War between UC & Moon

Dear Rob,

One question Moon & I get quite often from people asking us about our experience blogging together for 3.5 years is if we ever disagree or fight.* I know that hearing the answer “yes” might make you sad like learning your two mommies don’t always get along (wait what? Mommies? I mean hot girls you have a crush on), but I’m sorry to break it to you, we do fight. And when we fight it can get pretty mean. It’s like an all-out war. A video battle. On Facebook. Where our grandmas can see. With weird videos of you. And ROBSTEN of course.

The other week I’m happy err sad to say I started it. It began with posting one of those embarrassing Rob’s hands videos I talked about the other week on Moon’s wall.

She retaliated with the comment “mooveeeees” after posting this video, hoping to shame me into submission:

I wasn’t having it. I responded back:

this isn’t embarrassing AT ALL. I’m gonna highlight this shizz so it’s expands across my entire timeline



Which only got us started. I shot back that I hoped Moon would make me a Rob vid for my birthday. And she threw out a good one: Van Morrison + ROBSTEN to which I responded “THERE’S NO OTHER SOUNDTRACK ACCEPTABLE FOR ROBSTEN’S LOVE.

And then came the big one. Yep. Moon put the “evidence of ROBSTEN” video on my wall (this was the 5/17 evidence, not to be confused with last week’s Cannes evidence) and this is the conversation:

I think our fight ended in a tie with both of us vowing to get the other back some day soon. I spent the weekend catching up on all the latest ROBSTEN EVIDENCE videos in preparation for our next battle.

Yours in love & war,

Tell me you have a Twi-friend that you can embarrass by spamming them with great Twi videos on Facebook from time to time. EVERYONE NEEDS THAT FRIEND IN LIFE!!!! 

*no one has actually ever asked us this. Sad

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