Saturday Morning Delight

Dear LTR Readers-

This isn’t our usual Saturday Morning Delight video but my cousin and fellow twi-hard is in town and she helped me comb through videos just for you awesome readers and nothing we watched got quite the reaction like this one did. Like tears streaming down our faces. And besides we really couldnt watch anymore terrible Evanesence / weird rob pic videos, we’ve gotta get back to our Rob-lumber party complete with Edward pillows and blankets (pictures to come!)

Try not to pee your pants!
Themoonisdown and lilcrazycow (moon’s cousin and one of our original readers!)


PS this is funny because we’re either 12 yr old boys at heart or we’ve totally gone crazy wrapped in our Edward snuggies

348 Responses to “Saturday Morning Delight”

  1. vogue18 says:

    Confession: I LOVE fart jokes and most toilet humor! My parents cannot understand why I’ve not outgrown it, and neither can I, but who cares!

    THIS IS HILAROUS!!!! So much fun! Thanks for the laugh 😀

    And…………OMG, how many times can I JUST TOTALLY DIE at that few seconds of that scene in Edwards bedroom shown in that clip. Rob’s subtle facial expressions are so masterful, so telling, so $(%*#& AMAZING!!!! The man is a genius of an actor!! I can hardly stay inside my skin watching him in those few seconds and as he says “You shouldn’t have said that”. *thud* The head tilt, the smirk, the mouth, THE EYES…………..

    I can die a happy woman now. I’ve learned the meaning of life – ROBERT PATTINSON.

  2. soccermom says:

    Dear UC and Moon, Thank you providing this wonderful website. I think some of us “older gals” felt the need to suppress our Robsession out of embarrassment, but here we can express our Rob fantasies without humiliation. It has become a true support group for me. And the ladies are all so smart and so FUUUNNNY! Thanks to you all.

    I think I just woke the whole sleeping house laughing at that video! Great find.

  3. vickyb says:

    It’s like you have some sort of super power for finding hilarious videos! I thought I’d seen it all….

    I’m getting on the airplane with a little smile on my face.

  4. Carrie says:

    That was some pretty funny stuff.
    Here is link to bigger pic of Rob’s happy trail and mole. Enjoy!!!

  5. Carrie says:

    Dear JBell,
    I’m not sure what our Rob has done to you to make you run off the this Ron person. All he has every done is try to make you happy. Did you see him at the Oscars. That was truly a gift from heaven.
    Rob called me in tears last night after hearing of this Ron person . He came over and needed some consoling. He wanted to make banana splits all night. You would think after 2 banana splits the man would be tired of them. Oh no, he wanted to make them all night long. I lost count after 5.
    So whatever Rob did to you to make you turn to this Rob person he is very sorry. He told me he would continue to show me how sorry he was ALL DAY today. RAWR!!!

    Thanks for making Rob upset Jbell I got lots of hot monkey lovin b/c of it,

    Dear Rob,
    I am quite sure if all the DH knew you were the cause of them getting some extra boot knocking they would send you a lifetime supply of Hot Pockets. I am also pretty sure if we all ever got to see you naked there would be a lot of guys out there getting their boots knocked. Me, after seeing you in all your glory would find the first guy with a pulse and make him blind with all the boot knocking we would be doing.
    I am sure all of MANkind would be eternally grateful if you would please get naked onscreen for the ladies.

    The World

    Dear DH,

    If you would like to continue getting this extra boot knocking I have a suggestion. Contribute to the “Get Rob Naked Fund”. Your wives would be eternally grateful if you know what I mean (Boot knocking for life any time you wanted it). Please send all checks and money orders to
    Get Rob Naked Fund c/o Carrie
    PO BOX 12345
    Atlanta, GA 30308

    The ladies at LTR

    • soccermom says:

      @ Carrie I see you are getting caught up from yesterday. I am already crying from reading your letters and it’s only 9:54! “Get Rob Naked Fund” ROFL

    • sherin says:

      OMG !!! the get rob naked fund!!! incidentally,the gals over at the spunk ransom site was also starting a collection!maybe we can get together so we can scrape up that cool 12 million just to see rob nekkid.girls,we have to do this BEFORE Ebola E.Coli Hilton offers it to him first!!!

