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dvdcoverDear LTR/LTT Gals-

So we know all about the DVD preorders and what all those other stores are doing to celebrate in fact we’re in final countdown here including our OWN itinerary and tips for throwing a twi-party… but did you know WalMart is throwing their own Twilight release parties?! Well, they are so now you can celebrate with fellow Twi-hards, win contests, get your DVD AND buy toliet paper all at the same time! How thoughtful!

In honor of these fun parties, we’re giving away one of the Twilight Fun-Packs just like the one you COULD win if you go to a midnight release party, courtesy of Walmart! Now you know how we live to talk on these blogs… so in honor of our theme song video today, if you wanna win jump to the comments and share with us a song that makes you think of Twilight (doesn’t need to be on the Soundtrack) and YOU COULD WIN! We’ll announce a winner Tuesday.

Good luck and get to commenting!

themoonisdown and unintendedchoice

PS *EDIT- Put your entry in this contest post. Winner will be chosen randomly by a very official random picker thingy!*

Check out more at Walmart

Updated 3/18: Contest OVER. Thanks to EVERYONE who played and congrats to Brair Rose who was our randomly chosen winner! The song that makes her think of Twilight was Obsession by Animotion

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The one where Heather meets Rob

Dear Rob,

I often think about how I will meet you someday. I’ve even starting compiling a list of what TO DO and what NOT to do on that magical day (for example, I will not mention Twilight even once nor the fact that I run a blog about you. That will be my little secret. But I will ask for a cigarette and then we will smoke together)

For the past few weeks Moon & I have had 3 virtually “unseen” pictures of you on our computers-we’ve hoarded them like they were the crown jewels or something- only showing them to the friends we love best. We felt pretty special that they were sent to us- one of our wonderful readers, Heather, sent us her first-hand account of meeting you (AND WE ARE SO JEALOUS) and the pictures along with it. She has graciously agreed for us to share her story on the blog, and we have begrudgingly agreed to allow other people access to these pictures, although now we’ll feel much less special.

Can’t wait until I have my very own pictures of you and I to hoard,
UnintendedChoice xo

My story of how I met Robert Pattinson

I was online browsing various sites for Twilight news, and I saw a contest on Ryan Seacrest’s website to win a trip to L.A. for the Twilight premiere. The contest was scheduled to end on Friday November 14th and it was Thursday November 13th. I decided what the heck. Why not enter it, knowing full and well that I wouldn’t win it. I never win anything.

So I filled out the form and submitted it. I have a horrible internet connection and had to fill out and submit the form several times before it finally went through. (Thank God I am persistent) I get up on Friday and go about my day as usual. I am on the computer browsing again when my cell phone starts ringing. It says “Restricted”. I usually ignore those numbers but something told me to answer it. When I did, a voice comes on the line and I immediately recognize it. It is Ryan Seacrest! I knew why he was calling. He told me I won the contest and would be flying out on Sunday to L.A. (I am from NC and have never flown before then.)

So we fly out to L.A. and stay at the Hotel Angeleno. In the hotel elevator I meet several girls who are there for a TwiCon event at a bookstore in L.A.

On Monday night we are driven to the Twilight premiere. (insert note from UnintendedChoice- the PREMIERE! OMG! You could have stopped there and the story would have been amazing- but NO.. it has to go and get even better!) My husband and I get out of our car, and I just stand there taking it all in. I turn around to see who was in the car behind us and it is Jackson Rathbone.

While waiting in line to get into the theater I spot Peter Facinelli and his wife Jenni Garth. We are rushed into the theater to wait for the movie to start. I began to hear all sorts of yelling outside and immediately know why- Rob has arrived. They won’t let us leave the theater to go back outside, though. There were several people upset by this, but I just kept thinking “Wednesday morning you will get to meet him one-on-one. It will be OK.” So we watch the movie, which was amazing to see with so many Twilight fans. They all ooohd and ahhhhd at the right moments and were quiet at the right times.

Then Wednesday morning comes: I wake up early and turn on the hotel radio and listen to Ryan’s show while getting ready. I was so nervous. The driver comes and picks us up and takes us to the studios. I get out and see lots of girls lined up outside. As the guards lead us in I immediately began to feel eyes boring into me. We go inside and wait for Rob to arrive. Ryan comes out and takes a few minutes to talk to me and my husband and we get a few pictures. Rob has to do his interview with Ryan before I get to meet him. All of the sudden there is alot of commotion, and I see several people walk by near me and then……Robert Pattinson.


Two things: The beanie *swoon* and check out the size of his hands!

