Red Carpet Rob

Dear Rob,

As I get ready to turn on the red carpet for the Oscars, I am silently saying a prayer that that horrible man from Summit was wrong about “No Twilight cast being at the Oscars” and you will show. The “Robscars” are when my love & so many others love was solidified for you for all eternity. It’s when LTR almost broke because of the literally thousands of comments we had of your short, but sweet & hot performance. The thought of you not being there when I turn on the TV in approximately 5 minutes is almost too much to bear.

I thought to help myself grieve, I’d reminisce about your other red carpet performances in the form of an award show. So presenting:

The First annual LTR awards to Rob and only Rob for his performances at various Red Carpets around the Globe

The award for “No one could make this look hot but you” goes to:

Rob Pattinson for his portrayal of “Hot guy in a Maroon suit” at the Eclipse Premiere

The award for “Best Channeling of an 80’s sitcom uncle, just add the mullet” goes to:

Rob “Uncle Jesse Katsopolis” Pattinson

Award for “Best, Straight-forward, no funny-business, drop-dead gorgeous look on the red carpet” goes to:

Rob Pattinson Oscars, 2009.

Runner up goes to Rob Pattinson: New Moon premiere, November 2009 for this look, and this look only:

Award for “Best ability to control oneself in the presence of a she-man” goes to :

Rob Pattinson at the London premiere of Twilight, standing in front of a she-man, because the PR firm handling the red-carpet didn’t understand Twilight was about vampires.

Award for “About to break into a Contemporary Christian “Praise & Worship Song” on the red carpet” goes to:

Rob Pattinson for his uplifting time in Japan in 2009.

(The Award for “Leading us in a time of prayer” was given out earlier in the night to:

Rob Pattinson for his heartfelt, spirit-moved prayer time in Japan in 2009.)

Award for Best smile at an award’s show goes to:

Rob Pattinson & his mouth & face & smile for this video:

(Earlier tonight, This video also won the award for “Most Appropriate music to listen to whilest looking at video of Rob Pattinson’s Smile”)

So while my fingers are still crossed (and now uncrossed as I revisit this post at 12 am after the show & after the “big surprise” Summit promised which was funny but not “big” and they didn’t lie- you were not there) that you’ll show, at least reminiscing about your many wonderful red carpet experiences of the past is pretty fun too.

One day we’ll have another RObcars moment together,


What award did I miss giving out to Rob? Did you watch the show last night? What did you think of the Eclipse- auto tuned segment?

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