  6. Carrie says:

    @Soccermom I was up late last night reading all the post from yesterday. I has some really funny dreams and woke up with these letters in my head,

    I also woke up to my bed broken I think. When I woke up this morning I was wedged btwn the wall and my bead. My bed now is sitting on horizontal downward slope (\) Not sure WTF happened.

  7. Ayden says:

    Morning all!

    Did any of you watch any of the related videos? There’s one called 20 ways to know if you’re obsessed with Twilight… the disclaimer at the end is brilliant. “I unfortunately do not own Twilight or the actors.” If only it were possible to own the actors! rofl.

  8. Robin522 says:

    Good morning ladies! Ya’ll have already got me laughing… my kids are looking at me like I’m crazy:)
    Here is a pic of Rob… to go along with the funny theme!

  9. IfOnly says:

    @moon- I should be too old, but that was funny as hell. But then again I also thought I should be to old to be obsessed w a Hollywood actor….

    @ vouge- glad u like ur conference. Sounds like it runs deep and u r getting a lot out of it.

    @carrie- You had a good night. The Edward fairy must have visited u. 🙂

    @soccermom- good morning!

    • soccermom says:

      @ IfOnly What are YOU doing up already?? You were up all night. Can’t stay away can you? Sure sign of an addict – willing to give up sleep for a Rob/LTR fix.

  10. Steph says:

    Good morning, ladies! I’m still wiping the tears off of my face. I’m with Vogue, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE potty humor. I will never outgrow it. There’s something ridiculously funny about poop, pee and farts. If you can’t laugh at your own sh*t (literally and figuratively), what can you laugh at?

    Combine potty humor and Rob (I would gladly sniff your farts, my love.) and you’ve got a pretty great Sat. AM Delight!

  11. therealrobzilla says:

    OMG. I guess I’m a 12 year old boy too ’cause that was some funny stuff. I don’t care who you are.

    I need to go find this access hollywood video. Seems it must be steamy.

    CareBear – You are too funny.

    Vogue – glad you are checking in with us and enjoying your conference. Feel free to rip off any material I provide. I just love to share the laughs with Rob and the world. Have a great tear filled day!

    Everyone else – Good Robmorning to you all.

    • soccermom says:

      @RealRobzilla – The Access Hollywood vid is only 13 seconds, but what a steamy 13 seconds it is! I keep watching it over and over. It’s just a tease of the deleted scenes on DVD.

  12. sherin says:

    That was pretty funny,rob’s expression was just soooo perfect.!!!LMAO!!!!!

    hello to y’all robssessed ladies of LTR!!!!

  13. English Girl says:

    Ah, you’re awake now – well at least the east coast people are!!! Sometimes it gets lonely on the other side of the ocean! It’s 3.25pm here in England. I have been a very good girl, mother and wife this morning (oh and I was a good wife last night too!!!!!). I have got lots done, been out and about and functioned like a normal person without too many thougts about sadlytooyoungformebutyoucan’tblame me for fantasising Mr Robert Pattinson. So like only about 10 thoughts per hour.

    And some of them quite clean thoughts too. And nice kind thoughts – like last night on a chat show here in the UK (Jonathan Ross for those that know him) they had Emily Blunt on, and I very very graciously thought was a great girl, funny, pretty, intelligent, witty, talented …. she would be a nice match for MY Rob – how very generous of me I thought!.


    Robsessed again. Hands off Emily – go back to Michael Buble or whoever it is you are with now.

    He is mine.


    (With apologies to Mr English who really is very nice himself ….)

  14. Just a Girl says:

    Good morning ladies,
    UC, I can’t stop laughing! There are actual tears rolling down my face.

