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dvdcoverDear LTR/LTT Gals-

So we know all about the DVD preorders and what all those other stores are doing to celebrate in fact we’re in final countdown here including our OWN itinerary and tips for throwing a twi-party… but did you know WalMart is throwing their own Twilight release parties?! Well, they are so now you can celebrate with fellow Twi-hards, win contests, get your DVD AND buy toliet paper all at the same time! How thoughtful!

In honor of these fun parties, we’re giving away one of the Twilight Fun-Packs just like the one you COULD win if you go to a midnight release party, courtesy of Walmart! Now you know how we live to talk on these blogs… so in honor of our theme song video today, if you wanna win jump to the comments and share with us a song that makes you think of Twilight (doesn’t need to be on the Soundtrack) and YOU COULD WIN! We’ll announce a winner Tuesday.

Good luck and get to commenting!

themoonisdown and unintendedchoice

PS *EDIT- Put your entry in this contest post. Winner will be chosen randomly by a very official random picker thingy!*

Check out more at Walmart

Updated 3/18: Contest OVER. Thanks to EVERYONE who played and congrats to Brair Rose who was our randomly chosen winner! The song that makes her think of Twilight was Obsession by Animotion

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Why can't this be me?

Dear girl at Universal NBC who just sent this video to me,

I really appreciate the heads up on the video, but what I’d like even more is a private re-make of the scene between me and Robert. Are you the person I need to talk to about having that set-up? Can we do that NOW? I’ll fly to LA, Vancouver, London, wherever..



PS: I’m still shaking from the joy of this moment

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