Breaking Dawn stills leaked! We recreate the madness!

*might sorta/maybe/not really contain spoilers*

Don't Look!!

Dear Rob,

If you were anywhere near Twitter yesterday day around 1130PST (and why would you have been you’re not ON twitter so just go with it) you would have noticed the sudden barrage of of tweets containing half words like ZOMG, DIED, UNF, ooommmmhhhggg!! or “holy mother of edward” (that was mine). No it wasn’t Cathi Hardi’s much ballyhooed audition tape. Someone who clearly does not fear the law or the wrath of a movie studio posted approx 10 photos from Breaking Dawn. And they weren’t just Edward and Bella in the meadow looking lovely dovey… these were HOLYCRAPARETHEYDOINGTHATAREHISHANDSONTHEHEADBOARD good!!! We’re talking Edward and Bella sex scenes from Isle Esme and Beller is a Vampire pics! It seems ironic now that last week was “virgin” week on Letters To Twilight and now we see the devirginization before our very eyes!

Of course about .3 seconds after the twitters exploded (along with everyone’s pants and brains) the powers that be cease and desisted that ish. So since lots of people missed out (as witnessed by the mountain of texts I received) and because we don’t want to get our arse’s sued we present you a dramatic reenactment of the images AND the Twitter commentary…

UC and I have a pathetic discussion on who is older Marlena or Jacob? Without access to our WFE books at work (not fans) we take to twitter to ask. After about 34857 tweets where we came to no consensus someone drops the bomb link

Moon: GO NOW!!!! before its gone!!
UC: the vid?
Moon: no! down!!! scroll down!!
UC: omg!OMGhahahsaving
UC: omg i did WHOA!!!!


holy mother of edward!!!

Just told Moon “Beller is a Vampire!”

This is my favorite day. This is the person who is responsible for the BD pics leaking’s WORST day.

you can hear them panting.

I’m pretty sure I look just as amazing when Mr. choice & I are getting it on. Just Sayin’. Except generally I’m in my Edward Cullen shirt..

The bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz heard around the globe 😉


#headboardismylifenow <~love this hash tag.

(it’s weird how close to the leaks the manips are, right?)

@letter2twilight i am late to this party, but. . . holy mary mother of god! i’ll be a mormon if it goes down like THAT.

Srsly tho… the fireplace? Really? It’s like a @letter2twilight post come true.

i also love the one where her hand is on his chest and his eyes are closed. #TheyDoThatInRealLife


(imagine this as a video and it moving up and down and flexing)

I want to unsee these pics. They are too much. But like any good porn, they are now SEARED into my brain.

im REALLY hoping a robstener somewhere is furiously cobbling together a sepia toned video of these pics set to endless love by lionel richie

*tears* RT @stephabelle77: @tinkrbe1l3 looks like he rips her shirt off? UNF!

@chrisweitz It’s nothing fans haven’t been photoshopping for two years anyway. #ZOMBGEdwardAndBellerDOIT

‘Hide yo’ hardrives hide yo’ emails,hide yo’ twitpic we gonna find u we gonna find u’ #summitlawyers ‘so dumb so dumb’

If you only have 2 seconds today to catch up on Rob or Twi news read this tweet:

@BrookeLockart rob’s all rawr, headboard, vampy my bella, careful, careful. Kristen’s like bitch. and. Face.

Dude even Ted C, E and some other “big” news sources linked to the pics, CLEARLY the beast needs to be fed (and unf-ed apparently) so hopefully someone was listening today!

*UPDATE* As of 8somethingPM PST some crazy started tweeted another butt load of leaked images from BD which I won’t even pretend to be able to recreate with fan manips. God save their soul from the depths of the firey pit they’re about to be in for leaking those images. BEYOND crazy.

So Rob… half of twitter has seen your bedroom moves and has said some super embarrassing not-printable-here stuff that I shant repeat… Hope you’re tucked away nice and safe like today in Vancouver because there are cougars and pumas and sabertooths on the loose looking for your ass.

Can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn!

