Caption Contest

Dear Rob,

What was going on here?


Was PF Changs hurting your belly?

I know, how about we let the girls* figure out what’s wrong. 

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

*if you’re offended that I called you a girl and you’re not a girl, well, COMMENT or EMAIL us so we know about you, precious male- readers!

Seriously, this is our first ever caption contest. We will not be giving away a real prize. But we will be giving away a prize.  It will probably be on par with  the ” spin around the block (ya know, from Forks to Chicago) with Alice in her yellow porsche!” that we gave to one of our Fanmade vid of the week winners or “one hour of ‘mood altering’ time with Jasper.” we gave JenaBona. Get excited. This prize will blow your minds.

So caption away- either write it in the comments, or if you think your caption is SO good that you want to hide it from everyone until the winner is revealed, send it to us at

97 Commented

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