I almost beat the crap out of my husband’s arms. He forgot to turn the camera on and missed that pic opportunity. (note from UC- immediately fire your husband, thanks) Well, then we had a chance to listen to his interview with Ryan. So then, I know it is over. He is coming to meet me. When I see him round that corner and he starts walking toward me, I felt a little like Bella Swan, I totally forgot to breathe and almost fainted. LOL. I was shaking. I say Hello to him, and he shook my hand.

The first thing he said to me was “Are you English?” I guess I must have said Hello in a weird way or accent. I say no and he laughs. He takes a picture with me and has his arm around me. (God Bless my husband for being so understanding of my fangirliness) He then asks me how long I have been a fan of Twilight. He asks me what all I had done in L.A. so far. 


Okay this is too freakin' adorable. I hate and love you all at the same time, Heather

I told him that we went to the premiere and he asked me how I like it. I told him that I loved it and he told me that he didn’t even stay at the premiere to watch it and that he hates watching himself. (note from UC- wow! I didn’t know you were ‘allowed’ to leave your own premiere!) (During this whole conversation he is leaning on the table and listening intently) 

I hand him my books asking him to sign them. I beging to panic realizing I don’t have a pen and being asking anyone in the room if they have a pen. “Pen Pen anyone have a pen?” I then hear laughing coming from Rob and he begins to mock my Southern Accent in a high pitch voice saying “Pen, Pen, Pen” and laughing. It was wonderful. <3 So he signs my books. He really looks like he doesn’t want to leave but he is flying out of L.A. to New York because the next morning he is scheduled to be on the Today Show. He then tells me goodbye and says I would tell you to enjoy the movie but since you have already seen it I won’t, all the while smiling that wonderful smile. I tell him that I plan on seeing it more and he laughs.

And then Rob & I went into Ryan Seacrest’s office where, with one quick swipe of his hand, he cleared off from his desk all the pictures of Ryan and celebrities he thinks he’s friends with but who hate him in actuality and threw me down on it- having his way with me with his lips. Er.. sorry. That wasn’t part of Heather’s story. That was part of MY fantasy of meeting Rob at the Ryan Seacrest show (my fantasy ends with both of us punching Ryan in the face)

Thanks Heather!!!


Did Rob go to the Tantopia?


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And the winners are…

Dear LTT/LTR Gals (and lost dudes)-

You all are the most creative, talented, generous and awesome-est people we know! UC and I have been blown away by the entries to our lil Twi-alentine’s contest. When we had the idea originally we had no clue what people would enter, if anything! But now all we can say is “WOW” because you all did NOT disappoint. After the contest closed UC and I met at Rob’s place behind closed doors  and had a jello wrestling match super top secret meeting to decide the winners. It was a tough job but someone had to do it!  So without further adieu the WINNERS!!!!!

Poems – write us your best “Roses are red…” Twilight related poem

01 all Twilight series characters
Winner:  Paige and Christina

Poem from KStew to her weed
Roses are red,
you are my green.
When I don’t smoke you,
I get bitchy and mean.

In the morning,
when I wake.
I fill my bowl,
and a hit I take.
Oregano and I sit,
on the steps outside.
We smoke until,
we are flying high.

I love you like,
girls love RPattz.
And even a little more,
than my own cats.

People tell me that,
I really should stop.
When they say this,
I tell them to stfu !

02 Rob
Winner: FutureMrsP

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Everyone at letters to Rob
Wants to spend V-day with you
We will leave our husbands
And our children too
Just to spend one night with you
It’s really not a lot to ask
We will make worth your while
Trying out new things
That is guaranteed to make you smile
So whether you want naughty, nice
Or even lots of spice
We promise to make it
The best day of your life

03. Misc. (Stephenie, Forks, fangirls, whatever your heart desires)
Winner: Melissa

Of course it wasn’t a roofie
that I slipped into your drink…
You’re right it’s getting hot in here,
too hot for that flannel, dont ya think?

While you’re at it lose the beanie
and I’ll help you with those shoes..
Put on your fave Morrissey album
and I’ll get you some more booze.

Better take off those dirty jeans,
& oh, those boxers are the bomb!
Yeah I’ll undo those handcuffs, Rob,
first just let me phone my Mom..

Hey while I’m at it let me log on..
Oh, Spunk Ransom, you’re the best!
Gotta check ‘Letters to Rob’
and send this into the contest!

(moon note: you had me at Morrissey!)

– design a Twi-alentine Day’s card. It can be digital, photoshop, scrap, stamped, whatever you want.

