Most Desirable Celebrity Husband: Robert Pattinson and… Justin Bieber??

Dear Rob,

So clearly someone at CTV (whatever that is) is a big Twilight fan and has been waiting with bated breath, watching all the non-goings on in Baton Rouge. Yesterday, some pictures of you and the gang walking around on the studio lot shot around the interwebs. In them you were wearing a wedding ring (I’ll pause to let the ladies collect themselves) and looking verrrrry husband-y. So when I saw this list CTV created of the Top 10 Most Desirable Celebrity Husbands, I knew! How else would they have seen the ring and been so inspired?

It’s a pretty interesting list to say the least though I have a few questions for the creators. I can understand being blinded by the Edward ring pictures but some of the guys on the top ten just maybe perhaps don’t belong. Let’s take a look…

Most Desirable Celebrity Husband:

Uh yea… we’ll take both

1. Prince Harry – Besides Rob this is probably the most plausible entry. Who wouldn’t want to be a Princess? AND it’s Harry, aka Prince Hot Ginge (™Dlisted) aka the Prince who still has all his hair. ANNND he’s a fine piece. I cosign this choice for the list.

2. Justin Bieber – Let me get this straight… a 16 year old BOY who’s about 5 feet tall and thinks he’s God’s gift is a DESIRABLE HUSBAND? They have the good drugs at CTV, right? You might wanna check over your should for Chris Hanson. I hear he doesn’t like this kind of thing. And besides that what would Selena Gomez do? Sad. (that I know that)

Uh yea. ZERO competish here Rob.

3. Robert Pattinson – DUH for days (and one of the only single guys on here)

4. David Beckham – Married with a 4th baby on the way? This is a big NO and I bet Posh can throw down like a chola in a street fight. Bitch looks FIERCE. But he is mad hot, I’ll give him that.

5. Russell Brand – N0, just no. More power to Katy Perry for picking a guy that undoubtedly makes her laugh, but no thanks for me.

6. Colin Firth – The possibility of Mr. Darcy role play is making my head spin… or maybe it’s the caffeine in the TRENTA sized Starbucks I just drank. Either way: YES, ALWAYS YES to this.

7. Prince William – That bitch Kate Middleton beat us to the punch but we’ll have the last laugh. See #1 and this guys hairline.

8. George Clooney – Terminal bachelor who has said he’ll never get married. So

Rob, WHO?

either he’s super closeted gay or leaves the seat up and he doesn’t want to change. No thanks.

9. Piers Morgan – The dude from X Factor who took Larry Kings spot? Oldie McOld? NO!

10. Brad Pitt – Who wants to step mom like 2309402394 kids? You can have him Angie, we’ll send Bieber over too! There’s always room for one more, the kids’ll love him!

Ok so it’s fun to imagine Rob as a possible hubby but let’s remember he’s playing a character AND he’s TWENTY FOUR!! He hasn’t even been broken in yet. Let’s let someone else take that bullet and then we’ll sweep in and take him. DUH.

Thanks though CTV and whoever the Twihard/Rob fan was behind this little piece you’ve provided many laughs and mental images of Justin Bieber at my wedding. *shudder*


And for kicks follow the jump to the Top Ten LEAST Desirable Celebrity Husbands

Least Desirable Celebrity Husband:

  1. Charlie Sheen – you don’t say!
  2. Mel Gibson
  3. Tom Cruise
  4. Mickey Rourke
  5. Pete Doherty
  6. Marilyn Manson
  7. David Hasselhoff
  8. Ricky Gervais
  9. Chris Moyles
  10. Wayne Rooney

So if you had to choose someone OTHER than Rob from that list, who would it be. BE HONEST. It’s Bieber, right?!

Thanks CTV and Robsessed where I read it 1st. Pics at Twifans

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164 Responses to “Most Desirable Celebrity Husband: Robert Pattinson and… Justin Bieber??”

  1. Biel says:

    “Brad Pitt – Who wants to step mom like 2309402394 kids? You can have him Angie, we’ll send Bieber over too! There’s always room for one more, the kids’ll love him!”….. ROFL Priceless!!
    Robert P. and Colin F. *sigh* Couldn’t agree more!

    • robgirl86 says:

      I realized at the GG, that the Bieb is really very very short, why does he end on such list? He’s a teen..with a huge EGO, but still..& Angie wouldn’t mind another kid, am sure, she’s great, Bieber can sing a bit for the rest of the kindergarten.

