Memoirs of a Geisha

Dear Robert and Taylor-

We just wanted to write you boys a letter while you’re in Tokyo to say we really hope you’re out living it up, eating sushi, buying sneakers out of a vending machine, teaching Taylor how to do Sake bombs and buying ridiculous electronics. After that, I can just imagine the two of you stumbling into a karaoke bar and drunkenly singing “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with your arms around a couple of Japanese businessmen. Then you guys’ll make friends for life with these gents. I can tell, that’s the type of boys you are. Then said Japanese business men will take you to meet with some Geisha’s, and you all can teach young Taylor a thing or two about women (but not TOO much, robbie, he has to come home to Wolfgirl). Let him find out what those gals REALLY wear under those Kimono’s.

Oh and don’t worry about Kristen, she’s too busy back at the hotel crying and commenting about how mean we are to her over at LTT. Oh and Reba McEntire showed up, WTF!?

Have fun and bring me back some Hello Kitty shiz that i don’t have!



After the jump, JBell has done it again with all the best Japan coverage. Thanks girl! XO


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Hello there darlings!

Dear UC-

Well this is quite a turn of events isn’t it? I’m usually the one being written to and here I am writing you on Moon’s behalf since there’s been SO much speculation on where she could possibly be after last night… so i’m here to tell you she is uh, ‘out of commission’ for right now. Apparently all her muscles gave out from such intense use last night even her typing/texting fingers were incapacitated that she asked me to send you a message:

She is more than alright.

She is spectacular if I do say so myself.

As you can see from the pictures today I made her stay home and recoup while I ran around LA. Last minute errands you know, fittings, picking up dry cleaning (my two shirts), pink berry runs for moon, etc.

Also she says to stay tuned to tomorrow morning’s post so that she can fully express what she’s feeling through someone else’s video. You’ll see.

Until then… all her love. And mine!
(on behalf of Moon)

PS she says this is her “music message” for you…


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