In the mind of UC

In the Mind of UC

Dear Rob,

Just when I think I’m over you….. You do this:

Get yourself a hot hipster haircut, rock that suit & take my breath away.

Supposedly this photoshoot is from “TV Week.” Which means nothing to me. Was that week when you only watched TV?

Apparently the first photos from this shoot came out in June

Oh yes- the Eminem photos. I remember now. Where have these outtakes been hiding?

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Rob Porn Friday

Dear Rob,

It’s Friday so I’m thinking about RobPorn, naturally. Do you remember when we started the RobPorn phenomenon? It was to be like the book “Porn for Women” with shirtless dudes ironing & stuff. It was you doing “hot” stuff around the house for us. It was soooooo innocent. And it’s been taken to a WHOLE other level. Some of it is funny, of course, and we’ve joined in on the pg-13 non-innocence time and again, but then there is the porn that is um.. wayyyy too far. You know what I mean: You going down on a girl. You showing pubic hair. Zooming in on actual pictures of your nether regions. (Perfect example: NSFW) We get it. You have a d*ck. You have sex. You possible know where to find the little man in the boat. I don’t actually need to see manips of it.

So I thought I’d google “RobPorn” to see what kind of gems there are out there. Turns out we’ve posted a ton! So today I’m re-posting some of my favorites, as well as a few non-LTR creations. Oh, and one new one for good measure:

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Rob Porn Friday: The movie edition

Dear Rob,

Over the months & years, Friday has unofficially become the day for Rob Porn. In case something happened between now and the last time we posted some RobPorn, here is a reminder as to what that is exactly. A long time ago we talked about that book everyone loves “Porn for women” where hot men do household chores like vacuum, dust & (wait for it) load the dishwasher.. ohhhh yeahhhh…We kinda mixed that idea with our favorite F*ck Yeah tumblr accout: F*ckYeahRyanGosling and wah-lah- Rob Porn for Women was born. What started as hot pictures of you with sayings that drive women wild- about cleaning, organizing & caring for the kids- has turned into that plus sexual innuendos, hot things we want you to say and sometimes just down right dirty. Ya know, depending on the mood.

Today the mood is “Movies” and @JodieO created a nice RobPorn Movie-themed spread for us. She’s also giving 10 points for anyone who can name all the quotes. Yes- let me repeat that- you could win 10 points from JodieO. Best Friday Ever, isn’t it!?

Enjoy today’s Rob Porn via our new geeky gallery!

UnintendedChoice (and JodieO- giver outter of points)

Miss Moon? Me too! Tell her what she’s missing: While Moon was Gone

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Dry Bones with Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob,

Today we’re going to have a sing-a-long. Do you remember that old children’s song “Dry Bones?” You know:

The toe bone connected to the heel bone,
The heel bone connected to the foot bone,
The foot bone connected to the leg bone….

etc. etc. etc? Well clear your voice, warm up your vocal chords- we’re going to have a Rob Pattinson Sing-A-Long directed by LTR fav friend Zephyersky! (And yes- LTR just got WAY hi-tech with a new image gallery. I even tested this on my cell phone so it SHOULD work for everyone! To participate, first click on the far left image and then SCROLL through the images by click each on the right- And Don’t forget.. you MUST sing along! If you don’t we’ll unleash the wrath of TammyO upon you)
(Start Here )

Hey- at least we didn’t end on “The happy trail connected to the cell-phone shaped “erection” that people spent hours gawking over trying to decide whether it was male genitalia or not- porn” (That was my suggestion)

Happy Singing’

How much do you hate me for getting that song stuck in your head all day? Sorry…

Thanks Zeph! XOXOXO

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Outtakes from Rob’s Poems

I’m calling today “Fun Rob Friday” and Cath & Draska lead us into the world of Rob’s poetry!

Dear Rob,

To say the very, very least, we were intrigued by your report that you engaged in writing some, shall we say, risqué poetry during the filming of “Remember Me.” To quote you,

“I remember writing all these kind of pornographic poems, whenever there was a close-up on it. Horrible, horrible things in bold capital letters.”

As naturally curious people and stalwart lovers of literature of all kinds, we wanted to have the opportunity to read and analyze these poems for ourselves. But alas, we are unaware of the distribution of said titillating poems and to paraphrase some of your dialogue from “Remember Me”, the tale of these poems is “just there to tease us.”

Rob, we know that you don’t know this but, we were able to locate some poem outtakes from the ‘Remember Me’ time frame and beyond! It may have had something to do with a non-LTR-traditional use of a dumpster. As with any photo shoot that you do, there are some gems in the outtakes. Luckily -or sadly, depending how you look at it- for us, these outtake poems do not violate any decency standards and will not cause, ahem, ‘problems’ for the LTR blog.

By the way, we don’t know how you would define ‘pornographic poems…..horrible, horrible things’. What does that mean? Someone drank your last Heineken or ate the last Hot Pocket? It can’t be that there are no clean clothes left. Perhaps Marks & Sparks sold out of your choice of underwear? What? What does that mean to you? Does it involve fan fiction? Inquiring minds want to know.

It is our fond hope that you’re continuing to immortalize your poetic efforts; we wait with bated breath to be able, one day, to treasure your all poems. Here are your outtakes. We will refrain from using ‘bold capital letters’ as too many shouty capitals give us all headaches. No offense to you, of course…


Feel your pockets
Spaghetti with sauce
Very hot
Wet Plaids


Dear Sky,
Rumpled sheets
Dark clouds
Thunder Rain Hail


Blinding lights
Rodeo Drive
Dark cul-de-sac
Salvation Army
Yellow Mustard
Or Khaki?


Faded soft
Worn design
Peek-a-boo skin
Hotel sewing kit or mom?

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