Monday Funnies: Rob Pattinson or….

Dear Rob,

I’ve made it quite known over the years that I don’t need you to be a clean-cut, perfectly dressed example for male cleanliness & high-fashion (although I wouldn’t mind if you went through a Don Draper phase- just putting it out there)- I like you the way you are- flaws & all. What might bother some girls- the musty smell like a box buried deep in the back of a closet at the Salvation Army, or the slightly crusty, dried yellowy-orange spot on your pants from when you wiped the processed cheese from the hot pocket off your hands, adds to your charm.

I even drew a little picture to show you what I think your now oh-so-famous “Rob Pattinson look” means:

But last week I was perusing the interwebs and on my new favorite satirical Christian website,, found something awfully similar:

And I’m not sure….. what is it Rob? Your own personal “look” that sets you apart? Or just the costume of your every-day chronic masterbator?

Pondering the important stuff,

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