convos I’ve seen in the past few weeks:

Quick Twitter lesson for the unfamiliar. You use the “@” followed by the username when you want to reply directly to someone! I’ve taken out the twitter names and used their real names- to make it easier to follow!

Nick Frenkel, Pimpin' and representin' since 2001

Nick Frenkel, Pimpin' and representin' since 2001


Fake manager- Nick:
Fake Agent- StephanieR
FakeTomStu- Tom Sturridge (Your apparent bff)
Rob- YOU!

Most of these tweets are right before the Oscars and/or during the Oscars!

Nick: I don’t get paid enough for this shit.
Nick: @Rob Practically a week of press without the words “inebriated” “drunk” or “stumbling” has been nice. Just a reminder.
Nick: @Rob Joaquin Phoenix is a self-important douche. I’m buying you a razor. We’ll discuss this later.

StephanieR: @Rob The only girl you need to make happy is ME. Now get a damn razor and shave. The girls love your jaw line. It makes the money.
StephanieR: Seeing this picture [of Rob] reminds me I need to schedule Rob an eyebrow wax before Sunday.

Nick: Have decided to tell Rob that the fans love the beard and he is not allowed to shave, period. That should ensure he shaves it off tomorrow.

StephanieR: Rob will be clean shaven. He cannot wear Prada with a beard. No, seriously, Prada said NO FACIAL HAIR with their tux.
StephanieR: @Nick Last time you said you had it covered, he ran off and got a buzz cut! And try to make sure the new tux is free of stains.

Nick: @TomStu Tom, stop crying. Sorry, you CANNOT walk the red carpet with Rob. And don’t drink and tweet…ever.
Nick: @Rob I’m on the way. I’m bringing a razor. I’ll tie you down if I have to. Prepare yourself.
Nick: @StephanieR Sturridge has been taken care of. You promised him a shot? What were you thinking? You know there’s no such thing as one

StephanieR: Must make sure he [Rob] doesn’t sneak a flask into the limo if he does wind up walking the Red Carpet. Can’t use the mouthwash excuse again.
StephanieR: @Rob Fine, you can have ONE shot bottle of Jack for the ride. That’s it. And please don’t spill any on that tux, it’s a rental!
StephanieR: is proud of Rob. He hasn’t been lying to me like the time he said he was using Invisalign and wasn’t; he really has been working out!
StephanieR: @Rob You are so lucky you are hot, and that teen fangirls have a low expectation of your personal hygiene habits.

The hilarity continues after the jump Continue…

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We can't say good-bye to the Oscars quite yet

Dear Rob,

I know you were gagging while complimenting Zac & Vanessa on their performance in HSM3 (good job pretending you’ve even heard of it- and props to the quick thinking on behalf of your manager, Nick, for giving you a heads up)

We all know you were really just wanting to wanting to tell Vanessa “Fabulous performance tonight, but you’re still no Leah…”

And instead of joking with Zac about your matching bow ties, we know you just wanted to give him some pointers on having sex with a co-star. “Dude, I just hit it and ran…why you hitting it and sticking around?”

'Hit it and run. That's how I roll'

'Hit it and run. That's how I roll'

Speaking of co-stars you’ve hit and run from, was it awkward seeing PapaStew (Kristen’s dad) at all? You guys seemed pretty casual.

JStew: "Then you're gonna say 'This is Hollywood, got it?" Rob: "Got it" JStew: "Now Rob, did you fool around with my daughter while shooting Twilight?" Rob: "Uh, what? I mean, ye- no, what did you hear? huh? did Michael say somet... did she like it? I mean, did she say something? Does she want a round 2? Wait, what's the question?" AND ACTION Rob: "This is Hollywood"


We keep thinking we’re retiring the Oscars. Then we remember how damn hot you looked and decide to bring it out of retirement.

In other news, happy 26th birthday to one of our first blog readers and UC’s in-real-life friend MushroomMexLover. In honor of your birthday, Mex, I am sharing with the world my favorite quotes you have ever said about Rob or Twilight.

At the end of an e-mail to me about a party we were attending. p.s.  please bring rob.  i’m planning on wearing my blue blouse that clings to my frame.

um so today i was telling the guy I started dating how i sometimes have a hard time reading him…. it went something like this:
“i’m usually very good at reading people…with just one exception.”

i met my future in-laws today.  still didn’t meet alice…i mean trish (his sister).  his father is so compassionate and his mother incredibly loving.  just like another couple i know….

he also has a brother that can alter the moods of others.

Love you MushroomMexlover. Happy Birthday!

We got a whole slew of Oscar-related letters sent to us after Sunday and decided to post the highlights after the jump.


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