A snowy stroll with the Dadcase


I’ve got a special surprise here for you in the front pocket of my dadcase

Dear Rob-

While we were busy TRYING to migrate servers, you were busy looking loverly in the snow with your dad-like briefcase, which I will now refer to as the “Dadcase,” while wearing your ONE jacket. It got me thinking, what in the world could you possibly be lugging around all over Vancouver in the Dadcase? Seriously, you’re like weighted down with some heavy machinery or something with that thing. You look like a homeless businessman trying to find an open cubicle to plug in to. Oh the possibilities of the Dadcase contents:

-Oldest IBM laptop that weighs 20lbs and has an amber screen
-Brick cell phone
-copies of How to Win Friends and Influence People and your old standby: 7 habits of Highly Effective People
-Agenda for your next Toastmasters seminar

and of course:

– a printed and hand-bound copy of all our letters to you. You treasure each one and read it over black coffee with two sugars in your cubicle while booting up MS DOS and Lotus Notes.

Have a great day at work honey!

PS i love it when you do this wet hair look… please more!

See more pics here

703 Responses to “A snowy stroll with the Dadcase”

  1. Leigh Anne says:

    I have that exact jacket and that exact Dadcase. Do not judge.

    And I told y’all he was my people. We now have the proof.

    • love the jacket, but please be joking that you have that dadcase! we need to get you a mac, pronto!

      • Leigh Anne says:

        Seriously…we are going to break up. There is NOTHING wrong with that Dadcase. It is old-school. It is all kinds of dorky.

        I will carry my new Mac in it. I will.

        @Moon–girl, this could very well be his version of Special K’s backpack. The “Love Kit.” The Dadcase of Love.
        “That is a Fragrance of Love scented candle, bitch…”

  2. Sass says:

    @Leigh Anne…I am not judgemental, merely jealous. 😉

  3. Sass says:

    Toastmasters, eh? He can butter my bread anytime.

  4. Sass says:

    And those pap pics from the last thread? The ones in which he is amusingly trying to hide behind a hoodie and sunglasses? Not working in the least. Unless he is wearing a full ski mask, there is no escaping that chiseled jawline and those luscious, pouty lips.

  5. JBell says:

    lol ‘a pager’ he may quite possibly have a red stapler in there too…
    Part of me thinks he went out to buy a case and he had a hard time finding one. Once he got it home he realized that it was too big and just said ‘Fuck it, it’s fine.’
    Seriously though, the dadcase is way too big. We willl get him a new one; a slim, sexy and stylish GQ approved manpurse.

  6. Sass says:

    And the snowy Vancouver pics??


    How can one man be so gorgeous and perfect and dirty and messy and adorkable and talented all at the same time?

    • BeCullen says:

      “adorkable” that is the perfect word to describe him…I love it and he is incredibly adorkable. lol

  7. Sass says:

    I just reread and snickered over the MS DOS bit!

    Don’t forget checking out the usernet groups, hee!! My first “fan forum” was a U2 usernet group back in the early 90’s.


  8. starryrae says:

    1. I like the dadcase. It’s “old school” and very dorky, just like Rob. 🙂
    2. It prolly has his Mac.
    3. He has a new jacket, the black puffy one. I know because he was photographed in it the other day.
    4. And he’s photographed yet again today. I really feel sorry for him … altho this set with the blue sweater is particularly YUM. Gahd, I love Rob in blue and wet hair and looking pensive and …

  9. Melissa says:

    does he look thin to anyone else? let me make u a double cheeseburger, rob..

    • brummielover says:


      Dear Edward,

      Do you see what you have done? You have made MELISSA who is a VEGAN offer to cook MEAT for you.. That’s it I am putting my foot down. You simply MUST meet her..she is like the femal equivalent of you lol…so so true.

      Most Sincerely,
      Brummie Lover

  10. Sass says:

    And a few non lite beers to wash it down!

  11. JBell says:

    He definitely has a Panasonic Dot Matrix printer circa 1991 in there too…

    • JustGotWicked says:

      seriously JBell… people at work are starting to stare at me because i keep laughing out loud randomnly

    • themoonisdown says:

      100% has a dot matrix printer… has some legal sized spreadsheets in there. i mean how else will he keep all our information organized?

  12. domisgone says:

    I *hate* that jacket.

    He should only wear the black leather one he has… -growls-

  13. Angie says:

    hey KSTEW and Nicki were on twitter last night taking questions. Here she thinks of rob as a brother.

    @cassieeeoh Mar 09, 08:30 PM
    @kstich would you say you and rob are like brother and sister? nothing going on…right?

    @kstich Mar 09, 08:32 PM
    @cassieeeoh Yeah and that’s from both of us. If you have a brother could you imagine hearing people saying they think you’re dating. Yuck!

    Supposedly @ColdDesert is Rob’s twitter account as kstew has respoded to that account and even by calling him out by first name in a post.