    • Alex says:

      I just wanted to THANK YOU for ur Rpb videos.

      Especially “Robert Pattinson’s Details- Crystalysed”

      I cant stop watching that video. It makes me love cosmopolis and the book makes me love the video.

      Thanks again.

    • melronin says:

      List includes some great men…but have to say that since I saw Rob for the first time I just can’t get excited over any other man on this earth…

      I look at them…ok they look good and the next second I forget about them…they just do nothing to me…
      I guess that’s a normal Robeffect..right???

    • fdrinconnue says:

      Marriage is good for Edward, but not for Rob ! and I guess not for real men. They live just for fun and Rob is the first in this way. And then girls come with their wedding rings and catch them.
      Thanks for your videos Biel.

      • sallycinnamon says:

        Why is marriage not good for real men? I don’t get that idea. I’ve got a boyfriend who has been begging me to marry him since we were 19. People do say he’s sort of like Edward though…and they think he’s a vampire…he’s not abusive, okay!

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Just need to give a shout-out to Biel for all the awesome videos! I was sooo disappointed last week when I tried to access your channel on Youtube and it had been closed. That’s just criminal!

  2. kandnandb says:

    Oooh, definitely a prince! Harry looks like he’d be a ball of fire (no pun intended) & I think I’d look good in a tiara.

    Colin, of course. That guy exudes class from his pores, much like I imagine yesterday’s vodka seeping out of LiLo.

    But alas, there’s only room for 1 on my list….and that’s BabyBiebs. I will patiently wait 10 years for his voice to change & hit puberty so we can spend our lives together, looking in the mirror & swishing our hair. And researching the best brands of hair dryers.

    Just kidding, Rob….it’s you. Only you. Marry me? I got you this ring:
    Do the lyrics ring a bell?

  3. robgirl86 says:

    They can put on such list whoever they want, I see only Rob..he’s def.marriage material!
    Ricky G.on the neg list? Why? He is at least very FUNNY..

  4. Alex says:

    oh Baby baby baby

    Why cant he be a goooood husband? He can sing this lullaby to his babies one day.LOL

    NO one is better than Rob. He is yummy, sexy, goofy, sensitive, funny, intelligent and sooo yummy and yummy.

    Colin F. as Mr Darcy or Rob as Rob?????

    For me …Rob as Rob forever and for always. Love him so much.

    PS:You guys have been so spot on lately(with your last three posts). Read and liked every comments. Looking forward to comments below.

  5. Bea says:

    Colin, always Colin. Still adore him even as he’s started to look older and a little jowly. Even my husband sees the appeal– about halfway through P&P (yes, he watched the whole thing with me– he’s a keeper) he announced that he wanted to be Colin when he grow up. If only.

  6. robgirl86 says:

    In the first pic with Dean, Rob cracks me up eating the chocolate bar with THAT LOOK and THAT hair situation…too funny

  7. MariaCecilia says:

    I guess I could do with Colin while waiting for Rob to come around: I am sure Colin would be great for afternoon teas, wonderful conversations and fabulous evening snuggles.

    I must warn you, though, Colin, that I already have Rob’s ring picked out and waiting, so it is only a matter of time until I chuck you out! (Broad, simple, silver, perfect.)

    I might even be magnanimous and give Bieber a home, if he didn’t look so annoyingly sweet: I bet he’s mealy-mouthed and would steal change from my pockets and tequila from my cupboard the minute I turned my back. Just say no- to teenage husbands and adoptees! And YES to husbands with hypnotic eyes, messy hair and musician’s hands!

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      LOL at “Colin would be great for afternoon teas” – but the pressure, can you imagine the pressure of making just the right cup? I’m sure he has preferences, and not any lipton orange pekoe will do. I’m sure he prefers a certain leaf from a certain side of the Himalayas and brewed exactly 3 minutes at 160 degrees (or whatever the celsius of 160 is…I’m sure that’s how he’d specify, and I still can’t do the conversion and would totally mess it up) and with just a drop of cream and sugar from a certain supermarket in London etc… I don’t think I could handle that sort of pressure from him. Might just ruin the cozy tea moment. Plus just the right crumble level scones! And clotted cream? Where the hell could I find clotted cream? Wouldn’t work.