  15. English Girl says:

    Oh, and I have a confession to make – do not hate me for it girls, the kids made me do it … then I must go off for a while and get more “stuff” done:

    Dear Rob

    last night the children made me watch HSM 3 on DVD. They left the room about half way through but I stayed right to the end. I am so sorry – I wasn’t being disloyal. I joined in the songs a bit too … and Zac is really good at dancing ….alot better than Salvatore Dali in that LA clip …

    Don’t get me wrong – Zac is never gong to replace you in my affections, he is too much of a “boy”. And not at all hairy ….. (no happy trail there, or if there is it’s been wipped off on a wax strip). I am now officially into body hair.

    But he is very sweet with Vanessa wot’s her face … and at least he has her to look after him amidst all the media/teen worship.

    And you have no one …..

    Would you like me to come over? I have friends too. I have never met them in person, but they are all lovely and will all show you a good time and be both caring and outrageously naughty all at the same time. They live at this place called LTR …

    Your sugar mummy
    English Girl

    ps kisses to your happy trail
    *poof* *THUD*

  16. JustGotWicked says:

    my dogs officially think im crazy because you all have my laughing so hard that i cry.
    Im not normally a fan of potty humor, but that video just hit the spot. It was hilarious!

  17. Sass says:

    OMG, I am LMAO and crying, this is so funny, I guess I am 12 too!!!!!!!!

    Thanks moon and lilcrazycow!!!

  18. JBell says:

    Oh what a beautiful morning! (and late afternoon to English Girl) I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet, it’s quite sad when the first thing I do is grab the phone and head to LTR. lol I’ve got tons of Twitter updates from overnight so I will be back soon to post links… and I’m sure our resident TV/interview ripper Jena will get us the Access Hollywood clips on Thursday!

    @Moon – I agree with vickyb, I thought I had seen it all. Strangely, you have proven me wrong! Great find with that!

    @Carrie – A letter to ME?! I am so honored and touched! LOL and you’re welcome… now send him back home to me. It’s time for 2 days worth of hot, steamy make-up sex. Time for him to take all of his anger and aggression towards Ron out on me.

    Dear Rob,
    I like bananas first thing in the morning… and a glass of milk. (ifyouknowwhatimsayinandithinkyoudo) You bring both. You can watch me… have breakfast that is.
    You can leave your hat (beanie) on too,

  19. Kristin says:

    Hey Girls!!! I see there is much discussion about this “Ron” that Jbell is running off with…HILARIOUS. Thats okay Jbell – We’ll take RoB off your hands while you are busy with this “RON”. LOL!

    Don’t have time to read all the comments, video was hilarious, even the hubby thought so! My oldest has a dance competition in a few hours, so I will be gone until after they are in bed tonight 🙁 Sad. So I had to stop and get my Rob fix for the day!

    See you tonight ladies!

    Rob –
    Just so you know, during the dance competition today the auditorium will be completely dark. So, uh…if you want to show up and “sit in the back row with me” that would be just fine. We just have to muffle the screams of passion in between numbers.
    KristIN (you know your FAVORITE Kristin with an I-N)

    Hold the fort down ladies! 🙂 Have a great day!

  20. Sherin says:

    @jbell….,you already have this “ron ” person,carrie please send rob back to me.LOL

  21. IfOnly says:

    I’m still remembering the Oscars……

    Wait, what? That’s not what everyone remembers seeing? Are you sure? Yeah, that is what was on. Slumdog what? Well, maybe I had a different network feed.

  22. Carrie says:

    Will do Sherin. Also we need to get with spunk ransom site to pull our finical resources get Rob Nekkid.
    @JBell you are being so greedy. You have this Ron person now. I think Rob would not like to share you with Ron. 😉

  23. malia says:

    I like that we can take any word and make it for robert
    robscars or robsession.

  24. V says:

    Good ROBmorning, ROBafternoon, ROBevening you all! I couldn’t get to a computer yesterday and what did I miss!?! Rob’s happytrail, o-face, butt, freckle … *thud*
    After all the withdrawal symptoms I’m finally in my happy place again.