    I’ve seen those pics with the laptop bag all the time. I wonder if he be searching the fan sites and fan comments!

    @ColdDesert Jan 25, 08:00 AM
    so busy, arggh! just sitting hanging with my guitar.

    @fakerpattz Mar 10, 12:44 AM
    @ColdDesert Pattinson Pants. Do they scare you too? http://tinyurl.com/auy7ld

  14. Valerie says:

    Oh the wet hair and the “dadcase” is totally him!
    Yes, we were talking a little about that the other day, that he is looking way too skinny.

  15. Brenda says:

    My husband has one of those– but he is a dad– so does that mean he’s really cool because he has one like Rob, or is it the other way around…I’m SO confused. Love his hair here– yep, don’t really care what’s in the dadcase:)

  16. brummielover says:

    Does he look mad? He looks mad? Is he agitated? I think he is agitated…ugh he wants left alone doesn’t he? ok well I just want to say he looks I love how he still travels alone..not with “buddies” and he does look thinner but going to a gym will do that. He looks gggggggggreat! Excuse my Tony the Tiger lol

  17. JBell says:

    …Need we reiterate that per Nick Frenkel, “Rob has no online presence”…

    Just throwin’ that out there. :]

  18. Sass says:

    @JBell…maybe his script is on Word. 😉

    Oh wait, does he have a Mac? Well, whatever the Mac equivialent of Word is. Sorry, I am Mac illilterate.

  19. vertigo says:

    The Dadcase is LOVE! makes for another reason to enjoy this man.
    Perhaps he’s being environmentally aware not getting caught up in consumerism. He will use that heavy machinery until it finally falls apart on him and he obviously doesn’t give a shit about what long term effects it will have on his spinal cord. If it aint broke darling, no need to go replacing it with something light and pocketsize.
    A mosochist for real perhaps?
    Businessman disguise? LOL! Yoo hoo, I can see you.

    Speaking of consumerism and pocketsize… sorry just a little OT here for a mo. I travelled quite a distance today to obtain my PE only to find they sold out… today of all days they had a bunch of older Women come in, see I know because I interrogated the Shop owner. The Baywatch edition was posted her in Oz last night, so it’s obvious some of you LTR readers beat me to it. Come on own up, I just want to know he made it to good homes.

  20. pishposh71 says:

    Happy happy, more Rob pictures. Nothing starts the day better than a hot cup of tea and Rob pictures (well in reality and not fantasy anyway)

  21. vogue says:

    In Rob’s case he’s got the NM script, blank sheet music in case of inspiration, a pack of cigs, lighter, Pepperoni Hot Pocket wrapped in foil, sunglasses, and a newly purchased taser for psychotic fans.

    Bzzzz! “Don’t tase me, bro!”

    • Carrie says:

      I think he also has some trashy magazines so he can talk to his Mum about all the latest Celebrity gossip. We know Claire loves the Celebrity Gossip. 🙂

  22. vogue says:

    And while the “dad case” might not be the sexy to some, I personally think it is VERY sexy to see Rob lugging that around, and I’d pay a very pretty penny $$$ to own it (meaning the very one he’s touching).

  23. Carrie says:

    He does look kinds thin. Look at this pics in same pants a few months ago. Was filling them out a little more than now.

  24. Jena says:

    I love today’s letter, LOL! LMAO at JBell’s printer suggestion, LOL LOL LOL! I love that jacket, I have always loved that jacket, just something about that jacket. I have fantasies with him in nothing but that jacket and his gold contact lenses!

  25. Jena says:

    OK, so how does Twitter work? How do you get on a page for topics you’re interested in, like how do you come across KStew chatting? I realize I should slap myself for being late in the twitter world and need to get acquainted.

  26. Monica says:

    @Carrie: re celeb gossip: I’ll bet he gives his mom first-hand celeb gossip…Not the regular one from tabloids…Or worse, it’s the other way round…he’ll get so wrapped up in his bubble that his mom tells him the news!! Picture that!!! It would be so like him!!!

    @Sass: Mac equivalent for Word….is Word!!! Everything windowed, we have it! and it works BETTER!!!
    And with Rob’s being a musician, it figures he should have a Mac or at least a laptop that’s so beautiful AND worthy of sitting on his LAP (though I’d take the trade any day!!!)

    @Everyone: the haunted airman available for preorder on http://www.play.com!!!!!!
    I’ll play the bathtub scene till the DVD spontaneously combusts!!!

  27. Genevieve says:

    @Moon- LOL! Letter is great! ‘brick phone’!
    I called it his ‘suitcase’ bag yesterday.
    I think his script is in the bag b/c I read/heard that we was reading it in a pub/restaurant but how big is it actually? (posted this last night but here he is again)


  28. Hah — I am still chuckling over the ‘brick cell phone.’ Comedy gold, ladies!

  29. Jena says:

    I love the way he said “Apotamkin”. LMAO!

