So many Excuses…

Dear LTR,

There isn’t a new blog post today (this doesn’t count) and you may pick from the following excuses why:

a. The dog ate my blog post

b. I am currently making love to Rob (and blogging. Multi-tasker)

c. I went out for drinks with @Calliopeblabs & @katespencer this weekend & they converted me to a Robstener & I can’t possibly post on a blog where ROBSTEN isn’t loved & revered every moment of every day

d. My in-laws were here all weekend & I’m too exhausted & my back hurts from the air mattress I slept on since we gave them our bed since we live in 750 sq. feet of lofted space

e. Moon is sick & exhausted from her 3 weeks away from Rob

f. I’m going away today to take my baby sister to college

g. Rob is seriously SO boring lately (I think. I actually haven’t had time to find out if he’s surfaced anywhere)

h. I’m really tired

i. I’m drunk

j. All of the above

If you answered “j” for “All of the above” you would be correct. Well, except for a, b & half of c. You can figure out which half of c is true!

Sorry for so many excuses. Be back when we’re not: yelling at dogs/making love/ROBSTENing/sick/exhausted/sore/tired/bored/drunk


(Here’s a picture that makes me sad)

Sad Rob

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