      • MariaCecilia says:

        Actually, almost all Brits I have met are surprisingly un-fussy about their tea and have Lipton tea bags in their cupboards: I was SO disillusioned on my first trip to the UK! I suspect that it’s gonna be ME that fusses, and I will bring a pound of my favourite Darjeeling First Flush, 2 minutes, no more, no less, two drops of milk thank you!

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          No no, didn’t mean to imply all Brits are fussy-pants/fussy-trousers about their tea. No no. But Colin has a tea-fussy vibe (to me). And, I’m usually right about tea-fussers, I grew with a whole family full of them (and it gets worse…they even fuss about what type of tea tin is best). 🙂

          • maryalice says:

            LOL. really? the tea tin makes a difference? I learn so much here…

          • MariaCecilia says:

            The perfect tea tin is metal, of course, with a tight lid! Please give me your fussy family members address, and we may meet and fuss together the next time I visit the UK! (Tea-nerds all over the world-unite!)

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            MC: but metal as in stainless steel or aluminum? And do you put tea within said tin in a ziplock or in fabric bag? Because with ziplock, some of the plastic smell can infiltrate. But with fabric, you do run the risk of moisture level variances. And then there is the ceramic camp. Not to mention the glass. And then you have half-and-halfsers versus creamsters versus the milk advocates…not to mention the straight blackers. Take my fussy family out for tea! You’ll regret it!

  8. robgirl86 says:

    Beside Rob (oh yes!) would I really consider to marry one of those guys? NO!

    • Alex says:

      Such a Faithful comment. Yeh Go Girl.

      Rob all the way.

    • melronin says:

      NO…NO…and…NO other than Rob!!!
      the end

    • MariaCecilia says:

      But you have to be a strategic planner and consider the possibility that a celebrity marriage might bring you more opportunities to stalk Rob first hand, at the Oscars, at the MTV name it!
      …until your hubbie catches on to why you always want to go to these events dressed to the nines and then keep craning your neck, looking around and sneaking off “to the bathroom” every five minutes…meaning Rob-time!

  9. danisu says:

    hmmm…i’ll go for Prince Harry (i always thought he was the hotter Prince, anyway) and Colin Firth. maybe I have secret daddy issues because he is only 4 years younger than my mother…buttt……yes. a thousand times.

  10. Alex says:

    Rob is a KEEPER. He seems to treat women well.

    Sorry LTR girls for posting this here. But I had to say this somewhere as I dont have an account.

    PS: Message for anyone who posts on Robs Board.

    Guys! I lurk every day ..hour or so. Really enjoy ur thoughful, funny, sarcastic, drooling and naughty comments. I love when its peaceful. Pls dont lookdown any other actors but keep focusing on Rob and his projects, photos (and sandwiches and salads LOL). There are so many people like me read his board for information. We, Rob fans are passionate.

    Love you everyone.

  11. alice_av says:

    as Im working on my final dissertation at school, I need to know where the hell the they take this sample? who vote? what ages? I mean I will only agree with Rob and Colin the rest of it, is just not husband material, because either married or need the consent of their parents to do so…

    Marry me Rob!!!

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Surveys are a total breeze when your sample set is just one person. And that one person is an unpaid intern (aka your Mom) and her only instruction is to pick up a copy of InTouch and go through it and name 10 men who appear without Kate Gosselin, Bristol Palin, Lindsey Lohan or Megan Fox at their side. Easy peasy. All marriage material, in theory.

      • alice_av says:

        Exactly!!! I mean what kind of sample is that??!!! my professor ask for huge samples for a simple homework, i bet they just wrote the names on pieces of papers and then pick up one for the 1st place and soo on…

        The only sample I want is you Rob lol

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Oh, pfssh, I’m not going to wait for Rob’s consent! I’m just going to sweep him off his feet and ask him to deal. Man up and marry me! 🙂

  12. melronin says:

    Viggo is not on that list??? Seriously???

    There is no question really and no choice for me to make…

    It would be either Rob or nobody! If I can’t have Rob I prefer to stay single…cause noone compares…

    • RobsFan-tasy says:

      Let’s face it ladies, Rob is the only one who is REALLY worth our time and interest. Why else would we be here?? After all, it is LETTERS TO ROB!