  30. Sass says:

    Thanks Monica for the Mac clarification!

    And Gen, that pic? Frig, he is so beautiful and intense all at the same time.

  31. Jena says:

    This is my fave bit:

    “- a printed and hand-bound copy of all our letters to you. You treasure each one and read it over black coffee with two sugars in your cubicle while booting up MS DOS and Lotus Notes.”

    LOL! Priceless!

  32. Sass says:

    Can you even imagine waiting to cross the street and you see that god of a speciman next to you??

  33. Monica says:

    @Sass re Mac: no probs!

    @Sass re crossing the street: worth getting run over or not going anywhere you were headed to for that!!

  34. Amber says:

    @JBell – I think what you are referring to is a “murse”!

    Although I kinda like the dadcase…but maybe that’s cause Rob is carrying it…it may not have the same effect alone.

    Here is how I think the purchase went….Rob walks into thrift store…picks up shiteous black Nikes, blue plaid shirt, black pants, brown jacket…goes to checkout…”dadcase” sitting on checkout counter (someone changed their mind) and marked down to $1…Rob thinks what the hell, grabs it…now, that $1 impulse buy is the subject of a blog.


  35. Kristin says:

    Oh, loved the letter. And you know what, again, I will say it, there isn’t a damn thing that I don’t find endearing about this man. Dadcase and all.

    Dear Rob –

    I bet that giant dadcase has got plenty of room for an extra plane ticket or 2 that you are going to send me to visit you in Vancouver. I just know it. 😉

    See you soon baby,

    *I WISH! LOL!

    I think I might have to start a twitter if ROB is on there….secret or not. and the Pattinson Pants? SERIOUSLY? 1992 called and wants its Puffy Paint back.

  36. Sass says:

    Re Pattinson Pants…gee, and I thought you guys would like them…


  37. Amber says:

    @Jena — I wrote a self-help Twitter guide for the Robsessed on my blog…check it! http://tinyurl.com/dx22te

    Find me on Twitter once you sign up if you need help and I’ll do my best! @joebendesigns

    We do a LOT of chatting over there, and JBell always posts her finds there first! (Right, JBell, right?!?) 😉

  38. Kristin says:

    and oh my god, this man has the longest stride of anyone I have ever seen. I would be running to keep up with him. Every step he takes would be like 3 for me! LOL!

  39. Amber says:

    @Sass Don’ know if Rob is on there (I’ll refer to JBell’s comment about, cause I’m sure that’s right) but @fakerpattz is on there and he is sooo much fun!

  40. Jena says:

    I can’t open the Pattinson Pants tinyurl, it’s blocked at work damnit. So what was it?

  41. Carrie says:

    I am a scared of the Rob pants. I hope that lady never meets Rob. He will go into hiding forever.

  42. Jena says:

    Someone send me a picture of these Rob pants at my work address. I can’t open the link.

  43. Sass says:

    So I guess it is safe to say that we will NOT be holding a Pattinson Bedazzled Craft Night get together any time soon?

    • Carrie says:

      No Sass. There will be no “Pattinson Bedazzled Craft Night”. If we should ever get together it will be to talk about our love of the Rob and get drunk and make fools of ourselves in public. 🙂

    • themoonisdown says:

      speak for yourselves girls, i’m in the middle of a bedazzled pattinson bra. his face over my nip of course.

      • brummielover says:

        Wouldn’t the beading hurt? lol Oh Rob the pain we LTR ladies are willing to go through just to be closer to you haha

  44. Amber says:

    “Pattinson Pants” = scary!!

    Said pants with puff paint Keds (look, seriously they are there) = restraining order!!

  45. Sass says:

    @Kristin…on the subject of long strides, imagine what else those long legs are capable of…

  46. Jena says:

    I wonder what deleted scene we’re going to get today on Access Hollywood. Was Fridays just the “don’t go walking alone in the woods”? Because something happened and it didn’t record. WWHHAA!

  47. Sass says:

    @Jena, yes that was the one.

    Did someone send you the link yet?

  48. Briar Rose says:

    Jena – I was reading on other comments that you might know how to access downloading the DVD Commentary. I am dying for it, if you do know can you please (pretty pretty please) share with a fellow Robaholic? I will even e-mail you the pants pic

  49. Carrie says:

    I am never going to get any work done today with this pic around-
    What I would give to be that ciggie.

    • skeeter says:

      Does he steal clothing from every shoot and set he goes to? Those jeans are from his GQ shoot. LOL Guess those Twilight checks haven’t come in yet.

  50. Jena says:

    Carrie just sent me the pants (Thanks, Carrie!) and LMAO! I thought I was crazy! This confirms that I officially don’t need help, LOL!
    Oh that was a nice laugh.

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