One picture, two takes



Take One – themoonisdown:

Dear Uncle Rob-

Mom says I’ll look back on this day and remember it as the day I got to spend New Years Eve 2009 with my family in the pub for the first time, enjoying what the holidays are really about: family.

But mostly I think I’ll remember it as the night you puked on my shoes in the alley.

Your nephew

PS you owe me new trainers. thanks.

Ooh that tickles!

Ooh, that tickles!

Take Two- UnintendedChoice:

Dear Rob,

Couple things came to mind when I saw your drunk pics from New Years: (scatch that, I really only thought of one thing)

  1. How does that beard work when you go ‘muff diving?’ Is it scratchy? Can I try…? Did I just say that? On the internet? For the public to read?

Me xo

Pictures from some random girl on Facebook via Spunk-ransom

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South Barnes Police Dept. to the rescue- FOUND ROB

Dear Rob,

I see you were spotted by this girl:


Also, I apologize on behalf of the chick in this picture. I know you just wanted to be all in the pub, drinking, smoking, and wishing you were with cool people- like me, theMoonisDown & Leigh Anne from Lulaville who gets the biggest XOXO from me for taking me away from all the hot tub marketing I was involved in and bringing this to my attention. (also, I want you to know I was lonely here on the east coast- the only one in the WORLD working on MLK’s bday- usually by now theMoonisDown is up and talking to me on IM while at work- but she’s off today 🙁 boo… HOWEVER… I texted her the news that you were found and that got her ass out of bed! So yay! Thanks for being found b/c now I have a friend to chat with online!)

Glad you’re safe! Party it up!

Me (UnintendedChoice)

Source (as if it wasn’t obvious from the tag ruining the bottom half of Rob’s face- thanks Perez)

UPDATE: Mrs. P was SO kind as to crop out that girl for us so we could better envision ourselves next to him!


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