What we like about Rob on Saturday mornings…

Dear Rob,

Moon & I were just chatting online about our upcoming posts for this week, and I realized just how easy-going we are.  We don’t fight over who gets to post on LTR vs. LTT, and we don’t really have a posting schedule or anything. It has just kinda worked out for us these past few months. This following convo. from 5 minutes ago is a great example of our teamwork:

Moon: so do you wanna do Rob and I hit up LTT? or vice versa?
UC: yes, I wanna do Rob. Thanks for asking

See, it always just works out so nicely between friends.


Without further ado, your Saturday AM Delight:


Click me to experience the full pleasure of the wallpaper

Click me to for complete wallpaper experience

As an added bonus and because I’m feeling generous and sad that I can’t give you all Easter candy tomorrow, here is some new wallpaper made by a friend of Jena’s- a long-time LTR-gal. This fan has been collecting vampires for 30 years and finds Edward/Rob a juicy young addition to her harem!

Also did you see our little banner to your right? The Dazzle award winners were announced, and we can officially say we won for best Rob Fansite! THANKS to EVERYONE who voted so many times to help us win- especially in those last moments! We’ll be doing a special thank-you in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

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