    Every time I look at this pic my stomach makes that funny flip flop thing, like going on a roller coaster. If Rob knows what he is doing to us? I’m sure he does it on purpose. 🙂

    @Vogue – I couldn’t agree more about the scene in Edward’s bedroom. It’s one of my favorites, too. His facial expression, tone of voice, head tilt, smile, eyes …everything… Rob really is am incredible actor. Can’t wait to see more of his talent in other projects.

    @English Girl – I’m from Europe too. Did you stay up to watch Rob present at the Oscars? I did. I pretended to go to bed and as soon as my boyfriend was asleep I stood up and locked myself in the living room to get some undisturbed alone time with Rob. 🙂 Do I have a problem?

    • soccermom says:

      @ V – no more of a problem than the rest of us here. You are in good company. i have locked myself in the bathroom with laptop just to get alone time with Rob.

      • soccermom says:

        @ V – I. Cant. Breathe. Need. Cold. Shower. I LOOVVEE that photo. If only photog had shot just a little bit lower, we would have another great Rob crotchshot. I keep trying but that little arrow thing on my screen won’t go any lower. DAMN

    • English Girl says:

      @ V I was going to stay up, or rather go to bed and get up again to try and watch it on that live feed site everyone so helpfully provided a link for. In the end I stayed up watching the red carpet coverage till about 1.30am and then decided to go to bed and catch the presenting part on youtube. I was really bummed that I could only see the edited version on Sky of the actual ceremony, which did not include Rob and Amanda’s bit, and we had just cancelled our Sky subscription to the movie channels – I could have watched it in full there and recorded it and watched it in full HD widescreen techicolour glory.

      Do you know what ladies? That bloomin ungrateful magazine Hello!’s latest UK issue with the oscar coverage did not feature one pic of Rob, not one snippet about him. Put them on the FKL.

      Ok I am gonig to carry on with boring laundry chores …. but I’ll keep popping back to see everyone waking up!

  25. soccermom says:

    We were all getting pretty silly late last night and came up with Robsmacked!

  26. JBell says:

    Dear Rob,
    I feel the time has come to come clean with you. I did not wish for you to find out this way, but the ladies at LTR are outing me anyway.
    Remember while you were gone home to London for Christmas to see Clare, Richard, the rest of the fam and the bests? Well, those were a really long 2 months and I got lonely; lonely just like you did without me while you were filming Twilight. Remember how you called me up crying because you felt disgusted about what you had done with NReed?? And how you told me how horrible you felt because it was, well, horrible. Well, that’s how I feel now about Ron. HORRIBLE. Remember the anguish and torment you felt about the whole situation?? I feel that now too. I am so sorry for what I’ve done. I am shamed. Will you ever forgive me? I’ve got Hot Pockets, Heineken, cigs and a banana split waiting for you at home.
    Shamefully yours,

  27. Sherin says:

    @jbell…..sorry jon,he said he hasn’t forgiven u yet,he is snuggled in bed with me right now.oh,and yeah,he said he wanted some banana split later on,after he has given me his banana,that is.

  28. Sherin says:

    Jon?who d he’ll is that??someone needs to kill d one who thought of the word prompting feature of d iPhone,that’s what got jbell in trouble with ron/rob in the first place

  29. JBell says:

    So there wasn’t as much news as I thought. lol It was all repeats of yesterdays news. Um, hello – OLD NEWS. My plea to Japan –

    Dear Japan,
    You did not disappoint with making out boy happy and you seem to now have a spot in his heart. We will forever be grateful for that. Now, I must ask you one more favor… GIVE US VIDEO OF THE KARAOKE SESSION!! We know you have it! Hand it over and nobody will get hurt, maybe we’ll even let Rob come back to visit some time!

    LTR Ladies

    Cut-out Edward has been found! Sass! You shouldn’t have left him alone when you went on vacation!

    Who wanted Rob in a suit with his bow tie hanging loosely around his neck?? Well here ya go. It’s photoshopped, but it will do…

    I know it was posted late last night, but for those that missed it – the Access Hollywood clip.

