Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure – Baywatch Edition

Dear Edward-

Last weekend when the Moon family came to visit LA it was awesome that you threw caution to the wind and joined us in Malibu at Paradise Cove for brunch and a day on the beach in bright sunlight. You are so cavalier in your love for me! You even braved the water though you’re only a couple inches tall and those waves got a bit unruly and almost took you out!

After Brunch it was time to hit the sand and head straight for the surf

You were a sport and laid out with me even though you can’t tan

Then it was time to build a sand castle… it was obvious you studied architecture at some point

Then for the heck of it you decided to scale the side of the castle

We were having so much fun even BrotherMoon got in on the act

After that we decided to take a romantic stroll to the pier

You found a shell and (barely) held on to it for me

and then the unthinkable happened: a HUGE (mini edward sized) wave came up right as I was taking this pic and swept you away. Thank goodness Lilcrazycow was there to save your life (and this reoccurring blog post) because we all would have mourned your loss forever

That was such an ordeal we decided to take a breather on some beach chairs

and Lilcrazycow knew this was a Kodak moment she needed to capture before it was time to leave

Before you could get back in the car I made you (and Mommoon) wash all the sand off

It was time to leave and you couldn’t decide whether to take the motorcycles…

or the porsche. You choose the Porsche. Wise decision.


Location: Paradise Cove – Malibu, California

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Rob really was found this time. And some dude wore suspenders

Unless you live in a silver Volvo parked deep in the woods of Forks, WA, we guess you’ve seen or heard that Rob was spotted twice this past weekend. We received letters from Mrs. P and thefutureMrs.P on the same day about this latest piece of news. That seemed like a coincidence, so we decided to throw the letters up here for your enjoyment. Xo

Invite says cocktail attair? Rob says "F that, I'm wearing a blue shirt with a black coat, my Nike kicks and a beanie. Suck it Vogue."

Invite says cocktail attire? Rob says “F that, I’m wearing a blue shirt with a black coat, my Nike kicks & a beanie. Suck it Vogue.”

Dear Rob,
So glad that you’ve finally made it out of hiding.  I can’t believe how long it’s been (actually it’s been 6weeks  5days  12hours and 15minutes if you want to be precise).  I’ve gotta say, you had me scared.  There have been so many rumors swirling around about you being with some skank pretty brunette or of being in Brazil, or Mexico, New York or Vancouver. I can’t keep up with all the craziness!! It’s so good to be able to finally put all the rumors to rest (except for the brunette…come on you can tell me…I can keep a secret…).

I’m happy knowing that you are still at home resting up, relaxing and mentally preparing for New Moon which starts shooting in a few weeks (You are preparing right? because you will be working beside a depressed sourpuss, and we know that is totally her bag!)  Looks like your hair will be back to “Edwardian Perfection” in time, so no worries there!
Anywho, I just wanted to write, and say it’s SOOOOO good to see you .
(you have no idea!!)

Loves me,
Mrs. P. (as if you didn’t know)

Dear Rob,

Today I started going through the oodles of Google alerts I had and thank heavens! It was a relief to find out you spent the night in London being chased by prostitutes fans. (Hey- the look on your face says you were thinking the same thing!)

Good thing you had your bodyguard with you (who is that chick, really?) Anyhow, maybe it is time to come home. And by home I mean my house.




Mrs. P is back and raggin’ on Rob’s friends after the jump


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