      Dear Rob,
      Just remember, (we) I adore, Love, Admire, Love, desire, Love, Want, (did I say LOVE) you and when your ready to get hitched or just go out you have a whole world of women to choose from who are already completely devoted to you And NO ONE else!

      Love you Rob!

  13. natteringyeahrobber says:

    OK, I do have a thing for Russell. Not enough of a thing to Google him nearly every day and order a Cobb salad just because he does, but he does have many attractive qualities. I adore his naughty sense of humor, love his long dark locks, and only he can upstage Rob in the “WTF” outfit department. Plus, the accent, he does have that accent. I guess if Rob wasn’t available on our wedding day (that is, if I’m unable to break him out of the Summit compound and deprogram him), Russell would definitely do (plus current husband likes Russell, another bonus). But Rob will always be the first choice.

  14. robsfuturemate says:

    I’m gonna try to pretend to think unbiased (not gonna happen):

    Prince Harry- he’s up there on the list. AKA the guy who has all his hair: THIS!!! (but really compare that hair with Rob’s even with a bald spot)

    Colin Firth- if I had too. He was wonderful in the King’s Speech but not really my cup of tea. (he does have that accent tho, wonder what he sings like. Not like Rob, trust)

    David Beckham- only if he got rid of Posh AND had bodyguards to protect me from her on my weekends with her kids. (Rob, no kids,right?! I think Dean could protect me from any disgruntled ex-girlfriends)

    Okay, just as I expected. It’s the one and only Rob P.!!!! Surprised anyone? I thought not!

    • stupidshiny says:

      RFM Colin sings in ‘Mamma Mia’ but I’m afraid it’s not what I’d call ‘singing’, not the way Rob does it anyway LOL

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Ah, I had forgotten about that debacle that is Mama Mia. Colin actually wasn’t that bad compared to Pierce. But you’re right, he’s no Rob!!

  15. Brenn says:

    I’ve been married a *really long time* and I always swear if anything happens to the hubs, I will never ever get married again.

    Only one person on that list could change my mind — oh Mr. Pattinson, that’s you! *sigh* Not even Mr. Darcy, as cute as he is, would sway me. And the Biebs? I have shoes older than him. How was he even considered???

    • robgirl86 says:

      “I have shoes older than him.” hahahahahahaha, omg, hilar!

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Double love for the shoe comment. Heck, I think I have a box spinach in the freezer older than Biebz. Do these women realize they would have to move to Alabama (or one of those states where it is OK to marry minors) to do so? I’ve lived in Alabama. Few things would get me to move back, and Biebz isn’t one of them.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      “Shoes older than him” LOL
      Kudos to you for being so environmental-friendly and a really careful consumer!!

  16. Vera says:

    George Clooney is 50 yo. I am surprised that he isn´t on anybody’s list around here.

    Is he gay? I don´t think so. He is likely to have sex twice a week.

    He is handsome, experienced and rich.

    He would be a fantastic hubby.

    Rob is handsome and rich but unexperienced, and he is likely to have sex twice a day, at least.

    He would be a fantastic lover.

    • robgirl86 says:

      well “fantastic lover” sounds best in my “marriage book”, dunno whatelse should count…

    • kristen's bestie says:

      That is a fantastic analysis. I’ll take Rob please!!

    • RobsFan-tasy says:

      keep the money, the fame, the houses, the cars, or anything else the $$ can buy! I Don’t want it, it Truly means nothing. I’d just like to know and get closer to the man. end of story.

      Rob, as a Man, (not a celebrity) you rock! I love Who YOU are as a person. and I wish I knew more.

  17. sharon says:

    Well, if I had to pick from the list, other than Rob, I’d go with Prince Harry….what a hottie? But, like you said, Rob is a still just a baby. The person not on the list which should have been is Gerard Butler. I know, he’s trying to be like Clooney, the eternal bachelor, but I have faith in him. He just simply hasn’t met me yet, and when he does the sparks will fly! Sorry Rob, but you can still be the other man, once Kristen has you broken in you should be up to the task.

  18. Edible art? says:

    I know I lmao at Beiber being on that list. He always turns up I can only deduce that he has a PR person whose sole objective is to get him on any list going – it’s quite obvious the only people worth marrying are Rob and Colin duh !!! Also despite you Americans having Rob all this time we make you pay for it by shipping over Posh and Piers Morgan ha ha enjoy !!

