And the Oscar goes to…

doesn't know whether to laugh or cry after he saw those things behind him

doesn't know whether to laugh or cry after he saw those things behind him

Dear LTR gals-

I present you with the official LTR Oscars post hosted by none other than Rob and the creepy London premier vamps over there!

This is the place for us to comment to our hearts delight about all things Oscars, pics, videos, if he actually hits the red carpet, fumbles his lines, etc. This is the place!

We’ll be in and out all day trying to keep things updated. Also check out our Twitter if you’re not already following us we’ll be live tweeting any exciting events from both our east and west coast Oscar parties.

Letters to Twilight Twitter!

Now onto the show!

More suit-y goodness and general Oscar gossip after the cut!

how YOU doin?

how YOU doin?

So let’s start taking bets… fiver on
-whether he fumbles his lines while presenting
– touches his non-existent longer hair. It’s like a phantom limb! He still feels it
– makes a joke about biting someone
– someone faints

ZOMG! i just saw hugh jackman! crrrrAzzzZZYYYyyy

ZOMG! i just saw hugh jackman! crrrrAzzzZZYYYyyy

What we know…

Leaks from inside the rehearsals yesterday from an IMDB board member which really lends lots of credibility to this news! Ha! – Sources: IMDB Girl / Spunk Ransom

He is not clean shaven yet!!!! he kinda looked like a homeless guy today.. but i’m sure tomorrow he will look great !!!!

they showd clips of twilight!!!! several…rob said “i had to become a vampire to find my perfect girl” hahahahahaha..sooooooo cute!!!!!

no kristen……clips from HS3 …every romance movie from 2008

He did not kiss amanda….she seemed in awe of him though… I got to give Rob a hug..and he autographed my 2 81st ACADEM AWARD REHEARSAL wristbands.. i’m gonna have a contest to give them away.. “Linda will you help with that?” they took all cameras and cell phones w/ cams.. I hid my in a well $!!??#$# secret spot so i can update you guys.. i recorded a bunch of audio on my cell phone i’m gonna try and put it up…

I met him b4 but this is the first I hugged. him.. i felt for him and was so proud!!!!! cuz it’s a big deal for him he was genuinly nervous
they said Star of Twilight (Note: This is how he will be announced)

More to come…

843 Responses to “And the Oscar goes to…”

  1. Just a Girl says:

    Hope he keeps it a little scruffy tonight, I like my Rob a little dirty. mmmm

  2. brummielover says:

    please don’t make him say something that is embarrassing. I mean I could help out and tell you what to have him say…. he could just say..
    “Yes Brummielover I am hopelessly in love with you and WE will be running off together right after I make this little announcement and I am counting down the seconds till I am by your side…I mean that would be ok 🙂 lol

  3. Angie says:

    Do you think this is bogus? Ashton Kutcher just posted this link:

    @aplusk this has to be bogus. if not im tracking the first 4 then I’m making wagers. RT @dougiemac: @aplusk oscar winners…


  4. Melissa says:

    @brummielover–in ur dreams!!!
    im so bored at work right now, the only thing getting me thru this day is seeing rob on the tv for .5 seconds..and i bet his hands go for the hair, for sure…& at least he won’t be cut off like last year at the MTV awards..LOL.

  5. debs says:

    i am so excited for tonight. i keep going to all rob sites for any new news! i feel like a little kid on my birthday waiting for my presents! lol!

  6. debs says:

    i think if he fumbles his lines we all will just love him more!

  7. BRi says:

    I’m a lil bummed out that Rob may possibly NOT be walking down the red carpet. My friends and I went to the movies yesterday at the Chinese Theater and were very excited to be near the carpet that Rob(we thought) would be walking on… what a bummer it was to find out he might not be.

    But anyway… I’m excited to the 100th power to see how Rob is gonna look tonight. I love the scruff and all, but i really miss his clean shaven look, i got my fingers crossed that he’ll be rockin that look. (he’ll look hot no matter what though!)

    Ohhhh… I’m dying of anticipation!

  8. Kristin says:

    I am so excited to see what happens tonight, I just hope they don’t give him something cheesy to say!

  9. […] Quiet Paths wrote an interesting post today on And the Oscar goes to…Here’s a quick excerptLetters to Twilight Twitter! Now onto the show! … they said Star of Twilight (Note: This is how he will be announced) More to come […]

  10. guaranteed he will be forced to say something cheesy (boo) that will make us all cringe in 2nd hand embarrassment.

    also guaranteed he will look so effing hot that i will say something embarrassing in front of all my friends who do not know about my love for him.

    and guaranteed my husband will have major 2nd hand embarrassment.

    that’s all i know

  11. Valerie says:

    i don’t care what he says, if he messes up, or trips or whatever. i will still love him no matter what.

  12. vogue18 says:

    Yeah! geek, and vanessa, and they apparently are PRESENTERS????

    I got that impression just now? and they’re ON THE CARPET!!

  13. EyeC says:

    UC, I know what you mean! I really want him to come off funny and smooth…

    Whatever happens, I’ll be swooning—in front of company, too! I may have to step into the other room!

    Good luck, Rob!

  14. JBell says:

    I’m so glad you guys (Moon & UC) dedicated a post/blog/comment wall to the Oscars tonight! I was actually going to mention that yesterday in a comment. Thank you!!