*none of these are actual leaks. I sure hope you could tell that from my shotty photoshop jobs. These were made solely from fan manips from google images and my own mouse*


So did you see them? Did you see Twitter self destruct yesterday? Did you see ALL the images (and video!) or did you shield your eyes! Are you a purity ring wearing, no spoiler type of person?

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter, The Store


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(not so) BREAKING NEWS: Rob has shaved his beard!?

All it took was me shaving my grizzly adams beard to get what I want?! Who knew you girls were that easy?

*This story is developing we’ll bring you the latest as we learn more :)*

Dear Rob,

Word on the Twitters is that you have finally shaved that haggard badger you called a beard off your chin.

Clearly you read our 2034942357435 posts and tweets about how over it we were. We thank you for being a loyal reader of LTR and doing your part for the betterment of womankind.


PS you owe us a picture

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

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The fakers are amazing

Stephanie Ritz- I made Rob Pattinson a US sensation.

Stephanie Ritz- I made Rob Pattinson a US sensation. (actually, I think we have Mr. & Mrs. Pattinson to thank for THIS sensation)

Dear Rob,

You’ve made it- you know why? There are fake versions of you on Twitter. And they’re hilarious. This whole little fake world has been built. There’s a fake you, your manager Nick, agent Stephanie, your sister, your dog, Stephenie Meyer, TomStu, Kristen, Nikki Reed, all the girls you’ve rumored to have been with or impregnated, Paris Hilton… the list goes on and on! Best yet- they’re really good at pretending to do or say or “tweet” what you might actually do/so/tweet in real life. I’ve taken the liberty of jotting down my favorite tweets or convos I’ve seen in the past few weeks:

Quick Twitter lesson for the unfamiliar. You use the “@” followed by the username when you want to reply directly to someone! I’ve taken out the twitter names and used their real names- to make it easier to follow!

Nick Frenkel, Pimpin' and representin' since 2001

Nick Frenkel, Pimpin' and representin' since 2001


Fake manager- Nick:
Fake Agent- StephanieR
FakeTomStu- Tom Sturridge (Your apparent bff)
Rob- YOU!

Most of these tweets are right before the Oscars and/or during the Oscars!

Nick: I don’t get paid enough for this shit.
Nick: @Rob Practically a week of press without the words “inebriated” “drunk” or “stumbling” has been nice. Just a reminder.
Nick: @Rob Joaquin Phoenix is a self-important douche. I’m buying you a razor. We’ll discuss this later.

StephanieR: @Rob The only girl you need to make happy is ME. Now get a damn razor and shave. The girls love your jaw line. It makes the money.
StephanieR: Seeing this picture [of Rob] reminds me I need to schedule Rob an eyebrow wax before Sunday.

Nick: Have decided to tell Rob that the fans love the beard and he is not allowed to shave, period. That should ensure he shaves it off tomorrow.

StephanieR: Rob will be clean shaven. He cannot wear Prada with a beard. No, seriously, Prada said NO FACIAL HAIR with their tux.
StephanieR: @Nick Last time you said you had it covered, he ran off and got a buzz cut! And try to make sure the new tux is free of stains.

Nick: @TomStu Tom, stop crying. Sorry, you CANNOT walk the red carpet with Rob. And don’t drink and tweet…ever.
Nick: @Rob I’m on the way. I’m bringing a razor. I’ll tie you down if I have to. Prepare yourself.
Nick: @StephanieR Sturridge has been taken care of. You promised him a shot? What were you thinking? You know there’s no such thing as one

StephanieR: Must make sure he [Rob] doesn’t sneak a flask into the limo if he does wind up walking the Red Carpet. Can’t use the mouthwash excuse again.
StephanieR: @Rob Fine, you can have ONE shot bottle of Jack for the ride. That’s it. And please don’t spill any on that tux, it’s a rental!
StephanieR: is proud of Rob. He hasn’t been lying to me like the time he said he was using Invisalign and wasn’t; he really has been working out!
StephanieR: @Rob You are so lucky you are hot, and that teen fangirls have a low expectation of your personal hygiene habits.

The hilarity continues after the jump Continue…

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