Dreams come true with Rob and Nutty Madam

Dear Rob,

You are a dream maker sometimes, my friend. I mean sure, we still haven’t met you (thanks MIKE WELCH!) but that doesn’t mean you don’t traipse around the world making dreams come true while this song plays. Case in point one of our most very favoritest Twifans EVER: Miss Nutty Madam herself. Apparently you too have been woo-ed by her charms, squeals of  delight (The beach!) and disbelief (NO! Jasper, NO!) and insane urge to vlog her every Twilight thought and reaction. She’s pretty much the best and we’ve featured her umpteenth times and wait with baited breath for any video she posts. So to say we were excited when you said this was an understatement…

Dude, I don’t know who you like or whatever but you saying you want to meet Nutty Madam is like the inventor of Hot Pockets or Dino Nuggets or plaid lumberjack shirts or Van Morrison saying he/she wants to meet you! This is like being chosen to meet Stephenie Meyer and talk Twilight with her… it’s a BIG deal.. I just wish I had video of both of us reacting to the news, I had to walk out of my office building at the time because I wanted to shout and high five people… enjoy Nutty Madam’s reaction to hearing you want to meet her:

Though I have a bone to pick with these sTV people since we ALL know Nutty Madam’s reaction to that was as least 20 minutes long complete with her rewatching it like 40 times with various levels of volume and pitch to her voice and breathless exclamations. I don’t know what it is about watching other people’s dreams come true but it makes me REALLY happy and a little weepy… kinda like reading the Tweets and seeing pictures of people meeting Stephenie Meyer when she went to visit Tent City before the Breaking Dawn Premiere. It’s like being a fly on the wall someone’s best day ever.

Sure, she seems nutballs crazy but if you haven’t felt that way at least once during all this you’re probably doing it wrong. Of course our feeling of nutballs crazy is maybe a tad different but still I’ve been there…

Dream do come true yall!!!

What moment in your fandom did you feel nutballs crazy? Did this make you happy for her or insanely jealous?

Source: S TV and Nutty Madam

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