  19. roslynselene says:

    What would married life be like with Pattinson? Would he be nagging me to make him a sammich? Will he leave me because I can’t cook? Am I going to have to scold him for not putting his dirty undies in the hamper (for the 1000th time)? Answer me, Rob! I *need* to know these things. (Pffft, as if it’d make a difference; I’d get to wake up next to him every morning!)

    • Maggie says:

      And waking up next to that hunk of sexiness every morning would make it all worthwhile. (sigh)

    • southernbelle says:

      You know what? He can ask me anything and I will do whatever the heck he wants me to do….yes if that meant I’d wake up next to him….you know and I imagine he’d look like he just stepped out of GQ magazine. Sexy, glorious sex hair, stubble on the chin, tantalizing blue eyes, and so on and so forth! LOL

      Plus if I wake up next to him that would mean we spent the night together! *giggles

      • sallycinnamon says:

        I just imagine waking up next to him and he has a long line of dried drool on his face and terrible morning breath (does he even brush his teeth after eating his midnight Hot Pocket? Does anyone imagine him ever brushing his teeth before bed…or even when he wakes up?)

      • roslynselene says:

        LOL Well the way you put it, I might *consider* marriage with Rob. Playing hard to get? Hell yes. That’s the plan. 😉

        • southernbelle says:

          Don’t play too much hard to get because some other lucky girl’s gonna snatch him away :).

          Btw, check your email.

  20. nocoolname says:


  21. Janetrigs says:

    I don’t know what to right, so I wrote this.

  22. ladyofthemeadow says:

    I imagine Rob growing into a Colin Firth. Since I’m in the middle age-wise, I could do either of them quite happily, twice a week or twice a day, LOL. But maybe not at the same time, ha.

    “I have shoes older than Bieber” comment – LMAO!

    • Vera says:

      A hot picture just crossed my mind.

      Maybe you don´t mind if I ask why not they both at the same time?

      All that matters, in this case, is the quality of love shared.

      Give threesome a try

      • Maggie says:

        That does conjure up a nice little oreo cookie image, but, I’d have to say that if Rob was there, he’d have 110% of my attention. (Sorry Colin).

      • ladyofthemeadow says:

        Okay, I’m reconsidering my position (twss). A Rob/ladyofthemeadow/Colin sandwich just might be tasty after all.

  23. Dear Rob,

    I don’t want to marry you or anyone else. So call me, carefree, I’msure we’ll think of something to do instead.

  24. I remember being in a bar watching the Princess Di death coverage. I remnr seeing lil Harry walk in the funeral procession and thinking, awe poor lil guy, I want to give him a hug.

    And now, so many years later, I’d like to give him a “special hug”. Prince Hot Ginge all the way!

    But I did just see the Kings Speech. Mr. Darcy in a kilt! ‘Nuff said.

  25. Britt says:

    Well CTV is Canadian so that might explain why Bieber’s there but they should have replaced him with Ryan Gosling. Anyways, Rob’s my number one.

  26. Maggie says:

    My top ten:

    1) Rob
    2) Rob
    3) Rob
    4) Rob
    5) Rob
    6) Rob
    7) Rob
    8) Rob
    9) Rob
    10) Colin

    10a) David Beckham, but not for anything long term – maybe just a one night stand, as long as Posh can’t know about it.

    And why in the world is the BabyBiebs included on these lists? (I’ll bet Rob thinks the same thing). Isn’t he more the dream boy of 10 year olds?

    • roslynselene says:

      Haha, I like the smiley face for #8

      • Maggie says:

        I saw that! I guess if you type an “8” and then a “)”, you get a smiley face. I was thinking there might be some hidden meaning here. Like, let’s say, if you say, “Rob, marry me” 8 times, well, then ….IT HAPPENS!! Well, so far, I’m still sitting here waiting for his call. I mean we all saw that he already has the ring……

        hmph. I may have a long wait……… 8)

  27. Mieze says:

    Jesus Christ, I wonder what you have to do to get on such lists?

