Today is a kind of celebratory day

Dear LTR gals, guys & Rob,

Moon & I were talking the other day and the convo went something like this:

Moon: I just want to hug all these people [our readers] and be like you know what? You’re pretty cool. I can be having a shitty day, working for people who suck and clients who hate me, but I know somewhere there’s someone reading the blog and THEY like me! Very gushy I know, and maybe a tad drunk, but still gushy/tad drunk/and NORMAL
UC: and I feel the same way
Moon: “Gushy” is one of my favorite terms because though I come off as a tough bitch on the exterior to most people, inside I am a truly and deeply sentimental person. Probably almost to a fault, but it’s true, and I can’t deny it- I love to gush.

Today we’re gushing because in our wildest imagination, 4 months ago on December 8th, 2008, we never imagined we’d be HERE with you all, over 500,000 views and 30,000+ comments later!

However large these blogs end up getting, we hope that one thing remains the same- that you feel personally connected to us and the other readers here, because if nothing more we want this to be a personal experience (albeit a funny one!) because Stephenie Meyer’s books are exactly that- a truly personal look at love and relationships.  We can only hope that we convey one ounce of that to you all.

Happy FOUR MONTH anniversary to us! After the jump you can see our hand-picked favorite posts from the past 4 months.

We love you all (you too Rob),
ThemoonisDown and UnintendedChoice

  • UC’s Choice:

To Rob’s ex-girlfriend: I hate you a lot, but I also want to be your friend

Here are some of the letter highlights:

Explain (in detail please) what it was like to kiss Robert. Please provide pictures, if you can, and crop yourself out.  What do you look like? Let me guess (I’m pretty sure I know his type) You’re about 5′5″, 115lbs (on a good day) with short brownish/reddish hair that’s cut into a cute 20’s bob. You’re probably in your early-mid 20’s with deep brown eyes. I bet you’re American too, right? Did you guys meet when you studied abroad or something? Or did you randomly meet up when you were traveling in London? Tell me exactly what bar you  met at and where you loved hanging out with him and his mates. (What? No, I don’t have a trip to London planned..yet)” Read letter here!

  • Moon’s Choice:


Pass this message along to your mum(2/5/09)



Here are some of the letter highlights:

“Anyway, I just wanna thank you and Mr. P for getting it on and creating the beautiful man that you did. I gotta be up front with you though- I want to bang your son.”

“Someday I’ll put together a book full of letters people have written your son, via us. And if you’re ever feeling blue or you’re questioning your worth as a parent, you can read them and know that there are oodles of quality girls (and even some dudes) who think you did a heckuva job.” Read letter here!

Find out some of our reader’s favorite letters from the past 4 months on LTR after the jump!

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Just another note for Sam Bradley

Skinny jeans and shitty shoes, that's def. Rob

Skinny jeans and shitty shoes, that's def. Rob hiding in the back

Dear Rob,

Peek-a-boo. I see you behind the curtains at Sam Bradley’s show. Can you pass along this message to your buddy for me? Thanks xo.


I’m giving you mad props for riding your new-found fame the right way.  85% of the girls at your shows are there because you’re Rob’s bud, and they hope to see Rob. I think you know that, but you’re not bitter.

You’re not sitting around feeling sorry for yourself that your boy is the big hot star and you are riding in his shadow. No- you’re taking ADVANTAGE of your friend’s fame and using it to help YOUR career. And I respect that. I shouldn’t- I should tell you it’s selling out and it’s using Rob and it’s lame because you and Rob have no real connection other than your friendship and a song you wrote together (that is actually two separate songs but you got confused and/or drunk) that made it on a hit soundtrack. But I’m not going to tell you that because I think you’re a legit guy, and I hope that someday you and I become bff’s. And I don’t just hope that because I want to meet Rob at your next birthday party (well, 15% of me doesn’t hope for that reason).

I say keep running with what you got. Play tons of shows, hint that Rob might show up, and sell LOTS of CDs and merch to the suckas who come just to hear Rob. But as a gal with a music business degree who was a kickin’ artist management intern in ’04, I have to offer this advice: find yourself an audience other than Rob Pattinson fans.  Because the minute you and Robbie fight over something lame like who put a hole in Rob’s shiteous blue sweater from his HP days, or who was the first to kiss Shelly Smith during spin the bottle in 9th grade or you rag on Rob for actually getting down and dirty with KStew last year and your friendship ends, there goes 85% of your fanbase.

