Hallelujah! This is the day that the Lord has made

Father, son and the Holy Rob

Dear Rob-

Sunday morning I get up to check my email and find out I was sent this lovely image from pal Lula that you see on the left, as part of our weekly “Sunday Worship”  session. Don’t get weirded out dear this is just the gals having some good ‘ol fashioned fun!

The email went as such:

Good Morning,
It is Sunday…let’s give praise!

So immediately I enlarged it and right clicked to make it my new desktop background image and this is what happened…



Obviously, a sign from God himself. So of course I kept it and wrote this back:

So uh when i went to make this my desktop background image this is what happened…

god works in mysterious ways.


All day today anytime I would open my computer I was greeted with the the site of your crotch all up near my icons and of course start giggling because this is the BEST desktop wallpaper EVER invented. I rule at all things computer-y.


Yea, yea call us sacrilegious or inappropriate but we love us some Jesus and we love us some ROB! And ain’t nuttin wrong with that!

All my love and desktops!

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Sad Face!

I'm only sad when you're gone Moon... please come back

I'm only sad when you're gone Moon... please come back

Dear SadRob*-

Please, you have to stop making this face at me I really can’t take it anymore. All day (between meetings) I would look at this pic and was torn between laughing and being sad for you.

It is sooo pitiful, I look at your sad puppy face and I just wanna  give you a BIG hug and feed you cookies at the same time. Cause NO one should look this sad, especially not you.

But I think I have the perfect thing to turn your frown upside DOWN! Well um… we’ll do THAT later but first:

Let’s figure out what you’re really thinking in these pics…


SadRob inner monologue (Saturday morning): “It’s only been one night but I can’t imagine not waking up every morning with Moon on my left and UC on my right… what will I do when we’re not together every night? I guess I’ll just lie here and watch them sleep.”

Oh NO!! The Twimoms found me again! I thought I lost them after I took that sharp turn at the Cinnabon. Damn.


They made me wash my hair and use deodorant before I could put on this suit. Something about it being a loner and worth more than my entire wardrobe. All that work gone to waste… 6 weeks of hair grease down the drain, guess I have to start over now.

Lovin’ you long time… Sadface and all!

*I was forced to name you SadRob after seeing all the Sad face outtakes from GQ*

Thanks to our awesome pal Gozde at Robsessed for these gems! You’ve always got the best stuff!

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Saturday Morning Delight – Our Theme Song

Dear LTR ladies-

I think I may have found our official theme song put to pictures and clips of our mascot Mr. Robert Pattinson. Time to head to iTunes and download Crazy Chick by Charlotte Church cause this is like the national anthem of LTR now and we’ll be singing it at all LTR/LTT conventions in the future, FYI.

I’ll be testing you all later…


Ok, I can’t sit still I’m going to choreography a tap routine to this song for me to perform with pics of Rob playing behind me. Perfs!

PS love this song?? Got another song that makes you think of Twilight? Enter the contest!

*EDIT- Put your entry in the contest post! Winner will be chosen randomly by a very official random picker thingy!*

Lyrics after the cut

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Ode to Rob's fingers

Presenting another great Fan Letter! (Update: A perfect term was used in the comments by vertigo to describe this post: Handporn– enjoy!)

Dear Rob,

(sigh…… **shaking my head**)

Robert, Robert, Robert….  What are we to do with you? You said something awhile back and it’s been bothering me ever since I read it.  I have a compelling urge to set the record straight.

Hardwick, incidentally, says you have these “long, beautiful vampire fingers.”

RP:  I think what she meant is:  I have very weird hands.  There’s a scene in the film where my character plays the piano, and I actually had to learn it myself because they couldn’t find a hand double that was convincing enough to match my weird fingers.” (March issue of Costco Connection)

What?  WHAT? Weird fingers?!  I don’t even know where to start, my man!

You absolutely, unequivocally, without a doubt have long, beautiful vampire fingers!  Ah, ah, ah…. Don’t argue with me.  I know hot, sexy fingers when I see ’em.  I would like to state – on behalf of all of us fangirls out here – that your long, sexy fingers are definitely part of your appeal.   Lest you think I’m making much ado about nothing, I offer up some photographic evidence documenting said sexy fingers.

edward-cullen-pianoSee how those beautiful fingers stroke the piano keys, making all of the fangirls swoon…..





Again, the long, sexy fingers stroke an instrument – this time guitar strings.  More swooning….







robert_pattinson_shy_lookTo quote Miss Swift:  “But you’re just so cool… run your hands through your hair, absentmindedly makin’ me want you…”




See how the fingers caress the microphone and gently touch your face…. (sigh…)






watermarkAnd how the fingers play with each other….very sexy…








robert-pattinson-sing-1Love the fingers here…what they’re doing, what they’re touching, how they look…  **thud**  The fangirls have had all they can take….

And Robert – dear, dear Robert – if all of this photographic evidence was not enough, all of us will look at these pictures and imagine these very fingers stroking, touching, playing, running through hair…

No, Robert.  I’m sorry, but you’re wrong.  There are many words to describe your fingers, but “weird” is definitely not one of them….

Hoping to someday see these marvelous fingers for myself,


Thanks, Twigal! It’s Friday. We like Rob a lot on Fridays! Today is no different!

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Feel the Burn!

Dear Rob-

These pictures of you post workout came out today and it left me wondering a few things…

-did you get self conscious in Japan being around buff Taylor so you thought you needed to step up your workout game a little? More leg presses less pints… and repeat

-do you workout in those doc martens? what about arch support?

-actually do you workout in that entire get up? cause i’d LOVE to see the faces of the hollywood gym rats as you pump iron in your best johnny-cash-man-in-black get up

-was the workout really strenuous? or did you take a shower there cause you’re totally glistening or is that just straight sweat, cause we all know you love the stench baby

-where are your sunglasses? it was bright in LA today. the ray bans my dear, the RAY BANS. Here’s a hint from a sunshine native: keep a spare pair in the car!

so in my imagination i see you working out with “let’s get physical” playing in the background… ok well maybe that’s just my weird twisted fantasy, but I’ve decided to put together a little workout playlist for your ipod.You can thank me after you get home. In fact why don’t you share it with all the muscleheads and make some friends…

Lets get physical – Olivia newton John
Baby Workout – Jackie Wilson (for my pal LA)
Gonna make you sweat – C&C Music Factory (gonna make you sweat till you bleed!)
Sexyback – JT (uh let’s face it, you’re defs bringing it back)
Too Sexy – Right Said Fred

Ok so this will get you through about a 14 minute workout but I don’t think you really have the attention span for longer than that cause you seem the type to get bored and go out for a drink and cig instead.  I totes understand. If you do, shoot me a text and I’ll meet you.

Oh and i left you a spare key to my house in your pocket! see ya in a few!

Thanks to: Robsessed and Robert Pattinson Source

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