Win a Date with Tad Hamil– I mean, Rob Pattinson

Dear Rob,

The other day, Twilightish brought to our attention a story running in a Swedish online paper that can’t possibly NOT be true:

Win a date with Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene

All you have to do to enter the contest is answer the following question & give reasons WHY you should be the one to win the date:

Robert Pattinson is of course best known for his role as Edward Cullen in “Twilight” films, but he has also appeared in another film based on bestselling books. What? *

  •  Narnia
  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings

Ring of NiebelingsOf course, you are most known for your role in Ring of Nibelungs, so I guess the translation got messed up or something & they left that one out.

Since I got the answer obviously right, I put on my thinking cap, stared longingly at the middle picture all the way to the left of the collection posted here, and came up with reasons WHY I should win a date with you & Ashley:

1. Double Date with Robshley? That’s a lot of pretty people to stare at- surely making me very insecure- why would I pass THAT up? Plus, since the two of you seemed to have never spoken unless there were lines written down that you were paid to speak, having a “date” together, just the three of us, will be ALL SORTS of awkward. And I don’t want to miss that!

Me: How is your new dog, Rob?
Rob: Oh he’s fine he—
Ashley: You have a dog?

Me: Hey Ash- how is (insert name of Hollywood’s “it” boy of the week)
Ashley: Oh he’s good- super hot & good in bed
Rob: Aren’t you dating a Jonas brother?

2. Rob needs me for hair advice. And clothing advice, girl advice & “how to be a famous person without being a Douche like John Mayer or a hermit like he normally is” advice.

3. I’ll eat anything. (I mean anything) Plus I’m a cheap date. Heineken and TV dinners are okay by me. I’ll even ignore my 11 year vegetarianism for one night, if I have to.

4. I really could care less about Rob’s role as Edward or Ashley’s role as Alice. And I promise not to bore them with questions like “How did it feel for Edward to finally feel free to love completely once Bella turned Vamp” (or for Ashley “Can’t Alice SEE into the future & warm Jasper about the bad hair days ahead?)

5. I put out on my first dates. So naturally, Rob will, too.

So what do you think country of Sweden, organizers of the “WIN a Date with Ashley & Rob” event? Do I win?



Why should YOU win a date with Rob? And how much do we want to bet that this is #1: A ploy for more web hits that will never come to fruition in Stockholm OR #2 the “Date” is a meet & greet signing event that will involve Rob & Ashley handing a pre-signed image to a fan & posing for one picture?

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