Letter from Rob

Dear UC & Moon,
This is me Robert Pattinson. You are my favorite fansite ever, and I don’t think it’s creepy at all that you write letters to me each & every day. I appreciate the lust that you and everyone on your site has for me and my body. Therefore, all your readers (and all their family members) should vote for you here: Dazzle Awards- Best Rob Fansite

Vote Now Biatches

Vote Now Biatches

I solomnly swear to become SadRob if you don't vote for LTR

I solomnly swear to become SadRob if you don't vote for LTR

Tell everyone to scroll down to “Best Rob Fan Site” and vote for you and only you. Let them know that if they vote for anyone else other than you, I will become SadRob and I know how SadRob breaks their heart(s). I’ve been pretty happy up here, hiding in a hole in Vancouver, so it would be pretty difficult to bring out SadRob, but I’d do it if your readers didn’t heed my words. Please don’t make me become SadRob. Pretty Please?

I also contacted my other girlfriend, Lauren, at Lauren’s Bite cuz she’s hot, and she’s been nominated for Top Female Blogger which, duh, she’ll win. But if your readers help her win, I promise to become HappyRob and sing everyone songs in French. If they are especially wonderful I may even give them the french style of kiss.

Did I delight you this Saturday am like I do each and every Saturday? Make sure you check out what James Brown and I have for you this Saturday.


Your #1 fan
Robert Thomas Pattinson

Just so we don’t get e-mails like Lauren at Lauren’s Bite does, no, this letter is not actually from Robert Thomas Pattinson. It’s from Taylor Lautner. He roleplays that he’s Rob…

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Sad Face!

I'm only sad when you're gone Moon... please come back

I'm only sad when you're gone Moon... please come back

Dear SadRob*-

Please, you have to stop making this face at me I really can’t take it anymore. All day (between meetings) I would look at this pic and was torn between laughing and being sad for you.

It is sooo pitiful, I look at your sad puppy face and I just wanna  give you a BIG hug and feed you cookies at the same time. Cause NO one should look this sad, especially not you.

But I think I have the perfect thing to turn your frown upside DOWN! Well um… we’ll do THAT later but first:

Let’s figure out what you’re really thinking in these pics…


SadRob inner monologue (Saturday morning): “It’s only been one night but I can’t imagine not waking up every morning with Moon on my left and UC on my right… what will I do when we’re not together every night? I guess I’ll just lie here and watch them sleep.”

Oh NO!! The Twimoms found me again! I thought I lost them after I took that sharp turn at the Cinnabon. Damn.


They made me wash my hair and use deodorant before I could put on this suit. Something about it being a loner and worth more than my entire wardrobe. All that work gone to waste… 6 weeks of hair grease down the drain, guess I have to start over now.

Lovin’ you long time… Sadface and all!

*I was forced to name you SadRob after seeing all the Sad face outtakes from GQ*

Thanks to our awesome pal Gozde at Robsessed for these gems! You’ve always got the best stuff!

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