    I am sorry, but Prince Harry? I remember when he showed up at a party in a costume he shouldn´t have…

    And as much as I hope that Rob will be a great husband one day, I had to roll my eyes when I first saw that ring on his finger, knowing the whole Twilight-fandom would freak out…I have to admit, that just a few days before I had read a blog that alleged Rob secretly had bought a ring for KStew during Christmas, so the eye-rolling might be a steady state since that day.
    Marriage can be a wonderful thing, but it starts a total different period in life and I truly do believe that everybody should learn to be happy on your own before you get responsible to the happyness of at least two people.

  28. Mieze says:

    LOL and I ment happiness…it’s time for me to get back to London again, the english started messing up my brain lately…

  29. pukesten says:

    10. Brad Pitt – Who wants to step mom like 2309402394 kids? You can have him Angie, we’ll send Bieber over too! There’s always room for one more, the kids’ll love him!

    Haha that’s the funniest thing i read in ages!!

    I like the bit about rob being one of the few single guys on the list aswell
    *covers ears* lalalalalalala

  30. Anna says:

    Speaking of Rob as your husband, check out this “Real Life Edward” Valentine’s Day card you can give to your own husband.

    • sallycinnamon says:

      Oh, I hope I get a “You’re my real life Bella” card. “You’re my real life Bella, except for the lip biting, stuttering, indecisiveness, lack of personality, and 12-year-old boy body.”

    • southernbelle says:

      Thanks for that, wow I want one! His profile!!!!! What a nice card to butter up the hubby!

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Backhanded compliment Valentine’s Day cards are THE BEST. Like “Sorry you aren’t Rob Pattinson – you don’t have his hair, his face, his jaw, his accent, his body, his sex…er well, everything, but you’re still pretty cool, I guess, I mean I did marry you right? That’s something. I try to choose wisely, dear. Love, Me”.

        • roslynselene says:

          LMAO, so true. I’d hate to be the hubby receiving something like that. It’s like:
          “Oh, btw here’s a reminder you’ll never be who I wish you could be.
          Disappointment .”

          • maggie says:

            Happy Valentine’s Day Hubs. (This picture on card):


            Open card: Wish you were him.

            Heart and flowers on this special day.

            With much love, longing and yearning (unfortunately not so much for you),

            Your, unfullfilled wife.

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            Roslynselene – LMAO at “Love, Disappointment” – that would make a great movie title. Starring some chick and any guy other than Rob.
            Maggie – That TVWeek photo – holy f$#@!!!! Just when I thought he couldn’t get hotter. It’s only 6:15 a.m. and today is already lost to Rob-lust. 🙂

        • southernbelle says:

          LOL my hubby might divorce me if I give him a card like with all the lines you mentioned! Like he’s 2nd best of something haha! I can just see him ripping it to shreds.

          On 2nd thought he’s never gonna leave me because he’s not gonna find anyone better than me! Ha! Hey I listen to him talk sports to me. I listen to all his political talk. He listens to my eco-hippy talk. He’s got it made!

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            If I gave hubs the Edward card, he’d probably laugh. If I gave him the “Too Bad You Aren’t Rob” card, he’d laugh harder. I guess I married him because he understands sarcasm and my humor. And best of all, he does understand my Rob crush (I mean, how could anyone NOT understand).
            Dear Hubs, Thanks for agreeing to let Rob be my freebie. I mean, we both know it will never happen, but let’s consider that irrelevant. If Rob should somehow ring up to the reception desk at my work one day and drop off a hotel key with instructions on how to meet him, I’ll do it, you know I will. I really am looking forward to meeting Dean and also that first moment when Rob pushes me against the back of the wall of his hotel room. And the front of the dresser. And against the mahogany armoire (why are they always mahogany, Oak looks so much better). Not to mention the shower, the shoe rack, the luggage stool, and that weird open closet area that never has enough hangers. I appreciate your understanding in advance. That’s why I married ya. Hugs, Me.

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            p.s. SouthernBelle – Ecohippies rock! 🙂

          • roslynselene says:

            @SB I bet you’re a wonderful wife (you cook everyday, that’s 1000 points already!). It’s Rob’s loss, oh well. 😉 Lol

            @Natteringyeahrobber That’s hilar! That’s also fanfic material there, hun. LOVE IT!

          • southernbelle says:

            @Nat oops sorry I hope it didn’t sound like I was talking abd about hubby :P. He tolerates my Robsession, sometimes he does something nice like he bought me the Edward standee and a 2011 Rob calendar(hehe now he has to look at it). He can be sweet but there’s only so much Rob he can take.