    @soccermom – Nope, not a writer; though I’ve been told and asked that many times. lol

    @sherin – THANK YOU for sharing in my turmoil over the predictive text on the iPhone! That is why it has been FKL’ed. lmao

  30. JBell says:

    Previous comment is awaiting moderation. Stay tuned for my plea to Japan…

  31. IfOnly says:

    They wouldn’t let JBell post something on utube the other day but they let someone post this????
    Dear utube,
    You Suck

    • soccermom says:

      I refused to watch after i saw title and description. Stupid, stupid woman. This is blasphemy! Add whoever made this to the LIST.

    • V says:

      Put utube on the FKL! And the girl who made the video, let’s end her, too!
      I love his eyebrows, they are part of his look/style, they also give him his brooding look. And his nose is not big at all, maybe a little bit crooked, but hey, only nature has personality/character!

    • Just a Girl says:

      I watched it, she showed lots of DirtyRob pictures…mmm. I muted it and watched the hotness go by. Me love me some DirtyRob!

  32. Moon & lilcrazycow:
    First off, I’m so glad, Moon, that you’re having a Rob-lumber party with the fanbase. This is just great news. Apologize to her for any text messages I may have sent you last night that she may have also seen or read which now cause her to judge me. I should’ve warned you that when I say “Going to Tex Mex with the gang to get some margs” what i really mean is- be prepared for annoying, misspellled texts you can’t understand all night long complete with pictures and videos of the experience. So I’m sorry to the both of you. Can’t wait to see Rob-lumber party pictures. Are you playing “Girl Talk?” Remember that game?

    On to today’s video. Holy crap. That was BRILLIANT. I was laughing so hard. Why are fart jokes so funny? I’m sending it to my dad. I never talk to the man, can’t stand to be around him- but we’ll bond over this. I can’t wait


    • themoonisdown says:

      lover you deal with my weirdo texts about the mac guy. he’s JUST THAT INTO YOU! hahaaha. and yes roblumber party pics soon!

      farts+dads=true love

  33. Sass says:

    @IfOnly…I watched the video and posted a comment asking her who she would have liked to have seen play Edward.

    I am taking bets on Zac? 😉

    • soccermom says:

      @ Sass – Let us know her reply. Then we shall hunt the B down, tie her to a chair, and force her to watch our crappy, internet copies of Twilight over and over until she succumbs.

    • IfOnly says:

      I thought every picture was awesome. And the nose – it couldn’t look more perfect. She’s must like like her men girly – she’s a zac lover – stupid utube b**ch.

  34. soccermom says:

    I think I’ve just been transported to an alternate universe OR my Rob/LTR addiction secret is out. DH just texted me (hes working)- offered to have daquiris and watch Twilight in bed tonight. Does he know Rob is an aphrodesiac?

  35. IfOnly says:

    Spent week ignoring everything except Rob info, up all night on computer Robstalking, sent husband to bed alone, woke husband up this am with iphone watching the utube video in bed (couldn’t even get up before I was online), house looks like it was hit by a frat party,husband walking around cleaning house, me sitting on couch on computer…..
    Husband walks by and says – Do you need to start any laundry this moring?
    Me – Yeah (cont to sit on computer)
    Husband – (looks at me)*guess he wants clean underwear or something
    Me (cont to sit there looking at Rob pics online)
    Husband (walks away and goes into kitchen to do dishes)
    I love my life.

  36. Sass says:

    @IfOnly…your husband cleans the house? Does dishes? *gasp* That is my definition of a unicorn, lol.

    My dh just took the kids over to visit his brother and their cousins…I was actually not on the computer, but sitting at the kitchen table, reding the paper and drinking a cup of tea. He gently suggested that I could clean up the house while they were gone. So what am I doing? lol

    • soccermom says:

      @ Sass – IfOnly’s DH IS the housekeeper/chef/money manager/tech guy of the house. She just gets to sit back and Robsess all day. She trained him well.

