Where in the world is the Edward action figure?

ciggies optional

ciggies optional

Dear Rob-

You’re buying, I’m drinking.

Me (themoonisdown)

The latest installment of “Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure?”

Today: Sunset and Vine in Hollywood, CA

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  1. vickybonnett says:

    I’ll drink to that!

  2. Sass says:

    He really is breaking all the rules…boldly showing himself in sunlight and holding up giant glasses of alcohol.

    Such a naughty vampire.

  3. Amber says:

    Mmmm…is that a Stella? One of my faves. He really does have good taste.

  4. ciggies are NOT optional… not in my rob-fantasy!

  5. NatalieCastle says:

    @Sass …damn!! He is trying to annoy the Volturi!! We have to save him!!

  6. breakin ALL the rules, hanging out of my sunroof, not even caring about dazzling hollywood traffic!

  7. NatalieCastle says:

    @themoonisdown – oh! so that’s why… I was starting to wonder why there had reportedly been 17 car crashes this morning…

  8. Sass says:

    @Natalie…I am already on the plane to LA…

  9. @natalie- yup, thats me and edward… we leave a trail of destruction wherever we go!

  10. Sass says:

    @moon…was he really hanging out of your sunroof? ‘Coz his hair still looks perfect. Not surprising though, must be the mousse!

  11. Sass says:

    @uc…I would really love to sit across a table from Rob and watch him smoke. The thought of him taking a drag off of a ciggie… *POOF*

    And yes, I know smoking is bad for you, but frig, just once!!!

  12. NatalieCastle says:

    @Sass – well, eventually, his hair will always look perfect, for a hair out of place will never be out of place ever again, given the fact that by ‘perfect’ we mean that messy and super sexy “i’ve just got out of bed” look

  13. Angela says:

    Here is an important question. How come the paparazzi over in England are not hounding Robert Patterson? Since he is a high commodity in both nations how come we don’t see pictures of him around there in London?

    You know, just because the paparazzi over there is suppose to be more aggressive. He must have a high price tag over his head for those photographers to get pics of him. Now if he was in LA we know we would be getting more material!

  14. the captain says:

    LOL! he’s so mean looking, that edward action figure. So, when do we see this dude on perez in said pub?

  15. the captain says:

    that edward action figure…he’s so mean looking! i think he was bashed up as a kid when he was a model for homosexual scarves.

  16. Laura says:

    The real tragedy of all this is that I actually got excited to see a photo of action figure Edward and thought just for a moment “wouldn’t it be cool if Mattel made an action figure Laura to go with…”

  17. Natasha says:

    @Laura could you not use your own imagination to create a Laura doll, I’m sure if one set her mind to it, with alittle time, fabric and clear silacone it would be totally possibe to bulild a Nat….I mean Laura doll.

  18. NatalieCastle says:

    OK, so I was reading about a Twilight Convention that would be held in San Francisco and couldn’t help laughing when I read this:

    January 23: Today we heard from Taylor Lautner’s representative that he is unfortunately unable to appear at any conventions during this timeframe due to prep work on the new film.

    OK, so he will not attend to that convention thing because he has to go to the GYM?! :S He’s kinda weird.

  19. Amber says:

    @ Sass – It’s not so much mousse keeping that hair perfect as the grease that has built up over 2 weeks of not washing it.

    Our Rob is a VERY dirty boy!

  20. Wendy says:

    While at the mall this weekend with the fam, I purposefully bee-lined it to Hot Topic to buy an Edward doll. My husband wouldn’t let me buy it. He NEVER says no to me about stuff but he totally put his foot down. WTF?! He said he didn’t want to spend $16 on a plastic figure that has no resemblance to the actual character. I was appalled. I mean I agreed with him that it doesn’t look totally like him, but I still wanted it. Just to have it … just to have a piece of Rob. I’m crying. Crying rivers.

  21. vickybonnett says:

    @Wendy, this is the one time I am glad my husband doesn’t like to go to the mall πŸ™‚

    @NC & UC Taylor is taking this “prep time” pretty seriously. You know it prob is gym time b/c they sure as hell don’ need a lot of time to slap that ridiculous wig on his head!

  22. Amber says:

    @Wendy – Do what I do…order everything online. By the time it arrives at the door, its too late for the hubby to do anything. I mean, sure he can return it, but my hubby is far too lazy to go through that much effort.

  23. Wendy says:

    I should order him online – that’s a good idea! It’s not like the hubby would ever see it – my little Edward/Rob would live in my purse and I totally planned on taking him to work with me and in the car and etc. πŸ™‚

    He actually suggested buying me a poster. I almost agreed to that, but then I knew that I’d want it to be hung in our bedroom, and I think that would be cool for the first few nights, but then just might get … awkward. haha

  24. Sass says:

    Gah!! I want posters and dolls and t-shirts and giant cardboard cut-outs and Cullen crest wrist cuffs and stickers to plaster all over my notebook…why, oh why do I have to be a 16 year old fangirl trapped in a 46 year old body?????

  25. Natasha says:

    @sass LOL because the world is a cruel place for us women……

  26. Sass says:

    @Natasha…at least once you hit a “certain age”.


  27. Amber says:

    @Wendy – He actually agreed to the poster?!? Wow, my hubby thinks I’m being sooo ridiculous and agrees to nothing. In fact, he’s been giving me so much grief over rereading the Twilight series, participating in these blogs, looking at pics, videos, anything Rob related.

    You should totally buy it and hang it on the ceiling above your side. That would be a face I could wake up to every morning (versus waking up to the hubby passing gas…ick!!)