    Ahhhh! I just got home and I’m about to get comfy and settle in for the Red Carpet! I’ll be here all night refreshing every 3 seconds with my laptop in front of the TV. I’m so excited!! lol

    Oh yeah, I’ve already thrown my $20 in that he will still have the beard. 😀 I’m pretty positive he won’t fumble the line(s); but I won’t blame him if he does because we know he’s going to be so nervous up there. Also, I’m raising $15 that he’ll go for the non-existent hair… he’ll definitely do that side of the head swipe thing.


    /end 14 year old fangirl behavior.

  15. vogue18 says:

    THERE HE IS!!!!!!!!!! CARPET

  16. vogue18 says:


  17. vogue18 says:



  18. Just a Girl says:

    mmmm, dirty Rob. Oops did I just type that…

  19. vogue18 says:

    I’m only getting E channel with seacrest

  20. vogue18 says:

    Why the fuc* are they putting the cameras on every BORE in hollywood? where’s ROB????

  21. Melissa says:

    Just spotted Emile Hirsch on E..he’s no Rob but I am a fan I must say..loved him in Milk and of course Into the Wild.

  22. vogue18 says:

    OMG OMG HE’S NEXT!!!!!!!!!

  23. vogue18 says:

    My voice is goine from screamingg!!

  24. vogue18 says:

    His voice sounded a little different. Hes sweet and humble, as usual!

    I am GIDDY, HEART IS RACING, I feel like I just won the lottery!

    WE LOVE YOU ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And we’re not teenage fan girls!! All hail the smart, sassy, grown up LTR girls!

  25. JBell says:

    I’m dying from anticipation!!
    If only FakeManagerNick & FakerStephanieR were real… lmfao Then we’d KNOW that Rob really was feeling like throwing up in the limo stuck in traffic with Nick.

  26. vogue18 says:

    Hey, I was sooooooo freakin’ mesmerized by his face, I missed the outfit (also noticed he didnt’ completely shave , there was a little goatee and moustach scruff)….
    did he have a bow tie on?

  27. vogue18 says:

    how do I watch TV guide? is it on internet, or is it a cable channel?

    I’m watching the AP channel online, and E on the tube.

  28. vogue18 says:

    ROFL JBELL!! I raise your jizz! DOUBLE JIZZ 😀

  29. Ayden says:

    Is it just me or does the word ridiculous rolling off Rob’s tongue just sound divine? I swear I swoon a little every time he says that word. It’s just yummy.

  30. vogue18 says:

    @JBell – alright then you win. you can keep your infinite jizz, I’ll take ROBS!!

    I am just so damn grateful that there are loon-bags (you guys, but that’s said with the utmost LOVE) like me out there for me to talk to !! If anybody that knows me saw me screaming like contestant on the price is right because Rob was on the tv , they’d lock me up and throw away the key!

  31. JBell says:

    EWWWWWW!!! Efron is trying to be cool!

  32. JBell says:

    I think they’re only there to do some singing/dancing with Hugh Jackman for the opening… I don’t think either are presenting anything. I hope not anyway.

  33. vogue18 says:

    @JBell – I bow down to your internet prowess in finding all this great shit so fast! I LOVE YOU GIRL!!

  34. Rhonika says:

    Oh here are the Oscars comments I was writing on the last blog *shakes head*…..:)

    If Efron is on the carpet Rob has to be! Come on!

  35. English Girl says:

    Sorry Zac (Efron) you are not looking hot.

    (Everyone pales compared to our boy!)

  36. JBell says:

    LOVE Vanessa’s dress… just not on Vanessa 🙂 lol

  37. Lan says:

    ladies, do you realize that he’ll be on tv for all of 10 seconds probably and yet i am giddy like an assclown over it?

  38. JBell says:

    @Lan – it will be at least 45 seconds LOL and I think we’re all sharing that feeling tonight!!

  39. vogue18 says:

    I don’t know about you, but this is super fun sharing this night with you guys online like this! THANKS UC and Moon for providing this !!!

    @Justamortal – NO, I’m ONLY watching to catch glimpses of Rob. I have not watched the Oscars for years!!

  40. Ayden says:

    @Melissa. You are not alone. Call me crazy, but I just don’t get the Brangelina fascination. *shrug*

  41. vogue18 says:

    Can I just say how I love and have always loved Kate Winslet??
    She is so beautiful and classy!

  42. Sass says:

    Zac who?

  43. JBell says:

    “News Flash: It was just announced on the red carpet that some stars who were asked to not walk the carpet and talk to press may do it anyway.
    So there may celebrity surprises this afternoon. And that’s very good news for Robert Pattinson fans!”

  44. BRi says:

    True that… anytime ROb is on TV, no matter what amount of time, is worth getting excited about.

  45. Melissa says:

    Eeep I hope he does walk the red carpet!

  46. Sass says:

    @Lan…lol, pathetic isn’t it?

    I am trying to clean up from dinner, switching between E! and TV Guide channel on TV, checking computer, trying to keep kids quiet and not fight, check homework, finish laundry, etc.


  47. Sass says:

    @JBell…ooh, that is very good news indeed!


  48. Sass says:

    There is just something extra panty-poofing about the thought of seeing him live!

  49. Melissa says:

    there he is eeep!

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