#DiorRob is here and we broke it down…

Dear Rob,

We saw #DiorRob was Trending on Twitter the other day and thought two things:

1. WTF is #DiorRob

2. Whatever it is we have to Break it Down, Vanity Fair Style

So we did. Over on That’s Normal, of course.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Dior Rob That's Normal

Bekah: So I legit have no idea what you’re talking about. Is Rob the face of Dior…. cologne? women’s perfume? Clothing? Underwear? Are they starting a condom line?

Nikki: Apparently. Maybe Dior’s janitor clothing line? Fragrances for those who shower every other week and like the smell of warm trash?


Nikki: SOOOO Yes, I think like 10 years ago Dior decided to make Rob the new face of their fragrances or whatever they’re hocking. According to the twitters and Rob fans it’s been a long time and it’s FINALLY OUT.

Bekah: Good timing Dior.. AFTER the Twilight craze.

Nikki: Right, nothing like being AHEAD of the trends. #Fashion101

Nikki: SO of course since it was trending it was like the old Rob bat signal was shining in the sky (looks like: Oscar the Grouch in a trashcan with a baseball hat on backwards)

Bekah: You did what any normal person would do. You went to Robsessed. to find out what was going on

There’s much more where that came from. Read the whole Break down on That’s Normal

Miss you, Rob!


UC & Moon


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What would Rob do? Go to Thats-normal.com that’s what!

Hey Rob,

I KNOW. It’s been so long. Don’t remind me. We miss you- we really do. It turns out, We just can’t quit you.

That's Normal

Okay we’re not exactly back, but we are over here on LTR today to convince you to join us over at That’s Normal. While we haven’t found any guys to occupy 3.5 years of our thoughts like you did, we have found a lot of stuff to keep us busy on TN. Here are a few things we think you might like:

That’s Normal coverage of The Host

The Host MovieWe also think you might want to check out our coverage of Stephenie Meyer’s latest book-to-film adaptation: The Host.

And because it wouldn’t be right to have a Stephenie Meyer film without smoking’ dudes:

Keep checking back because: (hint hint) there’s a Host contest coming soon!

Pre-order Breaking Dawn Part 2

breaking dawn part 2 dvdOh yeah, there still is ONE DVD to be released! Target has a deal that if you pre-order the DVD you get a FREE Breaking Dawn Part 2 poster. You know you’re buying the DVD. You might as well add another piece of Twilight paraphernalia to your Twilight closet of shame, right? I mean.. this could very well be your LAST TWILIGHT MERCH ever. SNIFF

Pre-Order the Target Exclusive THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2 and Get a Free Movie Poster



We miss you, Rob. Please come join us on That’s Normal so we can continue having all the fun we started over here!

UC & Moon

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The Good Ol’ Days of Rob Pattinson

Dear Rob,

Where have I been, you ask? You might think I’ve been hiding in a hole distraught over the news that you MAY have REUNITED with you know who. But in reality, I could care less and it bores me so much to even think about the topic so that is the extent of what we’ll discuss about it. Do what you gotta do. But I Katy Perry would have been fun for a little while.

What I HAVE been doing, though, is getting kinda reminiscent. Call it old age (don’t call it that); call it the realization that The Twilight End Is Coming (wahhh), but I’ve been scouring the LTR archives remembering back to the days when you were SO MUCH FUN. Here are a few things I’ve found:

I really miss MySpace Gangsta Rob

Click for ultimate LOLs

who was the first Rob we featured in our series “What if Rob wasn’t famous.” You were inspired by a cousin of mine whose Facebook profile doesn’t look much better than your MySpace Page

And where did hott butt from behind Rob go?

(Is it me or did you gain a few in the backside?) This could also be called “Almost growing a fishtail-Rob”

And how fun was that time we lost you in 2009 & vickyb put your picture on a milk carton?

And I MISS DRUNK ROB. Especially when you look like a wedding crasher

(The caption on that photo was: “This is what Rob looks like when TomStu leaves him alone with a Nana” I bet that was funny back in ’09!)

And what about all the fun we had when you looked like you were a guy who delivered the best nachos of all time:

The Nacho Man edition

And remember when WE ARE THE ROB worked & actually brought PEACE to the fandom for like a whole 20 minutes!?

And remember back when Pattinson Pants lady used to exist & comment?

(I sure hope those pants still exist- DO YOU THINK SHE’LL BE IN LA IN NOVEMBER!? That would be a FABULOUS end to a crazy 4 years. Especially if she lets me try on the pants)

And of course who could forget Rob as a Trucker

Click to Re-read. You won’t regret it!

That one time where I ACTUALLY created a real profile on Trucker Passions.com with the headline “My rig is big”

Sigh.. it’s been so long I even miss Gold Chain Rob

From the one where talked about all the Rob Dealbreakers we have

AND GUYS: We know how I feel about GQ Rob!