    • IfOnly says:

      Still not clear on what exactly a unicorn is, but my husband is pretty awesome. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a guy and I want to strangle him sometimes, but he’s great. He reminds me of Rob in some ways. He’s musical, fun, and a sloppy guy who can’t dress himself. Major difference – he’s completely bald (clean shave and all). I’ve gotten into the bald thing since he started shaving it, but still love a full head of hair. And Rob has got that going on for me. Rock the hair Rob. Rock the hair.

  37. Just a Girl says:

    Question, if Twilight is coming to DVD on March 21…anyone know when we can expect it on DISH or DirectTV?

  38. Sass says:

    @JBell…I thought he smelled a bit like cinnamon when I got home… 😉

  39. IfOnly says:

    @jbell – F me. the photoshop of the tie loose around neck. I’m dizzy…..

  40. therealrobzilla says:

    I love it that all of your houses are as dirty as mine. I did nothing to remedy the dirty situation all week as I was ingrossed in all of the Robgasmic goodness.

    So don’t freak out, TRR is here today. I’m just scrubbing bathrooms, floors, and doing laundry in between. You can relax now.

    I’m obviously kidding.

    To stay on topic – I really want Robert Thomas Pattinson, naked, in my bed. St. Mattress is calling with the angel chorus singing Handel’s Messiah. HALLELUJAH!

  41. therealrobzilla says:

    Oh and can I just say that I had really dirty thoughts when I read about Moon’s Rob-lumber party.

    I want to party with Rob’s lumber!

  42. soccermom says:

    Found this response to you tube “why Robert Pattinson is ugly”.

    • IfOnly says:

      Much better.

    • therealrobzilla says:

      I like her ideas, but geez, she needs to learn how to spell.

      Ain’t it funny how all the teeny boppers don’t like his hairyness? I hate to tell them that men are hairy creatures and one day they will find it incredibly “Robsexy”

  43. Ayden says:

    @JBell- You have me laughing so hard with your Dear God letter that I’m crying over here.

    @V- Mutiny! Grab the pitchforks and torches!

    @robzilla- That’s my kind of cleaning!

  44. therealrobzilla says:

    Dear Rob,

    My shower is now clean. Wanna come over and let me soap you up Isle Esme style? I promise I won’t wash your hair.

    xxoo and an F thrown in there too

  45. Sass says:

    Off to straighten up this wretched house. Blech.

  46. V says:

    Mutiny, help! My BF won’t let me use the computer!

  47. V says:

    And I’m 31, can you believe that?

  48. JBell says:


    Dear God,
    THANK YOU!!!!!
    Twilighters & Twimoms around the world!!!

    “The casting director for New Moon, Joseph Middleton, has announced that “We are finished with the casting process.” No details on the cast list has been released by Summit Entertainment.”

    “( – The rumor mill has been on fire with talk of Madonna, Vanessa Hudgens, AnnaLynne McCord, and Dakota Fanning being hired for a coveted spot on the New Moon cast, however there has been no official confirmation of any of them being hired.”

    “There have also been rumors circulating that Drew Barrymore will be directing the third installment of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series. These rumors are false. Due to the New Moon production schedule for director Chris Weitz, his brother and co-owner of “Depth of Field Productions” – Paul Weitz – will be directing Eclipse. Chris Weitz is about to start directing “New Moon” but will still be in post-production when the third film starts shooting.”

    “Just last week, Summit officially announced “Eclipse” will be released in theaters June 10, 2010. Eclipse will NOT be filmed back-to-back with New Moon, and there will be completely separate casting cycle.”

  49. IfOnly says:

    @therealrobzilla – that one of my fantasy’s. (guess I need to read Isle Esme ASAP). Although I don’t mind our guy a little dirty, I would need to something about the dandruff plooms and cigg smell prior to licking his entire body. Fantasy includes both a shower and garden tub (I get to wash EVERYTHING) followed by king size bed with no bedding except fitted sheet. After a few hours I’ll give him a cigg break and heinekin, then back to work……..Oh……If only……

  50. therealrobzilla says:

    Dear Rob,

    I just put clean, really high thread count sheets on my king size bed. Wanna come over and dirty them up with me?

    I promise I will sleep in the wet spot afterwards.


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