Open Weekend Post: SEVEN Saturday Morning Delights

Dear Rob,

Who needs morning coffee when we have a Playlist of the 7 part 100% Robert Pattinson series from expert Vid maker Pettibiel? Not me!  (Side note, Mr. Choice came in from work as I was testing this letter & apparently I was too entranced with you & forgot to acknowledge him (not the first time) and he said, “Are you going to say hello to me? Or just listen to Evanescence all night? Good thing he didn’t know I was looking at a picture of you with your shirt off, set to Evanescence, 7 times. SEVEN!)

Wake up this weekend & start the video & play through all 7, or choose from the other HOT vids in the playlist!!!


And just because it’s probably now in your head here is the video clip we LOVE to talk about. (yes, this is a ghetto hand-held video recording I found online.. PEOPLE NEED TO LET ME EMBED GOOD VIDEOS! UGH!)

Happy weekending- SEVEN!


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Open Weekend Post: Smart girl

Dear this girl,

I’m so sorry you were featured on Failblog. When I first saw it, I was outraged. “WHAT!? THIS IS FAILURE? No no no… this is brilliant” was my first thought. Let’s break it down piece by piece.

First of all, we have your outfit. There’s the thick-rimmed glasses with a high necked striped tshirt. We can’t see down below, but I’m going to guess you’re in a nice cargo pant or maybe a carpenter jean. Plus your hair! Nothing says “Let me go down on you now’ like a freshly slept on mousy-brown side ponytail. You’re looking HOT, hunny.

And then there’s the sign itself. You obviously put a lot of time into making sure it was spelled right, placing the dash between the “blow” and “jobs” and even using the correct form of “you’re!” This is a rare quality found in a Twilight fan with a sign! Thanks for making us Rob-fans look good!

And lastly, there’s the courage you displayed by just putting it out there. We all laugh & talk big about what we’d do to Rob behind a dumpster, but would we wear our 7th grade finest and show up on a street in LA with unwashed hair and declare it to the world on a SIGN? I don’t know if I have the balls- but you clearly did. And for that, I think you should be rewarded and not ridiculed by all the readers of the internet.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that if Rob were to pass you on the street today, he’d first notice you by your gimpy hand (those with gimpy feet tend to notice others with a similar disability). And after taking a second look, he’d consider asking you for your t-shirt. And then, his eyes would drift toward your sign- and the connection would happen. The magicness that is usually reserved for Robsten would become yours and Robs only. And despite his fear of getting blown by a girl wearing a retainer, he’d lead you to the nearest dumpster & let you show perform your first act of fellatio ever.

Wish I had thought of it first!

You have a fan in me,

Please let this girl be kidding. Please. Please. Please. Please

Moon & I were just talking today about how we miss super hot & creative Rob vids. It seems like it’s been awhile since we saw the last one. Well, I came across this new video & while it’s not as flashy as some videos of the past, I think you’ll like what it’s offering:

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What we like about Rob on Saturday mornings…

Dear Rob,

Moon & I were just chatting online about our upcoming posts for this week, and I realized just how easy-going we are.  We don’t fight over who gets to post on LTR vs. LTT, and we don’t really have a posting schedule or anything. It has just kinda worked out for us these past few months. This following convo. from 5 minutes ago is a great example of our teamwork:

Moon: so do you wanna do Rob and I hit up LTT? or vice versa?
UC: yes, I wanna do Rob. Thanks for asking

See, it always just works out so nicely between friends.


Without further ado, your Saturday AM Delight:


Click me to experience the full pleasure of the wallpaper

Click me to for complete wallpaper experience

As an added bonus and because I’m feeling generous and sad that I can’t give you all Easter candy tomorrow, here is some new wallpaper made by a friend of Jena’s- a long-time LTR-gal. This fan has been collecting vampires for 30 years and finds Edward/Rob a juicy young addition to her harem!