            @RoslynSelene thanks for the compliment! The cooking/baking was born out of necessity, because we’re on a special diet(see Edward and I have a lot of things in common). But now I enjoy it, I’m like the petite GF Paula Dean :P. Gotta love her.

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            @SB – your husband got you a Rob standee and a calendar? that’s seriously cool. mine would be “too embarrassed” to do that and would probably make my 6 year old buy both items at the cash register (“here’s a dollar, kid, buy this stuff for your mom and pretend like you don’t know me.”)

          • southernbelle says:

            @Nat yeah he did, he’s bought me a lot of stuff. He was the one that got me into Twilight too and then regretted it later LOL. He’s the one who bought the Twilight DVD, then he bought me the books because he said “you need a hobby.”

            I have quite a bit of Rob/Twilight paraphernalia at home! I have a huge framed poster of Rob from the Oscars 2 yrs ago. He is so pretty!

  31. southernbelle says:

    Oh my goodness, how can Justin Bieber be #2 and Rob as #3? What? Are they blind or something? No offense to Bieber fans but he looks so young and definitely not hubby material! Who knows, maybe in another 15 yrs…then we can revisit him…but not now.

    Rob is the number one for me always hahah, unfortunately I didn’t write that list.

    As far as the undesirables, I totally agree! Haha

    Oh and I like Katy Perry but she can definitely keep Russell Brand.

    Dear Rob,

    You’re number one to me, I have no number 2, 3, 4, etc. Just number one, and that’s you, and you are certainly MORE than enough for me!



  32. Cath says:

    Harry seems like fun, but sadly I’m not that into ginger gentlemen, sure I’m missing out, but still.

    I’ll settle for Rob and Colin. I want to have a young and a somewhat more mature handsome Brit.

    What do you mean I can’t have two??? Hmmmm…

    Colin in bath, not quite Rob who, but close! 😉

    • southernbelle says:

      Rob and Colin in a bath tub(not together!!!!) would be awesome!!! Yeah like Haunted Airman Rob, ahem the nun/nurse giving him a bath and the bubbles just strategically placed for modesty….LOL

      Love the photo of Colin in the tub up there! Mr. Darcy’s taking a bath!!!!! ;P

  33. MidnightCougar says:

    Well, I am Canadian & would say that CTV stands for Canadian Television Network.

    I have been with the same man for 21 yrs & I have always said that if, God forbid, anything should happen to Mr. MC, that I can not imagine starting over again. Although, when I look at this list there are only 2 men that might nullify my previous statement – #1 Rob & #2 Colin Firth. Both very fine men.
    *sigh* Oh Rob baby, you bestill my heart & take my breath away:

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      OK, put that photo next to the photo of the men on that list (or any list, really), and there’s just no competition. None. Zero. Some decent contenders, but only one clear winner.

      • Maggie says:

        Yep, you are so right. After this pic, Colin just fell off my list (see previous reply). So sorry Colin honey, but at the end of the day my #1 through #10 = Rob. It’s just hopeless. I’m such a lost cause.

    • southernbelle says:

      Oh my goodness! He is so beautiful! I don’t even know what to say! I’m hopeless!

      • MidnightCougar says:

        I know & when I first saw this pic, I sighed & stared at it for I don’t know how long. He’s just so breathtakingly beautiful. Damn he does it for me!!

        • RobsFan-tasy says:

          once again, Amen Sista!

          • MidnightCougar says:

            Hey girlfriend, your up early too. It’s almost 6am here & I’m all fired up again looking at this damn pic so early! Think I’ll have to lace my morning coffee with some Kahlua to calm myself! lmao

        • southernbelle says:

          Sigh….the sighing is a given when it comes to Rob. It’s because we can’t express his loveliness in words any longer. *Sighs deeply and stares at Rob*

    • RobsFan-tasy says:

      LOL No, BB I haven’t gone to bed yet. I don’t sleep hardly eva. ME too!! I got that in my favs File. Whew! Breath Girl, Breath LOL.

      • MidnightCougar says:

        btw, I <3 your website! You HAVE to add this pic to your photos link. Shit girl, you got some great pics on there (some nice manips too). If you decide to go adult naughty, let me know, I know a few sites to obtain those types of manips. *wink, wink* *slinks back to ROB ATTACK.*to peruse your while site.

