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Dear Rob,

If you haven’t noticed, and I’m sure you have because you’re so attentive to my needs I’ve been MIA a lot lately. I’ve let the amazing LTR readers of the world write letters for me while I’ve worked hard & gotten tipsy on my off-time. (BTW I’m warning you right now- I’m away yet again- in Nashville, visiting my college roommate- and tonight we polished off an entire margarita pitcher just the two of us. So basically I’m drunk. Big time. But whatever. I can drunk-blog. Watch me)

But anyway, during these past few weeks of my crazy work & travel schedule, I’ve been missing out on what’s been going on with you. I’ve barely cracked the surface of your WFE interviews. I haven’t watched one live TV appearance, and it wasn’t until I started getting notifications of Moon tweeting with people on our @letter2twilight twitter name that I remembered last night was the WFE premiere. #fanfail or #busyfan or #reallifesometimeswins or #ishoulddrinkless or something like that.

But what I love about the community of LTR is that I’m never alone. So while I know there are some who have watched EVERY interview and EVERY live show you’ve been on and some LTR gals were even AT the WFE premiere last night, I know so many are in the dark & have had “real life” catch up on them in recent weeks or months too. So that’s what I am here for. To help us all catch up. And by that I mean post the hottest pictures from last night’s WFE pictures before I pass out on my friend’s dog from a tequila-induced coma

So without further ado:

Do you think Reese thinks of Rob when she’s doing it with her fiancee like so many other gals out there in the universe?

Rob Pattinson, doing what he does, looking hot in this suit that is blowing my mind. Is that a purple tie? A brown one? A tweed suit? Who knows. Who cares. He looks amazing. And pale. He needs a little sun. And also a strong SPF so he doesn’t burn.

This is Rob asking who the girl is on his right who is wearing white tights. (PS: I’m guessing that is Sarah Gruen, the Water for Elephants author. But that’s just a guess. Maybe it’s a lucky fan. Maybe that’s Rob’s girlfriend. Maybe it’s Reece’s bff. Maybe she’s a representative from a company that sells white pantyhose) Also, can we all just agree that we want to kill Reece for being so damn adorable. And by “Kill” I of course just mean we want her to be our BFF?

This is Rob saying to us “Try not to run your tongue along my jawbone across your computer screen. I dare you”

This is Kristen Stewart saying “Eff you Reese Witherspoon always looking gorgeous & fake sexing my boyfriend- look how hot I look in this dress!” Dannngggg that’s a hot dress. (Also in case you were wondering: yes of COURSE there were people freaking out and acting surprised that Kristen was at the premiere. I know. Isn’t everyone SO over that conversation at this point? Can’t we all get along & just imagine the music they made love to that night when they got home & went straight to the bear skin rug they had shipped from Vancouver to NYC just for that special occasion? Do you think it was Lionel Ritchie? I hope.)

My first thought: “$$&(*SA(*GKjhl.” And then I immediately followed that up with a prayer that you were taking that off and not buttoning it back up. Dang, Rob. Dang.

There is so much more- there are videos up on Robsessed, the gals at @H2OforElephants got to go to the premiere & SEE the film plus all the other stuff I missed while drinking tequila. Not to mention the MOVIE comes out FRIDAY!

But for now, I’m going to bed. (And by that I mean back to bed since halfway through writing you a letter I passed out with my college roommate’s dog. Oops)

Can’t wait to see the movie, Rob!

UnintendedChoice & the tequila in my belly

Monday Quiz: Yes or No: Rob was hot last night. Question #2: Reese is so adorable it’s not fair: Yes or No. Question #3: UC should go to bed. Circle for Yes. (Please love me, ignore my spelling errors & just laugh at how ridiculous I’ll feel when I wake up in the morning & realize I actually pressed “post” on this letter!)

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