Also did you see our little banner to your right? The Dazzle award winners were announced, and we can officially say we won for best Rob Fansite! THANKS to EVERYONE who voted so many times to help us win- especially in those last moments! We’ll be doing a special thank-you in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

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A.R.T.- A Robert Tribute

Dear Rob:


Byrdie hoping to see Robbie!

It is true – I just traveled 1000 miles in some wild hope that you would turn up to the San Jose Cinequest Festival’s screening of How To Be.  How very clever I thought I was by calculating the exact dates of your west coast travel:  Feb 22 – Hollywood California – Oscars.  Feb 28 – San Jose California -Cinequest.  March 3 – Vancouver Canada – pre-production for New Moon.  Made perfect timing, perfect sense, and something you would certainly do to help a fellow brit director out, right?  You are just that kind of classy guy.  Even when you unexpectantly zipped off to Japan for a Feb 27 Twilight Premiere hooha, I knew the International Date Line was working in my favor and you would catch that Narita-SFO nonstop flight touching down at almost the same time my little plane from Seattle did on the 28th.  Of course, we would bump into each other at the international terminal where I would promptly bum a ciggie from you outside baggage claim, but that is another story…

htb-marqueeCut.  Exterior scene.  Crowded line queing beneath a flashing marquee.  Inside, I pick the perfect location by the exit door where certainly you and the director would be entering for the Q&A after the screening.  Just like Austin.  Lights dim, film rolling, music starts and there you are:  A.R.T.

I say A.R.T. because this movie was a tribute to all things Robert (A. Robert. Tribute.) – all those quirky things we absolutely adore about you – your alter ego:  shy, awkward, messy, clumsy, bumbling, giggling and just looking to be loved.  All of my favorite scenes reinforced this very fact:  when your girlfriend dumps you a second time in the bathroom, when you crawl in bed with your parents, when you get an erection (yes, ladies, it was in there) and those girls walk away, or when you give yourself a pep talk in the mirror.  You just wanna be loved, and I’m totally up for the job.



Cut.  Enter director.  Lots of screaming.  No Rob.  More screaming.  Hushed silence.  Director speaks.  Audience asks questions.  Nobody dares to ask the one question we all want to know  – WHAT WAS IT LIKE WORKING WITH ROB PATTINSON?  Final call for last question.  Brave woman asks the question – WHAT WAS IT LIKE WORKING WITH ROB PATTINSON?  Crowd goes wild.  Director speaks:  After searching for Art for more than a year, we knew Rob was right for the role because of his uncontrollable giggling. Of course you were.  Who the hell wouldn’t fall madly in love with you the second you started giggling?!? This is what makes you real, Rob, a real piece of A.R.T.

So, let’s see, next trip heading east this time:  May 7 – Vancouver Canada – close local set for New Moon.  May 8 – New York – US Premiere of Little Ashes.  May 10 – Volterra Italy – New Moon European shoot begins.  I’m banking on a 3000 mile trip this time, and I’ll bring the ciggies.

Forever smitten – Byrdie

Um, he gets an ERECTION? That’s a Saturday am Delight right THERE!
But seriously, it wouldn’t be Saturday without an unbelievably hot vid of Rob, so we thought we’d share one Robsessed posted this week. We’ve been loving the girls at Robsessed from afar for awhile and after flirting with them on Twitter this past week, we decided to take the plunge and solidify our friendship yesterday. Rob brings people together y’all (and if he pays any interest to any of you and not me? Well, let’s just forget what I just said about being brought together- you’re going DOWN)


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Saturday am delight- we can't stop staring

Dear Rob,

Our marvelously talented reader, Carrie, made this kick-ass video for us to share with everyone. We really love the, uh, song…

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Ready, Set, WATCH- we’ve got the hoses ready!


Anyone else wanna throw water on themselves, dance on a bar and drink a lot of beer right now? Even though it’s Saturday morning? We also wanna head bang (and then bang someone else, ifyouknowwhati’msaying)

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