Found one thing you suck at…

Dear Rob,
Not sure how I missed this, but I found this vid of you attempting to play Rock Band before your interview with Ryan Seacrest. You’re aren’t so good, sorry.[youtube=]

I get this impression that you were deprived from toys and video games as a child. It’s kinda endearing. I think maybe your older sisters just made you play ‘dress-up’ with them and stuff.

Anyway, we didn’t get Rock Band yet here at the UnintendedChoice household, but I do kick ass at the singing and drums. I’m thinking, come over and bring a buddy to play drums (maybe Kellan?) and I’ll teach you to play the bass (we can practice on my body- ‘sex in the city” style) I’ll jump on the vox and we’ll invite themoonisdown to play guitar. It’ll rock- we’ll take it on the road.. we could tour with your buddy Sam Bradley
See ya soon!

PS: How was your Christmas? What did your sisters get you? No, I didn’t get my twi-calendar 🙁 I was bummed…

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