Dreams about Rob Pattinson

It’s been awhile since I’ve had one (but The Gos was in my dream the other night- hellooooo!) but I know you guys are still dreaming about Rob evidenced in this letter by tupelohoney!

Dear Rob,

UC told us a while ago that dreaming about you was totally normal [<—- UC NOTE: a long while ago! Read that for good times!)  so I thought I’d tell you about a few of mine. Since my obsession with you, um, I mean since my acute fondness for you began you’ve visited me in my dreams several times. This may be in part because I set the stage for it, so to speak, practically every night before going to bed. After everyone here is asleep and the house is quiet, I spend a few minutes (or an hour) checking out the latest on Robsessed and watching a few (or 20) of my favorite Robporn videos on youtube. And the last thing I do before shutting my computer down for the night is listen to you sing “I’ll be your lover too”. It’s become my own personal lullaby:

Some of the dreams are so vague that I barely remember them. I just wake up happy knowing that you were there somehow during the night. In one of these all I remember about it is you saying “I’ve got to go see SouthernBelle, I’ll be riiiight back…” (yeah SB, I’ll share with you girl!). And some are quite vivid. Especially the ones about you/Tyler wearing a blue t-shirt in a jail cell….but I think those are probably too naughty to mention. All beat up and bloody? You’ve never looked hotter, trust me.

I remember my first dream about you very well. In it, I woke up alone in my bed wearing my University of Tennesse Vols jersey (must have been football season). Don’t know why that part is so clear. Anyway, I could hear Bob Seger singing, which was probably what woke me. I sat up in bed wondering where the music was coming from. Suddenly the music got louder and the song changed. The new song was “Old Time Rock & Roll”. My bedroom door opened and there you were wearing a white button-down shirt, black boxer briefs and white socks. You slid into the room, grabbed my hairbrush off the nightstand to use as a microphone and started dancing like Tom Cruise in Risky Business! Except that you were better and and 10 times hotter. I sat there with my mouth open in awe, unable to move a muscle while you danced and sang your way to the end of the song. When it ended you came over to stand in front of me. Before I could utter a single word, you gave me a light kiss on my nose and disappeared. Just like that! I finally managed to whisper “Come back” but you were gone. Then I woke up. Don’t know where that dream came from because I haven’t seen Risky Business in years!

Come here baby….

In another one, a few of my friends and I were sitting at a table having drinks in a loud, smoky pub. Bob Seger was singing on the jukebox. Don’t know what it is about you and Bob Seger in my dreams but anyway, I excused myself to go to the restroom, um, I mean the loo (love that word, for some reason). There was a line so I stood there waiting. Someone touched my shoulder and I turned and saw that it was you. Somehow I wasn’t surprised by this. You said “Ooh, there’s my little tiger lily..” (What? No spider monkey?… Okay.) You pulled me over to a dark corner and pinned me against the wall with your body (the dream was so real I could feel every inch of you…). We shared a kiss. You tasted like cigarette smoke and cinnamon gum. When it ended I was dizzy. Then you said “Wanna go for a swim?” ( What? WTF? Where?). I said “Sure” (anything you say baby). You started kissing me again. And then I woke up! Damn it! Why do I always have to wake up just when it’s starting to get good?

Well actually…. I don’t always. One day I was home alone and decided to spend that time perusing my Robporn stash. I then decided to take a little nap. Let’s just say I didn’t wake up when it got good. Not for a while anyway. But something did eventually wake me. I think it was probably the sound of my husband’s truck turning into the driveway. I got up and came into the kitchen just as he walked through the door. I guess you could say I attacked him…. we never made it any further than the rug in front of the door. He was shocked, to say the least but he wasn’t complainin’… He just looked at me and said “Whoa there Sugar, what got into you?” I just smiled sweetly and did not say a word… I think I would have probably felt more guilty about what got into me if he didn’t have this “thing” for Queen Latifah (don’t ask… I’m not sure I understand that one myself).

So Rob, what got into me? Well, it was you baby. Just you. Just you in all of your adorkably f*ckhawt gorgeous glory! You got into me. Wish I could say that lit’rally. But since I’m fairly sure that ain’t never gonna happen… please feel free to visit me again in my dreams anytime. I like waking up with a smile on my face. All hot and bothered too but definitely smiling……


So let’s hear it! What have YOUR dreams about Rob been lately? And if you haven’t had one then you must not be a Rob Fan!!***

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