A snowy stroll with the Dadcase


I’ve got a special surprise here for you in the front pocket of my dadcase

Dear Rob-

While we were busy TRYING to migrate servers, you were busy looking loverly in the snow with your dad-like briefcase, which I will now refer to as the “Dadcase,” while wearing your ONE jacket. It got me thinking, what in the world could you possibly be lugging around all over Vancouver in the Dadcase? Seriously, you’re like weighted down with some heavy machinery or something with that thing. You look like a homeless businessman trying to find an open cubicle to plug in to. Oh the possibilities of the Dadcase contents:

-Oldest IBM laptop that weighs 20lbs and has an amber screen
-Brick cell phone
-copies of How to Win Friends and Influence People and your old standby: 7 habits of Highly Effective People
-Agenda for your next Toastmasters seminar

and of course:

– a printed and hand-bound copy of all our letters to you. You treasure each one and read it over black coffee with two sugars in your cubicle while booting up MS DOS and Lotus Notes.

Have a great day at work honey!

PS i love it when you do this wet hair look… please more!

See more pics here

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Feel the Burn!

Dear Rob-

These pictures of you post workout came out today and it left me wondering a few things…

-did you get self conscious in Japan being around buff Taylor so you thought you needed to step up your workout game a little? More leg presses less pints… and repeat

-do you workout in those doc martens? what about arch support?

-actually do you workout in that entire get up? cause i’d LOVE to see the faces of the hollywood gym rats as you pump iron in your best johnny-cash-man-in-black get up

-was the workout really strenuous? or did you take a shower there cause you’re totally glistening or is that just straight sweat, cause we all know you love the stench baby

-where are your sunglasses? it was bright in LA today. the ray bans my dear, the RAY BANS. Here’s a hint from a sunshine native: keep a spare pair in the car!

so in my imagination i see you working out with “let’s get physical” playing in the background… ok well maybe that’s just my weird twisted fantasy, but I’ve decided to put together a little workout playlist for your ipod.You can thank me after you get home. In fact why don’t you share it with all the muscleheads and make some friends…

Lets get physical – Olivia newton John
Baby Workout – Jackie Wilson (for my pal LA)
Gonna make you sweat – C&C Music Factory (gonna make you sweat till you bleed!)
Sexyback – JT (uh let’s face it, you’re defs bringing it back)
Too Sexy – Right Said Fred

Ok so this will get you through about a 14 minute workout but I don’t think you really have the attention span for longer than that cause you seem the type to get bored and go out for a drink and cig instead.  I totes understand. If you do, shoot me a text and I’ll meet you.

Oh and i left you a spare key to my house in your pocket! see ya in a few!

Thanks to: Robsessed and Robert Pattinson Source

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Letter Dump

Dear Rob,

The time has come for yet another letter dump.  There’s been some talk in the comments of how you look so sad in all the paparazzi pics lately, and we’re all hoping that it’s nothing more than you missing me (yes, we are all hoping that). But in case it is something more and you’ve been a little down in the dumps lately, these wonderful letters are sure to cheer you up. (Stop that- the real reason for the letters is not because it’s after midnight and I have no content for tomorrow’s post.)

Cheer up,
UnintendedChoice xo

You kiss a boy…and I think I’m gonna like it

Dear Rob,

I'm gonna like this

I’m gonna like this

Before you landed in my marvelous state, we were kinda running on a dry-spell with you- no new news. I even resorted to watching the video of you leaving Il Sol with Katy (yucky) Perry. I know she kissed a girl, and yes we all know she liked it, but it also reminded me that you also have a new movie coming out soon. I have to admit I really want to see the part where you, as Salvador Dali, and Frederico Garcia Lorca are buck naked in the ocean. I hear you guys make out, Is it weird that I am gonna like it? Alot?
Love me, vickyb



I know what your thinking… your going to make my legs shake…

You look so confident, bring it on baby..

