Can Rob really pull of Jacob Jankowski?

We’ve had this letter sitting in our inbox for quite some time & I thought it was high-time to have this discussion. We didn’t talk about Water for Elephants TOO much during all the filming because Moon hadn’t finished the book yet. Then she did and well…. the time had passed. But while Rob is in hiding, perhaps taking boating lessons, perhaps questioning along with the rest of us why Taylor is going to the Brazil filming with Kristen & him, let’s revisit that movie he just finished filming & see if Ashley is alone in her thoughts!

Dear Movie Makers & LTRers,

I am addicted to reading. (Which is maybe a little more than half because of Twilight. Partly why they will always be my favorite books) Do they have like AA meetings for that, but like… not AA? More like… RA? I need to join one of those support groups before I run my family out of money with all my book buying. (I don’t like libraries much. I mean I love libraries, I just don’t usually like any of the books there- I like bookstores with shiny new books 😀 ) Anyways, (I also have A.D.D and get off-track easily)

I read Water For Elephants, and I love the book. I think it’s one of my favorites. And well, Robert Pattinson has been transformed into Jacob Jankowski. I know that everybody loves him and everything, and he’s a good actor and stuff, buuuuuttt I’m not sure if he was the BEST choice…. (please don’t kill me.. *duck & cover*)

I’ll definitely still see it (which is probably part of the reason they cast him) and I’ll still probably like it a lot, but I can’t help wondering if throughout the whole movie I’ll just be thinking… “Thaaaaat’s Robert Pattinson…” I’m afraid I won’t be able to get into the movie like I did with the book…

Well this is a dashing picture! Oh my gosh, its Jacob Jankowski with Robert Pattinson's face! What is this, some weird crazy dream?

I think it would have been better to cast someone who is a good actor but not exactly AS well known as Rob. It’s possible Rob could pull it off. Although he’d have to be very talented. And I’m not so sure of yet (*duck & cover again* but I’m still open! This movie will probably make up my mind) And I think the costume designers are super good. From the set pictures, if you don’t look at his face you’re like “Holy molestation mostaccioli! It’s really Jacob!” and then you look at his face and you’re like “Oh, it’s Robert Pattinson…” (I spelled mostaccioli wrong and my computer underlined it and I right-clicked to see if the right spelling was there, and one of the words was molestation. I laughed… very random word, not that much in common with ‘mostaccioli’…
A.D.D’s actin’ up again. Gosh. I’m bad at this)

Oh yeah, and why has no one discussed how weird it is that in Twilight Taylor plays Jacob and in this movie Rob plays a Jacob? hmmm… name confusion…
There should be like T-shirts that read, “TEAM JACOB – Water-for-Elephants-Jacob, not Twilight-Saga-Jacob… for The Twilight Saga I’m Team Edward, but really it’s the same thing because Edward from Twilight and Jacob from Water For Elephants are the same person.” I guess this shirt should just say TEAM ROB……. ??”

I’m Team Twilight-Saga-Jacob, and Team Water-For-Elephants-Book-Not-Movie-Jacob (I don’t think Rob Pattz is attractive *hides under couch*) …and Team The-Host-Ian-O’Shea, but that’s super off topic.

G’bye now,

ADD or not- Ashley might have voiced some fears that others have. In fact, while we’re admitting things- “I’m Team Edward from Twilight, Team Jacob from Water for Elephants Book plus Team Rob always but I’m not convinced he’ll pull off Jacob either.” And let me preface that- I read Water for Elephants before it was announced that Rob picked up the project (but we already knew- it wasn’t a coincidence!!!) so I had no set pictures or ideas of Rob playing Jacob clouding my mind. Maybe he’ll rule it- but when I read that book, I did not think “Rob” when considering the character of Jacob. Are Ashley & I alone?? Andddd…. GO!

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