    @Sass – Own your own life size Rob via eBay! http://tinyurl.com/d8efy5

  28. Amber says:

    @uc – Great idea! I’m going to Tulsa this weekend for work…maybe I can find the time to hit the local Hot Topic sans Mr. Amber!

  29. Sass says:

    @Amber…lmao over your gassy hubby!!

    And I saw the Edward cut-out at a video store at the mall the other day…I am sooooo close to saying screw it and buying it and just living with the ribbing I would get from my dh (who is also a gassy boy) and my kids, lol.

  30. Sass says:

    @UC…I bet Edward would come in handy at the poker table…after all, a good ming reader is hard to find, hee!

  31. Wendy says:

    @Amber – I know, I don’t know his logic, but I’m thinking a little Edward figure that I can put in my purse would be LESS obsessive than a poster in our bedroom! Or perhaps more obsessive since I’ll be traveling around with a plastic Edward and taking him out to pet him and love him? Hmmm.

    I made an Edward keychain for myself and my friend and the hubby just thinks that’s HILARIOUS. As in, eye roll, hilllarrriiiass.

    @sass – I saw all of that stuff at Hot Topic and I wanted to get it! If my kids were older (they are four) I’d be buying that stuff for “them”.

  32. Sass says:

    @Wendy…my daughter is almost 8, still a bit young for that too…although she does have a black cat Webkinz, with golden amber eyes and she named him Edward, so perhaps I could force, er, coax her into it!

  33. Amber says:

    @Wendy – Who is this friend? Is the friend a female? Why has she not read Twilight yet and joined you in this obsession?!? Pull her to the dark side with us…

    Quickly! The more people we surround ourselves with, the less crazy we look to the rest of the world!

  34. Wendy says:

    @Amber She’s obsessed. Moreso than me, I dare say. She’s on the Twilight Twitter Moms board all the time, I need her to come over here too! Want to see a pic of our keychains? Go here: http://couplemorehours.blogspot.com/2009/01/my-edward-cullen-keychain.html

    @sass – are there size 4T Twilight shirts out there? I need to find out.

  35. Amber says:

    @Wendy – Nice!! I thought since she was rolling her eyes at you that she may not understand, but clearly she gets it. She should totally join us!

    Also, I’m almost betting you could go on CafePress.com and found Twilight clothing for toddlers.

  36. Wendy says:

    @Amber – No, it was my HUBBY rolling his eyes! My friend cherishes her Edward keychain! πŸ™‚

  37. Amber says:

    @Wendy – I reread your post, and now I get it! I just read it wrong the first time. Must have had Rob on the brain.

  38. Wendy says:

    @Amber – Cafepress DID have toddler shirts! http://t-shirts.cafepress.com/item/future-twilight-fan-infanttoddler-tshirt/346392845

    I want to get those for my daughters. Don’t you think they’d look cool wearing them to preschool?

  39. vickybonnett says:

    Check this out:


    All the Edward Wallpaper your heart desires!

  40. Wendy says:

    @Vicky – what a find! Yikes those are GREAT images!

  41. Amber says:

    @ Wendy – Your daughters would be the coolest kids in school with those shirts.

    I should buy one for my little girl, she’s 19 months. She could pull it off!

  42. Wendy says:

    @Amber – our kids NEED those shirts. I’d rather they had a shirt with Rob’s head on it, I’ll have to keep searching. How’s this for funny: my daughter found a pair of plastic vampire fangs in the toy chest and put them on and came up to me to “kiss” me – she said, “You love vampires mommy!” hahahahahahahaaaaaaa! I guess I’m not exactly being subtle with the whole Twilight love.

  43. vickybonnett says:

    @Wendy Yes it is amazing what you can find on the internet by accident when you are avoiding writing a 3000 word paper. Now, If I had to write a paper on Twilight or Rpattz it wouldn’t be a problem!

  44. Sass says:

    OMG, some of those shirts are adorable…methinks I will be ordering something for my daughter!

    And those banners are to die for as well!


  45. Amber says:

    @ Karen – That is soooo adorable!!

    I looked for Rob on a shirt for kids, but haven’t found yet. If I see it, I’ll post it for you!

  46. traci says:

    @ Wendy – i am going to buy those T-shirts for my girls! that will surely drive my husband insane. πŸ™‚

    and yes…i LOVE my Edward keychain!!!!!

  47. Lauren says:

    Ooo…he is so generous. But I have to agree, he is being all bold out in the sunlight. πŸ™‚

  48. sidhevicious says:

    There are no Hot Topic stores in Canada… *cries and cries some more*. I want an Edward action figure too! I heard that a Chapters store in Ontario (on the other side of the country from me) has some. (Fookers!)

    I’m going to have to give in and order it from the States & pray to the customs Gods that they don’t screw me with a huge duty tax. *whine, whine, cry*

    • @sid this is a tragedy (i officially can’t spell that word w/o spell check) but in “i wish i lived in Canada” news, at least you’ll be graced with all twi-actors for a few months. lucky

  49. @natalie- prepwork = bench pressing us

    @sid- i got mine at borders if you have those

    @lauren- he’s breaking ALL the rules! you should have seen him driving my car in traffic!

    @everyone- YES buy your edward dolls and send us pics!!! we need to get him outta LA!

  50. Genevieve says:

    @sid & UC, yeah you can’t even get a Twi calender here, it’s THAT bad! We live about an 17 hour drive away from where they’ll be filming- close- unfortunately no. ROB- COME TO EDMONTON!

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