Looking forward to seeing you when you play Philly (I promise only 72% of me will be hoping Rob decides to show),


(Um, did I just write a post that was mostly nice and barely snarky?  I feel weird. I’m sorry… let me fix that: Uh, your music isn’t that great. That’s not really true. I kinda like it. Damn, I got nothing. Enjoy this moment.. it rarely happens.)

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First letter we wrote to Sam (and Sam left us a comment- Sorry I was kinda mean in response… uh.. i’ll be nicer this time, promise)

We usually keep Rob letters on just LTR, but today LTT has some Rob-related shizz

Dazzle Awards. Help us win. Now

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Saturday sing-a-long

Dear Pals-

Here’s a video for your Saturday afternoon from our lovely Rob singing “To Roam”

*edited, they disabled the previous one. screw them i found another!*

Some people were born to roam…
Some people they roam this world alone

(best guess at what he’s singing since i guess he changes it up a lot, according to our dear friend Sam Bradley)

Rob has quite a distinctive voice, dontcha think? It’s quite obviously influenced by what he listens to… who do you think those influences are?

Me (themoonisdown)

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The (Defamer) dirt

Dear Rob,

Defamer has been loving you (and other Twi-stuff) this week:

Okay, let’s talk about what you apparently said to that girl in your days before Twilight.

“If I could, I’d have a ____ on the inside of my elbow so I could lick it all day long.”

Um, sweetie? What did you actually say to the girl? Because some things come to mind…. and those things aren’t the sweet things that come out of the mouth of the beautiful man (you!) who sings Never Think.

I’m a generally positive thinker, so this is what I’m guessing you actually want to lick:

  • a picture of UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown
  • a little tiny kitty cat
  • a big slice of pepperoni pizza
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas (stolen from the comments in the defamer post and too good not to repost here!)
Oh, to be a bird in your cage

Oh, to be a bird in your cage

If you did happen to say what it sounds like you might have said, I’m willing to forgive you.  My guess is you got drunk with Sam Bradley and he dared you to say it (any insight on this Sam?). Or I know things weren’t going so well for you a year ago- failing career, couldn’t get a date, etc. etc., so maybe you just had a slip-up and thought that’s what girls wanted to hear.

I think you know this now, but just to clarify: most girls don’t want to hear that. (I know, I know.. reading the comments on our site, you’d probably beg to differ that there are a few girls out there that would take ANYTHING you’d say)

Just an FYI for the future, stick to brooding, dazzling & singing next time you’re trying to pick up a girl! Or, here’s a thought, don’t try to pick up any girls. Just wait patiently for me to figure out how to juggle a husband AND you at the same time (without breaking any of those vows I said on 6/2/06)

me (UnintendedChoice)

What do you guys think Rob actually said?

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Stuff my husband says about Rob

Introducing our new series: “Stuff my husband says about Rob.” Mostly because, well, they just don’t get it, do they?

Dear Rob,

After explaining my very hilarious post about Rob and Sam Bradley to him, Mr. Choice (who is my husband, of course) asked who Sam was. I answered “Rob’s best friend.” He responded:

I thought Krum was his best friend?

OMG. I momentarily forget my obsessi, er love for you and laughed so hard at his cute, sweet face.

rob-and-krum-bffsIn his defense, we had just watched The Goblet of Fire so it wasn’t so random that he made that connection!

He wants me to specify that I found this picture online and did not create it myself.  I think he’s worried that I come across as too obsessed with you (shh, it’s our secret just how deep my love runs. What’s that? Oh yes, how deep OUR love runs, sorry sweetie)

me (UnintendedChoice) xo

What funny things have your husbands/boyfriends/lesbian lovers had to say about Rob? (by the way, I don’t know if we have a lesbian Rob fan yet.. so if you’d like to be our first…) Comment below or e-mail us and maybe you’ll be featured in a future post! 

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