01 all Twilight characters(bella to edward, you to jacob, whatever)
Winner: Julie @starsfallcreations
Bella and Edward

clicky to enlarge

clicky to enlarge

02 Rob
Winner: Amber

clicky to enlarge

clicky to enlarge

03. Misc. (skies the limit, anything Twilight related)
Winner: Rhojo
Volturi and Rob

clicky to enlarge

clicky to enlarge

Rad, aren’t they!? Now let’s give all the winners and entrants a HUGE round of applause! Seriously there were so many great entries it was a very difficult decision… so much so that next week we’re going to feature “The Best of the Rest!” and show off everyone’s creativity.

To the winners: we will use a random picker thingy (technical name) on the interwebs to choose which awesome prize you’ll receive and we will contact you via email to set up prize delivery! Go check out a sample of the SUPER DEE DOOPER prizes that have been donated!

Congratulations winners!
Themoonisdown & Unintendedchoice

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Twi-alentine's Day Contest Prizes!

Dearest LTR/LTT readers-

And you thought you weren’t going to enter our totally rad Twi-alentine’s Day contest?! Not after you see the amazing prizes we’ve rustled up!

You know we have the cutest, smartest, most talented and most creative readers here at LTR and LTT, and some of them have been so kind to offer up some of their amazing handiwork for our little contest to reward YOUR creativity! Feast your eyes on the beautiful, funny and MUST HAVE prizes for the winners…

A stunning stamped silver jewelry piece from the talented Jen @ Shinebeads (her Etsy store) WANT! Talk about classy Twilight inspired jewelry!

Edward and Bella keychain inscribed with Edward’s note to Bella “Be Safe.” Perfect for all those lead foots and/or Cullen family members! Made by Wendy @ Couple More Hours/ Wendy’s Etsy Hey, Twi-merch folks, are you taking notes?

From the very sassy Sass: a Cullen Family crest shirt to add to your smashin’ fashion! Aaaaand an Edward action figure for all your “Ming” reading needs! What more do you need in your life? Now you can send us Where in the world is YOUR Edward! (and Sass we perused the ENTIRE world wide web to try to find if you had a blog or website we could send your fans too- All we found was a campaign contribution from 2004 (we are awesome stalkers). Let us know if you have a blog addy!)

The “Teeny Bopper” care package courtesy of us LTT/LTR girls! An “M” magazine complete with post-it note comments from me (moon), Twilight trading cards, Twilight buttons, Lisa Frank UNICORN stationary to write you very own Letters on and an Edward/Rob journal to write all your deepest darkest Rob related secrets! Seriously, wait till you see the posters in this mag! HA!

All this and MORE!!!!

Wow, I wish I could win! I’m gonna have to put some orders in with these talented girls because these make perfect gifts for all the Twilight gals in my life ME!

It’s not too late to enter!!! We’ll be accepting submissions up till Thursday, February 12th at 6PM PST. Now get to creating!

Read more info about our Twialentine’s Day contest!

HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks and gratitude and awe for all the wonderful gals who donated and created something special for YOU folks here at LTR and LTT. Give them a e-round of applause!

Get creative,

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Creativity is Love – Twi-alentine's Day Contest!

Dearest LTT/LTR reader-

Ed’s eyes are gold
Emmett is strong
Write a cute poem
and win Kristen’s bong

Ok, so yours is going to be much much better than mine, but you get the idea! We’re hosting a Twi-alentine’s Day contest! And in the spirit of Bella we want to see your best HOMEMADE Valentine poems and cards! So there are two ways enter this…

01. Poem – just like the one I wrote above, write us your best “Roses are red…” Twilight related poem. The catagories for poems include:

– all Twilight series characters (Edward, Bella, Eric Yorkie, whoever)
– Rob (we do run LTR after all)
– Misc. (Stephenie, Forks, fangirls, whatever your heart desires)

02. Cards – design a Twi-alentine Day’s card. It can be digital, photoshop, scrap, stamped, whatever you want. Upload a copy of it and send us a link to your creation. Catagories for card designs include:

– all Twilight characters (bella to edward, you to jacob, whatever)
– Rob (duh)
– Misc. (skies the limit, anything Twilight related)

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Get creative
and this could be you…

Feel the love!

Feel the love!

The deets: you have till Thursday, February 12th at 6PST to email us (make sure the subject line is “Twi-alentine’s Contest!) your very best Twi-alentine’s! UnintendedChoice and I will then burn the midnight oil deliberating (or mud wrestling) over who will win in each catagory. And guess what! This time we’re going to have ACTUAL prizes… REAL not fake orgies! UC and I will be figuring those out in the next few days and announce them here but they’ll be GOOD, trust! And to that end, if you’ve got Twilight related stuff you wanna donate to the cause, we’re looking for additional prizes. We will sing your praises and pimp any sites you have if you donate. email us!

Now time to get creative!

Moon and UC

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