I’ve begged & prayed & waited but NOTHING comes close to this photoshoot for me!

Oh Rob.. what am I going to have to do to have that much fun again? Imagine another “What if he wasn’t famous…” But this time you’re a server at Downton Abbey (hmmm… good excuse to google more pictures of Matthew/Dan Stevens…..)


What pictures/moments/Old Robs do you miss about ROB?


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Letter to Rob about the Photo where he looks like he climbed out of a grave

Dear Rob,

First time, long time (lolz), so I’ve been a fan since before the movies came out (a hipster twilight fan if you may) and it used to be that every morning I would sign into my computer at work and then SCOUR the interwebs for any news on Twilight and you. I would then compile said info and forward it to 4 or 5 other obsessed friends because obviously I have no life. [UC Note: nope. That’s Normal. I miss those days]

As the years passed, I lost a bit of interest. More websites started to pop up and it began to get really difficult hitting EVERY site at work to get my Rob fix (mo money mo problems yo) , so I just had to quit this addiction. I knew the info would find me if it was big enough. The movies came out, my hope for Midnight Sun faded into almost non-existence and Robsten became sort of a reality.

Today, I was reading some of my celebrity blogs and it said something like “Kristen’s really blowing the BD2 premier planning” and I Google image searched “Rob and Kristen” to see if I could catch an updated glimpse of either of you. Have you googled yourself lately?!? There are LOTs of photos of you, but the ONE I had buried deep in my memory, the one that stopped me in my mouse tracks, was this f*cking trainwreck of a photo:

And I cackled. Oh did I cackle, LOUD. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about this shoot! With THE HAND. Holy shit I was horrified, as were the rest of the fandom. There were comments thrown about that you looked like you crawled out of a grave. I also remember how I couldn’t stop staring at your chest all pale and sorta Burt Reynolds-y. It was the first time we were given what could have been such a great gift. (As I am writing this and sneaking peeks at this photo, I just can’t stop laughing.) But it was done so so so wrong. Ugh, the hair (wow that hair, Donald Trump is envious, it’s feathered and stupid, with BANGS), and the lipstick, and the dirty shirt, and THE HAND.

Looking back through all these photos though, it shows how far Twilight has come. Looking at all the various other photos just on the first page alone, (if you can get past some really bad man-nips that make you look like your neck is broken) you can see such a change in all of your faces. You were just kids when you started this and now years later, you are finishing the saga and probably happy to close this chapter in your life and NOW you have a real life break up to go through. (I couldn’t listen to Mazzy Star for YEARS without thinking of an ex boyfriend, I can’t imagine PLAYING a character that people LOVE (areobsessedwith) and EVER being able to WANT to relive any of it now there such a bad breakup involved). However, time passes and eventually you start thinking about Fade Into You and how you really liked it, and well my point is, this too shall pass. My advice: Put all your mementos in a cigar box and hide it under your bed or closet for a few years. When you are ready, pull it out and go through it, while you are at it, check out the Google images of yourself and watch the box set of the Twilight Saga too.




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Rob Pattinson and Katy Perry? We’d ship that

Dear Rob,

So I was talking to Brookelockart yesterday [Wait Hold the phone: You think I’m in a fight with Moon, don’t you? Since I’m spending more internet time with Brooke? I’m not. But I am in a fight with her job]

Moving on, Brookelockart & I were discussing this latest piece in Lainey Gossip about how Katy Perry wants to jump your bones.

It’s Gossip. So let’s take it with a grain of salt. But also, we’ve been hearing “Gossip” for YEARS that Katy wants to jump your bones, so can we say that maybe it is sorta somewhat maybe possibly true?

Either way, we both decided that if you and Katy decided to become a “thing” we’d TOTALLY ship it. So here are 10 reasons why you dating Katy would be good for you & us:

Cause if you dated this wouldn’t be the ONLY image available if you google “Rob Pattinson and Katy Perry”

1) She has Boobs & you like boobs

2) Katy’s bubbly personality will definitely cheer you up.

3) It would be FUN. Not serious. No one needs serious. You need FUN

4) What guy doesn’t want to bang her in her California Girls get up

5) Katy knows Snoop dog. And no doubt has access to really quality weed

6) Katy would actually like to be seen with you in public

8) And you’ll feel like a sexual superstar when fireworks shoot out of her boobs

9) Since Katy is obsessed with you, there will be an EPIC sad love ballad penned after you get bored and end it (a la Thinking of You)

10) Your dating Katy may stop all the robsten shippers from harrassing anyone slightly related to Rob or Kristen

Can we start trending #robstenisbroken #RobKatishot yet??

UnintendedChoice & Brookelockart

What do you think? Could Rob use a little Katy fun in his life?

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