We’re thankful for Thanksgiving

Dearest Rob,

This holiday could not have come at a better time. We need a break. And by break I mean to get up at 4 am to hit the sale racks by 5 on Friday morning. Ok, so Moon will NEVER get up at 4am for any sale unless it was a sale on you and that will never happen so UC needs to rest up her shopping and Moon just needs to sleep for like 36 consecutive hours peppered with obscene amounts of rich food, American sports we only understand half the rules too and unending questions about “that vampire movie thing you did in LA… what’s that about?” to feel rested.

We know you understand… if not why don’t you hit up this lovely (read: freaking hilarious) post HeyyyBrother wrote to you explaining Thanksgiving a while back. Then if you’re still bored and your turkey/tofurkey isn’t finished yet hit up this special Thanksgiving category of posts.

And because we can’t let a holiday go by without a good photoshopping…

Happy Thanksgiving Rob! We love ya (most days) and we’re thankful for all the good things you’ve brought our way just by BEING.

Have the best day and long weekend friends!
Moon and UC

PS go be thankful at LTT too!!

Source for Pictures: Robsessed

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Oh so thankful for Rob

Dear Rob,

By now you know us Americans love our Thanksgiving and we’ve told you all about how we stuff ourselves and sit around the table talking about what we’re thankful for, all in the name of the Pilgrims and the Native Americans coming together for a feast. So since you already know that stuff lets do my favorite part of Thanksgiving the eating sharing what we’re thankful for… (the day after)

Jumping Rob
By making history’s most awkward, goofy, hilarious jump into the waters off Brasil you single handedly saved what was about to be the dullest autumn in the Twidom. And we’re especially thankful for FuckYeaJumpingRob for keeping the funnies coming.

I mean seriously we could go on and on with these…

TV Week Photoshoot

You girls are crrraaayyy craaayy

Who in the world knows what TV Week is but who in the world cares? Can I get an amen? Cause they brought us these and for that we are THANKFUL. Amen and Amen!

Other Movies

It’s good to be reminded that you’re NOT Edward Cullen… you’re also Cedric Diggory and Daniel Gale and Tyler Hawkins and now Jacob Jankowski and we’re glad. We’re thankful we can tell friends that you’re an actor beyond Twilight and you’re pretty good at it.

Our Rob Suppliers
Robsessed, Biel, Twifans and Will and his NMM, Eclipse Movie and BDMovie sites/empire because they ALWAYS always have what we’re looking for and are the best

But mostly thankful for our fellow LTR girls who keep us on our toes and keep bringing the laughs in the comments and their letters. We would be stuck on AIM and GChat if it wasn’t for them.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful weekend!
Moon and UC

Share what Rob stuff you’re thankful for in the comments!!

Oh- Groupon (yes, we’re talking about them again. as you can tell we LOVE them!) has a Secret Shopper Page that you can only access by clicking this special LTR link. I don’t know what the special deals are but I think they’re only available through Monday (or are different every day until Monday!) It’s a secret. Shhhh
Groupon Secret Shopper

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTTThe ForumTwitterThe Store

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Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Rob,

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope by now you’ve learned how we do it in the US & have grown to love green bean casserole & despise that stale bread stuff the stick in the cavity of a turkey. Yuck (says the vegetarian)

UC & Moon

And Happy Thanksgiving to the rest of you in the US! Enjoy your time off. And to the rest of you, Happy regular Thursday!

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