The case of Summit Vs. Biel

Dear Rob,

Pass this on to Summit, since you’re hanging out with him err them for the next 6 months:

We heard you used your powers of evil to threaten Biel that her You Tube channel would be deleted. You know who I’m talking about- the girl who made those brilliant montages of your leading man’s (Rob’s) life- his photo-shoots, his movies, his hottness- set to fun dancy music. It saved us many a Saturday AM when we had nothing to post. It got many of our weekends started. It even woke us up on Sunday mornings & it picked us up when we were done.

No need to see this on the big screen. This 150 px image will suffice

But Summit, I’m here to tell you that I’m on your side. Besides filling us with utter joy when we watched: 100% Robert Pattinson Content: Pure Unadulterated Sexy Bliss parts 1-7 on replay for hours each Saturday morning, it also kept money out of your pocket. That’s right- Biel’s hot Rob-montages with an occasional clip from a movie you own the rights to were so satisfying that people stayed away from Rob’s movies, keeping money from your corporate accounts. I bet your CEO even had to fly coach a few times because of the damage Biel inflicted. While it was only her intention to “wet our whistle” with a clip of Rob as Edward or Tyler from Remember Me, instead what it did was gave us A HUGE ROB overload that we didn’t want anymore. Instead of “Who was that!? What was THAT FROM? I gotta run out and spend $12.00 right now at AMC Theaters” we thought, “He’s alright, but I’d rather watch You Tube videos all day rather than see him on the big screen. I hear that Justin Beaver kid makes videos too?” I mean seriously, who would want to watch a  Rob or Twilight movie when you have You Tube videos to gaze at all day? Forget comfy stadium seating & big screen 12 ft Rob- forget delicious buttery popcorn & a 108 oz Diet Coke. All I need is 2 inch computer Rob, a spot on my bed on top of a lumpy pillow, a bowl of Orville Redenbacher’s and a glass of flat diet coke from the bottle I found stashed in the back of my fridge from a Labor Day picnic.

I bought myself a poster-sized version of this after I fell for Rob

If you couldn’t tell my from scathingly sarcastic last paragraph, I think what you’re threatening is pretty sucky. Buttttttttttttt…. I understand it. Using pictures & videos & clips that don’t belong to you, at the end of the day, is against the law. And you have the rights to the video clips so you can enforce that if you choose. And if you make exceptions for Biel- then the guy who is selling Eclipse DVDs illegally on the street corner (you have that guy on your street corner, right? I kinda live in the ‘hood, so maybe it’s just me. But I swear the other day a guy said “Hey honey… want me to hook you up with Eclipsey. I got the good stuff” Ohhhhh wait…. maybe he wasn’t asking me if I wanted an  Eclipse DVD…… That could have been Ecstasy. Hmm.. scratch that point) Anyway, THAT guy, if he is selling illegal DVDs or profitting off of your copyrighted material could argue- “but “Biel” does it & you don’t go after her.”  We get it- you have to have a rule & stick to it across the board… but it sucks. Because what she does actually makes you money. People like Biel who have made incredible videos starring Rob Pattinson have made me want to pay my $12 per ticket and buy my popcorn & big ass Diet Coke and see him on the big screen even more. If you spend 5 seconds & read one of the many “How I fell for Rob Pattinson” letters we’ve posted on here, there is a pattern: Girl sees Twilight, Girl can’t stop thinking about Edward, Girl googles guy who plays Edward, Girl finds videos of Rob Pattinson, and the rest is history. Then How to be makes money & the people who made Ring of the Neiblings can stop living in boxes under a bridge in Sussex. You’ll cash in with sales of Remember Me and Twilight paraphanalia & then anything you own with Rob’s name or face on it- you win. All because of Biel. And all creative fans like her.


At the end of the day, maybe it’s your material, but what’s it really hurting? Why not wait until fans cross that line & cash in on what they don’t own before going after them? Because all it does is piss them (and us) off. And while I try to separate it from Rob, sometimes it makes me think for a quick second, “Does Rob know Summit does this- and is he okay with it?” I don’t want to think that. Don’t make me think bad about Rob for even a split second just because you’re the big bad wolf. So all that to say….. Biel is just a really dedicated Rob Fan. We all are. And that’s really good for you.  Some people write blogs; some people steal photos and make wallpapers; some people are creepy stalkers and follow Rob all over the world and then some people make videos. You gotta pick your battles, ya know?

And one of those battles should be: WIGS. And covering budding bald spots on your main character (it’s called “Just for Men” hair department!) not fans making videos of CLIPS of Rob.


PS: Biel- start a Vimeo channel. We’ll need something for this Saturday 🙂

Can I get an AMEN?

Did you know about this? What do you think? The truth is it is copyright infringement but let’s face it- everyone does it. Was it really necessary to go after Biel? She wasn’t selling bootleg Eclipse DVDs. She wasn’t even selling her Videos. Are Summit the big mean bully? Do you enjoy blaming Summit as much as we do for stuff that isn’t always their fault but really have fun when it IS their fault? Are you going to spend the rest of your day watching all of Biel’s videos in case Summit makes good on their threat?

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