Rob Porn Friday (I even wrote a song!)

Dear Rob,

This week has been the week of Kristen. You know her right? I mean, OBVIOUSLY you know her! She’s dating an Englishman and you know a couple of those (ps our new favorite twitter account)

But anyway- she’s had like 12 photoshoots (okay 2) and interviews that were released & I guess it’s because next month is the month of #TheBeginningOfTheEnd but I’m wondering…. what about YOU? Why weren’t YOU on GQ this month? and even GLAMOUR? If Glamour wants to gain more readers, skip a month of showing off pretty skinny model or actress and throw YOU on the front next to a caption that says “101 ways to please him down THERE”

Anyway, I’m guessing we’ll have plenty of covershoots of you to look forward to over the next month+, and I can’t wait. But that doesn’t help me today. And Today is Friday Friday… and so I wrote a little song:

Friday Friday
Gotta have Rob-Porn Fridays
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday Friday
Love my Rob-Porn Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend

Partying Parting (yeah!)

I think it’s gonna be a hit. I’m gonna do a video & everything. With Rob Cardboard cut-outs. It’s gonna go viral (it probably would, actually… idea for the “great ideas” notepad…)

So without any new photoshoots to use for Rob-Porn Friday, I chose some images I haven’t seen or used much before (Mostly because I think they’re all manipulations, but whatever.) A few are even from some Rob porn tumblr which further proves we should have copyrighted the term “Rob Porn” LONG ago!

Try try as hard as I may, I can never be as good as the original From F*ckYeahRyanGosling! I mean FOR REAL?? Brilliant!

Happy Friday, Friday!


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