1 Picture, 4 Takes of Old School Rob

Dear Rob,

Moon & I were emailing with our good LTR friend JodieO yesterday & she decided to brighten it with a good ol’ picture of you (we can’t remember what it’s from) and a take on an old LTR tradition:

1 picture, 2 4 takes

Seriously. WHY was it a rerun?


THANKS JODIEO. I LOVE YOU A LOT. AND WAIT.. is that even your LTR name?


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What IS Cosmopolis about?

Dear Rob,

It’s time to confess that I literally have no idea what your latest flick Cosmopolis is about. Even worse, every time I write it out, I accidentally write Cosmopolitan- like the drink & female magazine that teaches us “109 ways to please him down there” (I memorized them all, in case you’re wondering)

I don’t know where I was when you went up to Toronto (you’re in Toronto, right? Do YOU even know?) but you were suddenly there & all these pictures started coming out & I was so far behind I haven’t even TRIED to catch up!

I remember when I heard you signed on to Cosmopolis- specifically because Paul Giamatti is in it too & he is Mr. Choice’s favorite. I figured that was BOUND to give you some more credibility with him (sadly, so far it hasn’t) but for whatever reason, at that time, I didn’t click a link or do any research about the film. I think it kinda seemed like people knew a lot about it already- and so I figured eventually someone would fill me in without me having to do the “heavy lifting” of figuring it out myself (I just let you in on my blogging secret- I don’t actually know anything myself- I just surround myself with people who do!)

Remember when Moon asked you what exactly Remember Me was all about (<— click that) and entertained us all SO wonderfully with her guesses based on the pictures leaking from set? I’ll be begging her daily to recreate that letter about Cosmopolis (I will not even attempt to touch her brilliance) but I think of that every time I see a picture from set.

For example: Is Cosmopolis about a “new guy” who moves into the neighborhood with sleek, silky hair and sunglasses we learn are “much cooler” than Rob’s Ray Bans? Is the angst of the story about the fight between the two men about who is the hottest?

Is it about a secret tryst between two male lovers- the boss & the building’s janitor- behind the fire escape at a downtown building?

Is it about a famous celebrity, trying to hide from his fame by going through his life under the name “Eric Packer?” (Which we now officially know is the name they are calling Rob “in secret” on set)

I kinda started this letter with the intention of figuring out what Cosmopolis IS about, but then I had too much fun just looking at pictures & imagining (okay fine, and I got distracted by my neighbor’s offer of a summer solstice drink). But one thing I’ve learned from all the years at LTR is that I’m NEVER alone. and I bet I’m NOT the only one who has NO CLUE what Cosmopolis is about. ANd I’m sure there are the few LTR readers that know EVERYTHING- memorized the imdb page or read the book (is there a book?) or saw the original movie (is there one?) and everything…. Cuz That’s Normal. Both things. And if someone WANTS to enlighten me in the comments today, I’m all ears. But otherwise, I bet we’ll figure it out- eventually. Maybe for once in my Rob-life I’ll be surprised & know NOTHING walking into one of your films, Rob. “WIll there be a sex scene?” “IS Rob an action star?” “Do Rob & Paul Giamatti get it on halfway through?” Only time will tell (or else some commenter will today…)

Loving the surprise, for once,

What about you? Do you know ANYTHING about Cosmopolis? Are you okay with not knowing? Or is it just me not really caring (shh) about this latest movie of Rob’s but being happy that he looks so hot in it?

Pictures from Robsessed, where else!?

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Rob Pattinson is Hump-Day Humpable

Dear Rob,

Have you ever wondered why Wednesday is referred to as “Hump Day?” I have. More than someone should wonder, actually. In junior high I used to think it was the day that boys would discuss the girls they thought were the hottest & therefore wanted to sleep with or “hump” the most. I was an idiot. (Actually, it was jr. high. Most likely that DID happen on Wednesdays (as well as Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri) so I’m actually brilliant). Anyway, eventually I was too embarrassed to ask what “Hump Day” meant (and I guess Google wasn’t reliable back then) since I had let so many hump days pass me by without ever asking. So as years went on, I just accepted that I’d never know the true meaning. Then one day, not so long ago (literally, like a year ago) it clicked. HUMP day= MID-Week= HALF-WAY through the week= OVER THE HUMP of the week. Wow, I really am an idiot.

But today we’re going to go with my junior high definition of Hump Day. I’m looking around the school err blog & finding the hottest boy to hump- THAT, my friend, is YOU.

In celebration of “I want to hump Rob Pattinson On this Hump Day,” press play on THIS:

Which is exactly what LTR friend Zephyersky was listening to when she was sent this:

Ay Carumba! After the jump, there is much, much more: Continue…

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Real Life vs Imaginary Life Rob

Dear Rob,

I was thinking about you the other day & I feel like there’s a conundrum. There seems to be a difference with the Rob in “Imaginary Life” (be that photo-shoots, movies, or on camera) and Rob in “real” life. Real Life Rob tends to be… uh, how should I say it, much less desirable and much more smelly, younger brother home from a visit from college-like. [FYI to those of you listening in who can never take criticism of Rob, ever. First off, you’re not his mother so stop never criticizing him (unless that’s you, Clare, in that case… Rob IS perfect, you’re right). Secondly, I didn’t say NOT desirable. Just less desirable than “Imaginary Life” Rob. Cool your jets. Yep. I just said that.]

Is this how it is? We all know you can look REALLY hot. Take for instance:

Okay stop. Seriously, we get the point. This is a Thursday. Not RobPorn Friday. Seriously. You’re killing us.

But then, when the make up & act & the clothes come off (hmmm…..), you look like this in real life:

(oh, after the jump) Continue…

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Rob Porn Friday

Dear Rob,

It’s Friday so I’m thinking about RobPorn, naturally. Do you remember when we started the RobPorn phenomenon? It was to be like the book “Porn for Women” with shirtless dudes ironing & stuff. It was you doing “hot” stuff around the house for us. It was soooooo innocent. And it’s been taken to a WHOLE other level. Some of it is funny, of course, and we’ve joined in on the pg-13 non-innocence time and again, but then there is the porn that is um.. wayyyy too far. You know what I mean: You going down on a girl. You showing pubic hair. Zooming in on actual pictures of your nether regions. (Perfect example: NSFW) We get it. You have a d*ck. You have sex. You possible know where to find the little man in the boat. I don’t actually need to see manips of it.

So I thought I’d google “RobPorn” to see what kind of gems there are out there. Turns out we’ve posted a ton! So today I’m re-posting some of my favorites, as well as a few non-LTR creations. Oh, and one new one for good measure:

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