Dazzled Daily,


And she’s frugal
I think it’s complete rubbish that you think you aren’t that attractive. I mean, come on! Have you seen how many fan sites there are dedicated to you? Even if you don’t go online that much, your friends have to tease you about it. I mean, that’s what friends do. Couple that with the fact that every woman I know is hot for you. If you truly want to get laid all you have to do is ask any female over the age of 18 and you’ve got it. I personally would pay money to have sex with you, and I’m wicked frugal. I don’t pay for anything I don’t absolutely have to have.
Sincerely wishing you would drop that line,

Rob, you’re dirty

Dear Robster,

I love you like a fat girl loves cake, and I love me some cake.  Dirty hair, facial hair and chest hair are all good in my book, but those dirty blue jeans- I just have to say no.  I know you’re on the go, and obviously a washing machine is hard to come by, but you could store a washboard and soap in that black bag of yours that you tote.  I understand that a bath tub might be an odd thing for you, but it does have it’s use, I’d be happy to show you, how to wash of course…a bathtub, a washboard, and some soap will do your body…errr…clothes some good.  Now that you are back in the States, I anxiously await, to see photos of you..after using a bathtub, washboard, and soap.


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Hose 'em down

Dear LTR ladies,

In light of the recent surge of hormone-driven posts, we’d like to keep it real and bring ol’ Rob’s ego back down to earth.

We present you… the worst pics of Rob we could find:


He gets drunk


He takes pictures like this


He wears bows


He looks like an Icelandic pop-star


He loves to bite himself


He gets drunk

mtv movie awards 10 020608

He looks like a villain from a fairytale

He sweats

He sweats

He looks dead

He looks dead

He resembles your creepy uncle

He resembles your creepy uncle

He's the guy your creepy uncle brings to Thanksgiving dinner

He's the guy your creepy uncle brings to Thanksgiving dinner

He gets drunk

He gets drunk

Down, Girl, Down!

us xo

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Rob's mailbox is overflowing

Apology time: we’ve gotten TONS TONS and TONS of “Fan letters” for Rob lately (thanks to everyone xo!) and just haven’t had time to post them.  Last night, theMoonisDown and I got together to read over all the letters. (by “got together” I mean chatted on AIM)  Then we (pretend) called Rob to read him the highlights.  He was (pretend) TICKLED with your letters and (pretend) begged us to share them with all his fans PRONTO.  And when Rob demands something, we do what he says. MmmHmm. 

Here are some teaser quotes that had us rollin’:

  • I am 27 – old enough to know better, young enough not to care.- Laura A.
  • IT‘s a sure thing  (I hope what your IT means is the same as what my IT means)- Vicky B.
  • There are no rehab centers for dazzle-abuse– H
  • This cougar will take GOOD care of you!- Amber
  • I’d stretch that shit out allll day- Anonymous

Rob is Ticklish

Hi Rob,

 Thanks for the song that you wrote… um, yeah, for me.


 I noticed that you giggled at 2:18 — Remember, that was after I tickled you. You’re so ticklish, Robbie…

<3 Laura

Yep, this thing, back in the U.S. NOW

Yep, this thing, back in the U.S. NOW

Get your ass back in the U.S.


Thanks to the stalking-enabler known as “The Internet,” I’ve fallen into a comfortable routine of checking my Google Alerts over coffee each morning to find how you spent the previous evening. Throughout the day, I can occasionally check on you to make sure you’re still looking fabulous and fully enjoying all that [life] has to offer.

Going out with the girls after work has given me a new kind of rush knowing there’s a chance you’ll breeze into my watering-hole of choice, leaving every female within a 100 ft. radius incapacitated. I’ll spend the whole night trying to find the balance between confidence-inducing-tipsy and speech-impediment-drunk so that when you do show up I can casually ask you to please let me be the ‘random chick’ and all the celeb blogs will point to as we’re seen stumbling out of the bar together at 2AM.

Rob… darling, enough is enough. It’s time to give the people what they want: you. [Come back to the U.S.] There are no rehab centers for dazzle-abuse. 

Love you, miss you, mean it!

– h

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