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Dear Rob,

I was thinking about you yesterday while scarfing down corn on the cob & veggie hot dogs (and a veggie burger & another 1/2 of a veggie burger plus 2 slices of funny cake- my stomach still hurts) & thinking how quiet you’ve been lately. Okay wait, confession time: I haven’t checked twitter or Robsessed or any news site lately. So you could have gotten married to TomStu this past weekend and I wouldn’t even know. But let’s assume you have been quiet- and because I didn’t get any frantic texts from Moon, I think it’s safe to say you have been. Or at least quieter than a year ago.

If you remember, a year ago you had just finished filming Remember Me, a “Respect Me” campaign had been started in your honor & you were just starting to film in Vancouver. Things were great.

Actually I got so nostalgic that I went back to the old LTR site to see what exactly we were talking about a year ago. A year ago today was Labor Day, so we were back to discussing picnicking & hot dogs, but a few days prior we had a few laughs. In fact, I laughed all over again re-reading it. And I thought today would be a fun day to “recycle” the old news- and hopefully encourage you to do something interesting real soon!

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Dear Rob,

The latest e-mail forward going around my group of friends is called Why men are never depressed… It lists things like: Men can be President. They can never be pregnant. They can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. The world is their urinal. Same work, more pay. People never stare at their chest when they’re having a conversation. They know stuff about tanks. They can open all their own jars. They get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness. Their underwear is $8.95 for a three-pack.

Since I’ve recently picked up the hobby of turning every e-mail forward I receive into a post about you (just wait until you see the post I’m doing about the e-mail FWD where the ghost scares the crap out of you by jumping onto your screen. Bet you’ll never guess who’s mullet I photo-shopped onto your head!), with the help of some friends, I’ve come up with a list of reasons why you’re not depressed.

Why Rob is Never Depressed


  • Rob is never depressed because he never has to pay more than 99 cents for a new shirt.
  • Rob is never depressed because he gets sexual propositions everywhere he goes.
  • Rob is never depressed because the most expensive food group he consumes is beer.
  • Rob is never depressed because if he’s having a bad day, all he needs is a microwave and some carrots.
  • Rob is never depressed because when he’s having a bad day, he knows there’s lots of delightful stories online starring him as a main character.

Brooke: Yes, he probably also thought I Love LA (the fan fic) chronicles something that happened when he blacked out, but Rob isn’t depressed about it cause apparently he gave some good lovin’.

Rob is never depressed because Sad Rob sold a lot of magazines and GQ gave him free Jen Aniston naked pic outtakes as a gift

Rob is never depressed because “Sad Rob” sold a lot of magazines and GQ gave him free Jen Aniston naked pic outtakes as a gift


  • Rob is never depressed because he realized that he is able to warm up his chewy chocolate granola bar in the microwave as long as he removes the wrapper first.
  • Rob is never depressed because when you have one leg shorter than the other walking is a fun and interesting challenge!
  • Rob is never depressed because once he endorsed Hot Pockets in an interview, they gave him a huge stack of $3.00 off coupons, thus receiving free hot pockets for the rest of his life.
  • Rob is never depressed because everything matches with flannel.
  • Rob is never depressed because his entire wardrobe fits in a duffel bag.
  • Rob is never depressed because he and all of his friends have amazing musical abilities (minus the 100 Monkeys).
  • Rob is never depressed because when he runs out of cigarettes he knows that Kristen has weed.


  • Rob is never depressed because he knows that Sam, Marcus, and Bobby will do his flirting for him.
  • Rob is never depressed because he knows he can make a delicious pot of beans.
  • Rob is never depressed because he doesn’t have to wear Kristen’s wig.
  • Rob is never depressed because he knows that if he’s feeling a bit pudgy, he can just have a makeup artist paint some abs on him.
  • Rob is never depressed because he made Nick write it into his contract that he would never have to work with Cougar Cathy ever again.


  • Rob is never depressed because there is a website dedicated to writing letters to him daily
  • Rob is never depressed because said letter writers are hot as hell
  • Rob is never depressed because if it doesn’t work out with Stewey he can always fall back on NReed. She isn’t that bad too look at and while the Greek Shipping heir gave her some nasty diseases ‘down there,’ the skills he taught her (which he learned from The Hotel chain heir) make it all worth it.


  • Rob is never depressed cause he has a feeling that a mind-blowing experience is coming his way. (which is obviously me, cause I’ll be in VanCity on 9/9)

More (old) good times after the jump!!! Continue…

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Day of Rest

Dear Rob,

In the 554 days since we started LTR (I counted. Without a calculator) we’ve only not blogged, ummm never. Well, except when we started Open Weekend Posts where we only post once on the weekends. But we have blogged EVERY OTHER FREAKIN’ DAY. Except today. Unless you count this announcement of how we’re taking a very much needed

Day of Rest

Let me tell you how this works. Tomorrow Moon & I have one of the most incredible opportunities of our lives- it’s literally what we set out to do when we started LTT. We’re meeting Stephenie Meyer & SO FREAKING EXCITED about it! But we’re a bit stressed. We can’t say much because we’re not really allowed to talk details until after the interview (4 hours after, approximately) but we have a lot to do to prepare & we need some time to do it! I’m also MOVING on Saturday. Did I mention that? But it’s ALLLLLL worth it!

Anyway, our day of rest means I went into the OLD Letters to Rob, found a post from February of 2009 and I’m copying it RIGHT HERE for you to enjoy:

Dear Rob,

You have a cute butt. It makes me want to dry hump.*












*First person to comment with what that quote is from gets an awesome fake prize.

Pictures all from Robsessed

The fake prize is that you are allowed to help me move on Saturday. Actually that’s a real prize. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Enjoy our day “off.” Comment & chat as per usual. We’ll moderate comments throughout the day, but we won’t be around too much!!!!! THANKS for understanding!

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