  34. Gail says:

    For me it would be Ashton Kutcher (yeah yeah he’s not on the list, I know) because he is not afraid of commitment (got married pretty young, to a mother of 3), he doesn’t give that much importance to looks (I know what you think but Demi is 16 years older than him, so at some point it’s gonna show), he seems to be really cool and funny so his company must be very enjoyable, he’s not only an artist but an entrepreneur too so you get the best of both worlds, and he can play the guitar and kinda sings (ok he’s definitely no Rob there, but let’s not be picky).

  35. maggie says:

    I found this page on Robsessed archives that was totally devoted to Rob’s wonky legs. I had some trouble loading it, but maybe you have a better computer. You’ll be an expert once on those sexy/wonky legs you’ve studied these shots:

  36. RobsFan-tasy says:

    LMAO @ the grass hopper comment. Teach away My New Friend! *L* THANK YOU So much for that link!!!! (both of them) *HUGE HUGS* I’ll take Wonky legs wrapped all around me anyday!!!

  37. RobsFan-tasy says:

    his leg/foot looks like its on backwards in that one photo! *wicked grin* that must mean he’s very….flexible……damn….i just tripped into the Rob Gutter again!!! (!0th time today.) I’m so sick….

    • maggie says:

      Yep. You got it. The allure of the amazing, bendable wonky legs!

      rfm: The GG shot is great. Wonky legs are alive and well!!!

      • stupidshiny says:

        Ohh memories, I love ‘wonky-legs’, some of my fave pics and posts ever *sigh*
        Back to the list, Justin Beiber??? WTF??? He’s barely 5′ tall, and he’s a little conceited (ya think?) and that hair ugh I just want to slap him and mess him up a bit…
        Colin Firth is almost #1 on my list, actually I think he is! Not that I don’t love the Rob but he’s just so young and quite frankly I’m not sure SWMNBN has or could teach him anything and I’m just a bit over the teaching thing, I want experience and mutual gratification, something that Mr Firth as a perfectionist (in my mind anyway) will bring to the relationship (or just, relations 😉

  38. RobsFan-tasy says:

    LOL I Understand Trust me. Word of advice, (as if you needed it) don’t listen to him sing and look at him!!! It’s just too damn Intoxicating. Jim Beam and Jack Daniels ain’t got nuttin’ on Rob!!!

  39. RobsFan-tasy says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH MC! I culd hug you for that.
    I LOVE LOVE the B&W’s so Hawt. Dunt think i’ll do that kinda sit just yet anyways…Could I ask you to Please jump on the members list? I wont be recognized by google or yahoo till I get 10 members. Which Pic did you want me to add? I did not see the link.

  40. RobsFan-tasy says:

    it’ll be done in a couple hours MC bb!! thanks EVA SO!!!!

  41. RobsFan-tasy says:

    It’s all Done MC!! Dedicated your pics to you too!!! Thanks for signing up.

  42. MrsKowski says:

    Hey, CTV is from my neck of the woods ….hahahaha. I’m sorry.

  43. purplescool says:

    Very funny letter – thanks for the laughs!

    Here’s my take on it:

    Rob – naturally. ‘nuf said.
    George Clooney – yum, BUT you’ve got a good point – why isn’t he taken already…big HMMMMM…
    Colin Firth – just yum.
    Justin Bieber?!!! That’s all kinds of ‘Mary Kay LeTourneau’ wrong… he’s a baby for cryin’ out loud.

  44. purplescool says:

    One more thing: Can we swap out Piers Morgan or Russel Brand (take your pick) for Ryan Renolds? Why is he not on the list?

  45. RobsFan-tasy says:

    You’re ALL invited to come check out my new Rob Pattinson’s website Rob Attack. Just click on my User name it’ll take you there. Thanks for listening. See you all back here tomarrow.

  46. Pattygirl says:

    Beiber is short and boywhore (seen that foto of him making out with his fan yuck), he will be in rehab before reaching 20,

  47. kstwilighter says:

    Colin Firth – The possibility of Mr. Darcy role play is making my head spin… or maybe it’s the caffeine in the TRENTA sized Starbucks I just drank. Either way: YES, ALWAYS YES to this.

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!! As a matter of fact, I agree with you on pretty much all of these, but most of all, Rob & Colin! Thank you!

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